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Origins of Alfa Bank conspiracy hoax

Perkins Coie is the Washington, D.C. law firm used as a front organization to disguise payments from the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee to FusionGPS for creation of the Steele dossier which was used by the Obama administration to commit fraud upon the FISA court.[1]

Marc Elias heads Perkins Coie. Elias also serves as General Counsel for the DNC and an attorney for Hillary Rodham Clinton.[2] A Perkins Coie attorney, Judith Corley, was Obama's personal counsel during his presidency.

In July 2018 it was reported Perkins Coie was hired to investigate sex abuse allegations on the University of Ohio wrestling team. Mainstream media reports the allegations as an attempted smear campaign of Rep. Jim Jordan, who serves on the House Intelligence Committee investigating Obamagate and FISA abuse. The allegations claim, that alleged victims claim, that Jordan had knowledge of alleged victims claims 20 years ago.[3]

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