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The surge in mail-in voting is a sea change for American democracy.[1]

The Biden junta (also referred to by some critics as the Biden regime[2]) illegally seized power on November 4, 2020 in a nationwide rigged election by the Democrat Party, disenfranchising the will of the voters and the American people.

It began receiving federal taxpayer money in November 24 after the head of the General Services Administration received death threats against her, her family, staff, and pets.[3][4]

The junta's first actions were borrowed right out of the Nazi playbook. Like the Reichstag fire, a false flag attack on the U.S. Capitol building was staged by socialists[5] as a pretext to rein in human rights and free speech.[6]

Biden appointed Maoist Anita Dunn as Presidential Advisor.[7] Dunn had been fired by the Obama White House in June 2009 for openly expressing admiration and support for Maoist genocide,[8][9] was behind the cover-up of Tara Reade's sexual assault allegations and the appointment appeared to be a payoff.[10]

Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Glenn Greewald foretold the agenda of the Biden junta:
"Democrats are very good at creating a brand that is radically different than the reality, but essentially the Democratic party serves militarism, imperialism, and corporatism…That’s who funds them, that’s what they believe in…It’s why you see neocons migrating so comfortably back to the Democratic Party, why you see Bush and Cheney operatives cheering for Joe Biden, why Wall Street celebrated when he picked Kamala Harris....the American middle class will continue to be destroyed while companies that have no allegiance to the US will continue to outsource jobs....Communities will continue to be ravaged with unemployment crises, drug addiction, suicide, depression, all the things that are dominating small American towns”.[11]

After ascending power on 1/20/2021, the Junta De Facto began rule by decree, issuing executive orders that unconstitutionally enter the United States into international agreements without congressional approval and overturning travel bans in a pandemic for the sake of a swift political victory. The Junta plans on issuing 50 decrees in the first 10 days in power.

Chinese collusion

See also: Biden-China collusion

On November 28, 2020 a top Chinese economics professor told students in Beijing how the People's Republic of China was able to easily settle disputes with prior American administrations because they have people at the top of America, specifically on Wall Street. But when President Trump was elected, all that Chinese influence went away. "Wall Street can't fix Trump," the professor said.[12]

The professor also noted how President Trump complained about Hunter Biden having a ‘global foundation’ and confirmed that the Biden family was in bed with Chinese Communists, that they helped him make these global deals.[13]

But because of the lack of influence the Chinese Communists had over the Trump administration, the professor stated that they have people at the “top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence” who went to work to get Biden "elected".

Electoral certification

Her name was Ashli Babbitt, gunned down by Capitol Police outside the House Chamber during the electoral college certification of the fraudulent 2020 presidential election.[14] BLM and Antifa terrorists led a violent assault on the Capitol.
See also: 2020 Presidential election and Biden Putsch

On an evening just prior to the Electoral College certification of the 2020 stolen presidential election, Antifa thugs terrorized the home of Sen. Josh Hawley, where Sen. Hawley's wife and newborn infant daughter were home alone.[15] Sen. Hawley had pledged to contest the results of the stolen election.

During the January 6, 2021 Joint Session of Congress to certify the Electoral College ballots, while tens of thousands peaceful protesters rallied in support of President Trump outside the capitol, chartered vans of the terrorist/hate group Antifa were escorted by state police in black, unmarked SUVs into the midst of the crowd.[16][17][18] Capitol Police then removed barriers and waved the crowd in to the Capitol steps.[19][20] Antifa rioters proceeded to break windows on the U.S. Capitol building and storm the premises.[21][22][23] Facial recognition technology identified Antifa members,[24] who had used disguises to infiltrate a pro-Trump protest group, as storming the building.[25] Twitter, in a flimsy attempt to cover for the Antifa punks, falsely claimed that a side-by-side photo comparison of one of the infiltrators (showing him at the Capitol in one photo, and at a BLM rally in June 2019 in the other photo, both of which show him with the same visually distinct tattoos) was "manipulated media" but gave no reason for their false claim.[26]

The proceedings inside the House and Senate chambers were halted, and a Trump supporter who followed the crowd into the Capitol building was summarily executed by Capitol Police.[27]

Following the violence, several Senators withdrew their support of objections to fraudulent electors. One protester posted in social media a statement that he had been paid to disrupt the Trump rally and Congressional proceedings.[28]

At the close of the day's events and Joint Session, the House Chaplain offered a prayer to "bless Antifa".[29][30]


As of Novemeber 2020 Peter Neffenger was chairman of the corrupt ballot-stuffing and election-rigging SmartMatic corporation.[31] Neffenger was appointed to Biden's junta organizational team.[32]

Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia, with 35 years experience performing technical assessment, mathematical modeling, cyber-attack pattern analysis, and security counterintelligence linked to foreign intelligence service operators, including China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia and who has worked as a consultant and subject-matter expert supporting the Department of Defense, FBI and US Intelligence Community (USIC) agencies such as the DIA, CIA, NSA, NGA [National Geospatial Agency], and the DHS I&A [Office of Intelligence and Analysis] supporting counterintelligence, and law enforcement investigations and whom the New York Times describes as the "always the smartest person in the room,[33] testified under oath Smartmatic and its role in the 2020 Presidential election thusly:

