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In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

Leftist arrested in violent inaugural plot. [1] More leftists arrested in Capitol siege plot. [2] Democrat son of New York supreme court justice arrested in Capitol siege plot. [3] Feds admit Capitol riot was planned in advance by Trump haters, not Trump supporters. [4] FBI planning false flag protests aimed at attacking gun rights. [5]

Poll finds only 2% blame President Trump for Capitol riot. [6]

Iranian long-range missiles strike near US Nimitz; [7] Biden set to restart Iranian nuke deal. [8] With the installation of Biden, North Korea threatens to build more nukes. [9]

Delusional Dems pursue their second witchhunt against President Trump, but it is so ridiculous that Nancy Pelosi has not even sent the impeachment papers over to the Senate. [10] It took 9 months to send $600 but only 6 days to impeach Trump. [11]

Dire coronavirus vaccine news: it's causing severe and sometimes fatal side effects. Click here to see why. Know that the MSM are covering this up. [12]

Biden appoints Maoist Anita Dunn as Presidential Advisor. [13] Dunn, whose genocidal and radical views got her fired from the Obama White House, was behind the cover-up of Tara Reade's allegations. [14] The appointment appears to be a payoff.

BLM activist arrested for inciting Capitol riot. [15] CNN videographer was embedded with the terrorist during the siege. [16][17][18] Chat logs reveal plan to infiltrate Trump rally and turn it into violence. [19][20] Who is John Sullivan and woman with him on CNN after Capitol riot? [21]

D.C. Police refuse FOIA request on Capitol riot. What are they hiding? [22]

Fascist leader Jack Dorsey outlines Biden era censorship plan for America. [23]

Trump signs Executive Order barring Biden associates from any further financial dealings with Chinese military. [24][25]

Fringe NeverTrump Lincoln Project boss expoed as gay pederast. [26]

A week when decades happened. Vladimir Lenin would indeed have been proud last week. But he wouldn't be so proud forever... [27]

Declassified: Christopher Steele leaked Russia collusion narrative to counteract Clinton email scandal. Star impeachment witness Fiona Hill in on the ruse. Comey/McCabe FBI knew it was all bogus, but continued the investigation for partisan purposes. Hillary Clinton paid for the false information, and DNC election theif Marc Elias was the bagman. Solid evidence of Democrat/foreign collusion to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. [28]

Woman charged with operating massive Democrat ballot harvesting scheme in Texas. [29]

“The Oligarchs [Are] Taking Control of Our Country,” observes Rudy Giuliani. "If we can’t discuss that without people being threatened by jail, without people losing their jobs, without people losing their ability to go about their lives normally, then this country has changed in a way that we have got to change back to what it used to be.” [30]

No longer credible: liberal media CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, and New York Times are dropped as primary sources by the more honest New York Post. [31]

Another example of propaganda directed toward children chiefly in Gaza, part of the alleged Palestine. [32]

More Republicans call for closet liberal Liz Cheney to resign, after she joined Dems in their absurd second impeachment of President Trump. [33] Cheney holds her position based on her neocon dad Dick Cheney, who was paid tens of millions of corporate dollars.

What did Pelosi know, and when did she know it? [34] FBI warned riots were preplanned, [35] and not incited by Trump. [36]

Articles of Impeachment to be introduced against Biden on January 21. [37]

Pelosi names CCP operative Eric Swalwell as impeachment manager. [38]

PBS chief legal counsel fired for advocating kidnapping and gulags for children of MAGA supporters, tossing Molotov cocktails at the White House. [39]

Trump Approval continues to rise; [40] Hillary Clinton advocates gestapo tactics against 75 million Trump supporters. [41]

Fired Capitol Police chief refused National Guard backup 6 times by House & Senate sergeant at arms. [42] Capitol security twice refused DoD and FBI offers for assistance. [43] Schumer called out for telling Capitol Police to stand down. [44]

Angela Merkel and the French government stand firmly by Trump: 'We are shocked what a digital oligarchy is doing to him!' [45]

Pelosi wants to expel GOP members in move to a single party socialist state. [46]

Analysis of Ashli Babbitt's murder by Capitol Police shows Antifa agitators breaking window. [47] Should the Capitol Police add more mental health experts rather than shoot and kill an unarmed 14 year veteran of the U.S. Armed Services with four tours in Afghanistan possibly suffering from PTSD? [48]

Twitter market value down $5 billion as leftwing fascists assault free speech. [49]

Leftwing racist rag Vogue bleaches Kamala pics to make her look white. [50]

Murder of police up 28% over Democrat "summer of love". [51]

Leftwing fascism: Quebec imposes $6000 fine for violating covid curfew. [52]

Lincoln Project sets up a database for retaliation against people who worked for President Trump. [53] Many Leftists are hateful enemies of political freedom.

Antifa agent provocateurs responsible for Capitol Hill violence; [54] like the Reichstag fire, [55] Biden wants to expand the powers of the Patriot Act. [56] Silencing the opposition is always the first step in a socialist revolution. [57]

Liberal media misleads again: Politico headline screams "Second U.S. Capitol Police officer dies," but that off-duty death had nothing to do with the protests. [58]

NYT: Pelosi incited insurrection and coup against the Commander-in-Chief. [59][60] Gen. McInerney: White House, Special Forces have Pelosi laptap. [61][62][63]

Prof Alfio D'Urso, lawyer for the Supreme Court of Italy: persons have been charged in Italy for election interference and vote switching affecting U.S. election results. [64][65][66] "persons working from the US Embassy in Rome undertook the operation to switch data from the US elections of 3 November 2020 from significant margin of victory for Donald Trump to Joe Biden" [67]

7,000 troops in D.C.; [68] Antifa takes to the streets in NY. [69]

Another shocking allegation about the coronavirus vaccine: could it be some kind of nano-technological device? [70]

Congress was humiliated by unarmed protesters, and that is what the pompous politicians are really angry about. The protesters were as disrespectful as Jack Nicholson playing the Joker in the famous museum scene in Batman, where he mocked artwork.

Federal prosecutor opens excessive force investigation into murder of 4 tour Afghan veteran Ashli Babbitt by Capitol Police. [71] Capitol Police opened doors and allowed protesters in. [72]

More Antifa violence against peaceful protesters in San Diego. [73]

Got an app to share, but Google won't let you share it? Go to ApkPure and get their app that lets you share apps from your phone, with no middleman. De-platformed? Stay connected: Rumble.

The state of the union in America cannot be good this day, especially with the threats we already hear from the left. [74]

Trump Approval Rating up after D.C. events; [75] readers advised to use the Emergency Alert System. [76]

Transparent timing, IC Assessment on foreign interference submitted after electoral certification. [77] Read DNI Ratcliffe's letter on the Intelligence Community Assessment. [78]

BLM terrorist arrested in riot at capitol. [79][80][81]

How it was done: Obama and former Italian PM Matteo Renzi behind steal. An Italian defense contractor uploaded the software to a satellite that switched the vote. IC issues report hours after Electoral College vote. Investigation opened in Italy. [82]

Interview with Maria Zack of Nations in Action. [83] Final tally: Trump received 80 million votes, some 6 million more than anticipated. Biden received only 68 million, that's why many precincts reported more than 100% turnout.

Antifa insurrectionists punch Mayor Ted Wheeler in the face. [84]

Insurrectionists disrupt Patriots' lines of communication. [85]

Leftist retaliation against Trump and his supporters begins with a vengeance: House Dems demand to impeach Trump, and mass arrests of pro-Trump protesters (not the Antifa infiltrators) occurs. The House GOP could still reelect Trump under the Twelfth Amendment with a majority of state delegations.

Conservative Christian Education is SURGING in the U.S. and Europe.[86] The coronavirus pandemic has helped cause the surge as homeschooling is growing quickly. And pandemics historically cause an increase in religiosity. Another silver lining in the dark cloud of the coronavirus pandemic.

2021 is shaping up to be the WORST year in the history of atheism.

A quorum exists under the Twelfth Amendment for the House GOP to reelect Trump, as 138 House members objected to the Biden electors yesterday morning. [87] But Trump's inept advisers are lying to him.