"In my expert opinion, the DVS [ Dominion Voting Systems ] Democracy Suite, Scytl/SOE Software/eClarity and Smartmatic have not produced auditable results in the 2020 election. It is evident that ballots were not properly validated, system records were not kept, and the system experience considerable instability even several days prior to November 4, 2020 that require DVS to implement software changes at the last minute. In addition, the disparity in data distribution after 4:30 AM on November 4, 2020 indicates significant systemic anomalies that were widespread among all battleground states. The evidence is both extensive and persuasive and indicates large-scale fraud by remote operators.

"I conclude that a combination of lost cryptographic key contained on stolen USB memory cards, serious exploitable system and software vulnerabilities and operating system backdoor in DVS, Scytl, SOE Software/eClarity and Smartmatic created the perfect environment to commit widespread fraud in all states where these systems are installed. My analysis of the 2020 Election from NY Times data shows statistical anomalies across the battleground state votes. These failures are widespread and systemic - and sufficient to invalidate the vote counts.

"I conclude with high confidence that the election 2020 data were altered in all battleground states resulting in a hundreds of thousands of votes that were cast for President Trump to be transferred to Vice President Biden. These alterations were the result of systemic and widespread exploitable vulnerabilities in DVS, Scytl/SOE Software and Smartmatic systems that enabled operators to achieve the desired results. In my view, the evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible."[34]


Junta chief spokesperson Jen Psaki (right) with Hammer and Sickle. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (left).

Dark Winter

As the Biden Junta took power, the American people were excluded from what traditionally has been a public event.

Biden promised a Dark Winter should he ever succeed at occupying the White House.[65] Among his first acts was the weaponization of the nation's military[66] and intelligence apparatus against American citizens.

Attack on civil liberties

CNET reported the following back in 2008:

“Months before the Oklahoma City bombing took place, Biden introduced another bill called the Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995. It previewed the 2001 Patriot Act by allowing secret evidence to be used in prosecutions, expanding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and wiretap laws, creating a new federal crime of ‘terrorism’ that could be invoked based on political beliefs, permitting the U.S. military to be used in civilian law enforcement, and allowing permanent detention of non-U.S. citizens without judicial review. The Center for National Security Studies said the bill would erode ‘constitutional and statutory due process protections’ and would ‘authorize the Justice Department to pick and choose crimes to investigate and prosecute based on political beliefs and associations.’[67]

Even Jacobin magazine noted, "The danger is real that the January 6 Capitol attack will be used as an excuse to severely curtail our civil liberties."[68]


Among one of Biden's first official racist acts was firing the nation's African American Surgeon General.[69]


Biden refused to denounce terrorist Anarcho-Coummunist hate group of Antifa during the first debate with president Donald Trump. He claimed they are "just an idea", not an organization. He pretends that FBI Bureau’s director Chris Wray told lawmakers that Antifa is an "ideology", not a terrorist group, but the fact this is not what Wray said, Wray said: “any number of properly predicated investigations into what we would describe as violent anarchist extremists,” which included individuals who identity with Antifa.[70] it seem Biden and Antifa have some relations, as when someone looks up the website, Biden's election campaign page will appear.[71]


During the Democrat primary elections, Biden stated several times that he will end fracking.[72][73] After winning the primary elections he pretended that he had never said that he will end fracking to his supporters in Pennsylvania, and he declined to comment further on ending fracking. The Washington Post admitted that Biden will lose his popularity in Pennsylvania because of his comments on fracking.[74]


Biden flip-flops on defunding police. He changed his positions three times on defunding police.[75] On July 8, 2020 he agreed on defunding some levels of police. [76] In the first presidential debate, Biden accused police and called them "systemic racists". [77]

Supreme court

Biden wants to violate the Constitution by packing the Supreme Court.[78] At the presidential debate, Biden refused to confirm that.[79]

Illegal Immigration

Biden didn’t consider illegal immigrants as illegals, he calls them instead "undocumented immigrants". [80] In a presidential debate he admitted that he will give citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants. [81] Biden stated that he wants to reform ICE policies, without saying which of these policies he wants to reform. [82]

Gun rights

Biden plans to control people's right to own guns, for example, banning semi-automatic firearms.[83] He claims that his plan does not violate the Second Amendment.[84] Biden has no tolerance for anyone who opposes his anti-gun campaign; on March 10, 2020 he threatened to fight a civilian worker in Detroit, and disrespected him by calling him "Full of Sh*t" because he mentioned Joe's past statements.[85]


Biden plans to bring hundreds of thousands of Muslims from radical countries.[86] Biden was criticized when he promised to let kids learn Sharia law in public schools.[87] To convince Muslims to vote for him he used one of the most radical hadiths: whoever sees evil let him change by his hand, if he cannot then with his tongue, if he cannot then with his heart (by hating), and that's the weakest faith. This is same hadith which was used by the September 11, 2001 attack perpetrators.[88]