VIDEO CONFESSION by a paid protester who infiltrated yesterday for Leftists: "paid to pretend to protest" by an "organized effort." [88]

Millenial Millie: Who Was Behind The Insurrection At The US Capitol? [89]

Photos, reports show Antifa infiltrators stormed the Capitol building. [90]

Antifa reportedly escorted into crowd in chartered vans. [91][92]

House Chaplain ends session with prayer to "bless Antifa." [93]

Breaking: Facial recognition identifies Antifa storming the Capitol building. [94] Police removed barricades, invited protesters in. [95] Crowd shouts, "That's Antifa" as Antifa breaks Capitol windows. [96]

Breaking: "Unarmed Woman Shot and Killed by Capitol Police Identified – 14-Year USAF Veteran." [97]

Mike Pence proves Conservapedia right again, as we identified him as inept and weak last year.

An apparently peaceful woman protester was shot dead by Capitol police, who fail to timely release the details of the killing while the liberal media try to blame it on Trump. [98]

Biden operative Steve Scully returns to C-Span.

Peaceful protesters assaulted by Capitol police. [99] Unlike Black Lives Matter rioters, no portapotties provided for peaceful protesters. [100] Democrat terrorists set two pipe bombs at RNC headquarters. [101]Antifa has infiltrated the crowd. [102][103][104][105] Peaceful protest coopted by outside provacatuers. [106] Antifa false flag operation breaches Capitol building. [107][108]

President Trump issues statement. [109]

Pelosi bans members from the floor under alleged covid restrictions.

More evidence of Biden-China collusion to rig election. [110]

Georgia: More counting stops, ballot dumps, [111] votes subtracted. [112]

Court packing by Dems on Supreme Court made likely by their voting scheme in Georgia (1M unverified signatures on mailed-in ballots), unless House intervenes to elect next president. [113]

Remembering Maimonides, called the Rambam, and his pilgrimage to the Temple Mount 855 years ago. [114]

Dems on the verge of using unauthenticated signatures on 1M mailed-in ballots to steal both Senate seats in Georgia ... and thus control of the Senate itself.

Breaking: Democrat paramilitary terrorists attack the family home and children of Sen. Josh Hawley. [115]

Breaking: Georgia runoff shennanigans underway. [116]

Muellergate swamp creature Jeannie Rhee arrests African American Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio. [117]

Navarro Report Vol. II: The Art of the Steal. [118]

Georgia senators call on Pence to delay electoral certification. [119]

Trump: "These are Marxists. This is communism." [120]

The New Yorker says that House Republicans can reelect Trump if the upcoming debate over the Electoral College in Congress lasts 5 days. [121]

Why have 5 Republican lawmakers suddenly died? [122]

Exact fallout of Presidential election predicted in 2019 war-game, [123] Pelosi becomes acting president.

Setback for the Deep State: judge in the U.K. denies request to extradite WikiLeaks founder for prosecution in U.S. [124]

New Democrat censorship rules: Mother, father, woman, man, sister & brother are taboo. [125]

Liberal totalitarianism: "Vaccine passport could soon be required at movies, airports and concerts." [126]

Legal analysis favors Trump victory. [127] Junta leader Biden cancels inaugural parade. [128] Live: US House of Representatives Vote for House Speaker. [129]

Eleven (11) more GOP Senators announce they will reject Biden Electors, [130] demand 10 day audit of elections. More than 400 retired intelligence officers to investigate. [131]

Pallets of ballots found in voting machine warehouse. [132]

CCP colluded with Biden to win election. [133]

Biden Iranian allies threaten the life of President Trump. [134]

Facebook interference in Georgia election, again. [135]

Summer of Love over: Democrat mayors suddenly concerned about violence now that the Biden junta thinks its taking over. [136]

Breaking: Seth Rich communicated with Wikileaks. [137] The former DNC insider and whistleblower was murdered shortly after.

Antifa terrorists to infiltrate MAGA Rally in D.C. on January 6. [138]

Department of Justice: 368,000 fraudulent excess ballots in several states tipped the election. [139]

Excess fraudulent ballots in Georgia were addressed and shipped to same guy that reported bogus water leak. [140] 17,650 votes switched from Trump to Biden. [141]

New York: Democrats propose Nazi-inspired bill to round-up, institutionalize “public health risks”. [142] A gymnasium in upstate New York beats a fine and reopens because they willingly fought for liberty. Why won't the American Church do likewise? [143]

Ballot shredding in Georgia. [144] Stunning turn of events in Pennsylvania election fraud.[145]

Biden allies paid bounties to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. [146][147]

Biden supporters welcome the New Year with riots and destruction of property. [148]

Setback for vaccine police in their own liberal backyard: "Up to Half of Health Care Workers in Parts of California Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine." [149]

San Fransisco gulag restrictions extended "indefinitely". [150]

Biden commissar for Defense minister is a fake news propagandaist and Trump-Russia conspiracy hoaxer. [151]

Sen. Josh Hawley -- Conservative of the Year 2019 -- leads again: he will object to the Electoral fraud at the Jan. 6th Joint Session. [152] See Objectors to Biden Electors. Walmart apologizes for tweeting an attack Hawley, retracting its attack after Hawley rebuked Walmart for using slave labor (in China).

The Ten Worst mayors in America (guess what party they belong to). [153]

Breaking — Dominion machines hacked LIVE during Georgia runoff early voting and Senate hearing. [154][155] Live: Georgia Senate election fraud hearings. [156] Georgia has 460,000 ballos missing chain of custody documentation. [157] Fulton county ballots to be audited; [158] Texas goon hired. [159] Trump calls for Kemp to resign. [160]

LIVE: Arizona Voter Fraud Revealed - Press Conference at AZ State Capitol. [161]

Ukrainians tie Hunter and Junta leader Joe Biden to corruption. [162] Bombshell viral video shows how the Biden's looted their country. [163]

Breaking: Congressman-elect Luke Letlow is dead from a heart attack while being treated for the coronavirus. [164] Our prayers are with his wife and young children.

Gallup Poll: Donald Trump the Most Admired Man in America. [165] Junta leader Joe Biden, the one digit midget, comes in at 6%.

Democrats violently beat Texas Senate candidate. [166] Junta leader Joe Biden calls Harris "President-elect." [167] Communist groups claim credit for Biden win. [168] Voters fear domestic terrorists more than foreign. [169] Democrat paramilitary terrorist group takes over Tacoma, Washington hotel. [170] BLM terrorists assault driver. [171] Murder rates skyrocket in Democrat cities. [172]

Boston communists remove Abe Lincoln statue. [173]

Judge Leslie Abrams, sister of Stacey Abrams, rules for Russiagate conspiracy creator Marc Elias in voter registration case. [174][175]

January 6, 2021 Stop the Steal Rally. [176] The Storm is Coming. [177] Peter Langen, with an IQ reported at 195-210 and dubbed "the smartest man alive," says election was stolen. [178] "Satan and his legions are making their move, so it's fight or be eaten." [179]

Reality will bite if all one knows is what other people have faked for his dubious benefit. [180]

Live: Georgia citizens petition grand jury to investigate election irregularities. [181]

More than 200,000 Pennsylvania ballots cast than number of voters; [182] 22,685 Trump Votes MISSING In Cambria County PA; [183]

Shootings in systemically racist Democrat-controlled Portland up over 116%. [184] Peaceful protesters smash Breonna Taylor statue. [185]

Louie Gohmert sues Mike Pence to declare Electoral Count Act unconstitutional. [186] Law prohibits Pence from accepting electoral votes from fraudulently certified states. [187] It's for Pence to decide.[188] Pence’s choice is obvious. [189]

As Israel prepares to go into lockdown for the third time, voices rise in protest! As honest doctors now assert that lockdowns don't work, more Israelis register their opposition to them. [190]

Leftwing racist MSM refuses to honor immigrant First Lady. [191]

Delaware shop owner in Hunter Biden case sues Twitter for $500 million. [192]

Dominion exec Eric Coomer owns patents on adjudication software that skimmed votes from Trump. [193] $1 Million bounty for Dominion’s Eric Coomer fraud intel. [194] Witness tampering? Dominion sends threatening and harassing message to whistleblower. [195]