Biden has a far-Left position on abortion, he said that he will support abortion in all circumstances including late term abortion.[89] He also said that he will stop any state from preventing abortion.[90]

Gender confusion

Biden will allow children in schools to "change" their gender without their parents' permission. He will also allow gender-confused boys to play sport with girls, and use their bathrooms and their locker rooms. This was a listed priority on the Biden-Harris campaign website. He will reinstate the Obama-Biden guidance revoked by the Trump-Pence Administration, which will restore gender-confused students’ access to sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms in accordance with their claimed gender identity. The Biden LGBTQ+ policy would allow also biological males who identify as "females" to be granted access to female locker rooms, bathrooms and sports teams without even undergoing confirmation surgery or using hormone replacements.[91]

A Harris Poll commissioned by GLAAD prior to the 2020 election showed that U.S. adults are increasingly uncomfortable with LGBT issues — with Millennials ages 18 – 34 leading this shift. The number of non-LGBT adults ages 18 – 34 who are uncomfortable with learning a family member is LGBT rose from 24% at the end of the Obama era in 2016 to 36% in 2018. The number of Millennials uncomfortable with the idea of their children having a lesson on LGBT history at school rose from 27% to 39% during that same time. The number of Millennials that GLAAD counts as “allies” — people who are comfortable with the homosexual agenda and progressivism — dropped from 62% in 2016 to 45% in 2018.[92] A fake news poll conducted by the Soros-funded, homosexual-centered "Human Rights Campaign" claims that 98% of straight males refuse to date a gender-confused person allegedly because of "hate."[93]

In January 2021 Biden nominated Richard Levine - a gender-confused male who claims to be a "female" named "Rachel" - as his Assistant Health Secretary.[94] Levine defended the genocidal "boomer remover" policy of Gov. Andrew Cuomo to exterminate elderly nursing home patients with the coronavirus.[95]

Foreign policy


Biden plans for return to Trans-Pacific Partnership, despite the damage it has done to the US economy.[96] He wants to abolish all tariffs which were created by President Trump.[97]

China First policy

According to the assessment by the 17 member U.S. Intelligence Community, the People's Republic of China interfered in the 2020 presidential election on behalf of their officially favored candidate and family business partner, Joe Biden.[98]

Biden has friendly relations with the Communist regime of China. Biden refuses to see Communist China as a threat to the United States and condemned the notion by calling it "bizarre".[99] China was one of first countries which welcomed the media declaration of the Biden junta. Vice foreign minister He Yafei said: despite differences in political ideology, there could still be opportunities for long-term cooperation. “Multilateralism, I will say, is very much needed at this critical moment,” he said. “For China, the US and the EU, all of us should rethink who we are and what roles we can play in the future.[100]

North Korea

Biden criticized President Trump for his meeting with North Korea president Kim Jong-un, despite this meeting avoiding a massive and destructive nuclear war. Biden and Obama failed to shutdown the nuclear program of North Korea and let North Korea get Nuclear power. Now Biden pretends that his policy will force North Korea to shut down nuclear power, without clarifying what this policy.[101] With the rise of the Biden junta and illegal ousting of President Trump, North Korea announced its intention to build more nuclear weapons.[102]


In contradiction to his policy with North Korea, Biden will allow Iran, one of the world's main state sponsors of Islamic terrorism, to get nuclear power. Biden also criticized President Trump for a quick act to assassinate terrorist and war criminal Qasem Soleimani.[103] Biden plans to rejoin to Iranian nuclear deal, canceled all sanctions on the Iranian regime and let them get money to support their terrorist militias.[104] The Mullah's government of Iran, like China, was one of first countries which welcomed the media declaration of the Biden junta.[105]


Biden portrays his policy as being more tough against Russia than President Trump's has been,[106] although this policy under the Obama regime was to let Russia expand into the Crimea and the Middle East.


Biden planning to reestablish relations with Communist Cuba. He will also turn a blind eye on their human rights violations.[107]

Top 10 owners

Evidence of an internal coup: The State Department claimed on January 11, 2020 that President Trump's term ended on January 11, 2020.[108]

The Top 10 owners of the Biden junta according to FED filings are:[109]

  • Bloomberg LP (Michael Bloomberg) $56,796,137
  • Future Forward USA (largely Dustin Moskowitz) $29,917,229
  • Priorities USA/Priorities USA Action (Hillary Clinton backers) $25,841,199
  • Asana (Moskowitz & Rosenstein) $21,937,902
  • Sixteen Thirty Fund (dark money) $19,874,655
  • Democracy PAC (George Soros) $19,000,000
  • Senate Majority PAC (Democrat billionaires) $12,371,874
  • American Bridge 21st Century (largely Soros) $10,260,573
  • Paloma Partners (Donald Sussman) $9,016,248
  • Euclidean Capital (James Simons) $7,006,805

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