Fire burns down Rochester, New York printer that made bogus ballots. [196]

Nevada secretary of state sent voter data list to Pakistan. [197][198]

With 10 days before the Georgia runoff, Cobb County voting facility found unlocked, wide open, no one in the building and voting machines available to be tampered with. [199] Runoffs may not be decided for weeks. [200] More Georgia fraud witnesses step forward. [201][202][203]

Georgia audit finds tabulation machines were sending results to China. [204][205]

Fake drivers licenses from China used in Texas election. [206]

Half million bogus ballots identified in Pennsylvania. [207]

When love becomes an obscene word: when manipulators use it against us. Which is what is happening from coronavirus to the election. [208]

Public Radio reporter arrested in BLM bombing. [209]

Trump signs declassification order into Obama administration and Democrat treachery. [210]

The New Phony War. [211] It All Makes Sense Now Doesn’t It? [212]

Biden-aligned Chinese communists promise Sec. of State Pompeo same fate as enslaved Uyghurs,[213] calls him "human scum". [214]

REMINDER: Vaccine makers are immune from lawsuit under Federal law for therapeutic misadventure only. [215]

4,000 British trucks blocked by France because of the frightful new mutant coronavirus, a result of Britain denying early treatment for COVID-19 and relying on vaccination instead. [216]

RINO Senators who refuse to challenge the Electoral fraud on Jan. 6th will face primary challengers endorsed by Trump, he has tweeted. [217]

A Communist Christmas. [218] How to steal an election. [219] China's Communist Attack On America. [220] Revenge of the Kraken. [221] MAGA Christmas. [222]

Biden manufactured at least 20 million votes with the help of China. [223]

The American identity is worth fighting to preserve. That's what's at stake in this election. Those who don't feel that way become "Americans in name only." [224]

The full pardons which George W. Bush refused are granted by President Trump: exonerating border patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. [225]

Leftist beats an 82 year old covid patient to death with an oxygen tank when the victim started praying. [226] Peaceful protester hits Cuomo staffer in the head with cinder block. [227]

Biden whistleblower threatened by leftist FBI goons. [228]

Breaking: Full Statement by President Donald J. Trump on election theft. [229] Pence to notify the Secretaries of State of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin that they have submitted illegal slates of Electors. [230]

President Trump retweets “Operation Pence Card” urging his VP to act on fraudulent election," but Pence is an inept official. [231]

Racist much? Junta leader Joe Biden: "This country is doomed! It is doomed not just because of African Americans, but because by 2040 this country is going to be minority white European. Hear me! Minority white European." [232]

LIVE: Georgia House committee hearing on election integrity. [233]

Georgia Senate Report: Nov. 3 Election results 'cannot be trusted'. [234] Video shows election worker re-scanning same stack of ballots 3 times. [235] Georgia official who scoffed at fraud claims now says his home address was used to cast illegal ballot. [236]

Corrupt California Democrats violated election law in 53 of 58 counties. [237][238] Democrat whistleblower exposes Biden’s Texas voter fraud operation. [239] Arizona communist public school board member arrested for voter fraud. [240] FBI arrests Biden supporter who sent pictures of mutilated bodies to Detroit canvasser for refusing to certify election. [241]

NYT Maggie Haberman: Sidney Powell has evidence of Iranian election interference. [242]

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) calls the wasteful spending bill “a slap in the face to every single American struggling,” as it sends billions to special interests and foreign countries and merely a meager $600 stimulus check to some Americans. [243] Would Gabbard have been a stronger VP than Mike Pence?

Previously, Anthony Fauci told children that Santa Claus has innate immunity and did not need to be vaccinated.[244] Now he is telling kids that he personally went to the North Pole and vaccinated Santa against the coronavirus vaccine.[245]

"Growing number of GOP lawmakers back Electoral College challenge." [246]

Biden received 13 million more votes than registered voters in the United States. [247] Even at that, registered voter rolls still contain 1.8 million dead people. [248] The Plot to Steal America. [249] Biden in his own words: We can manipulate machines. [250]

Record-breaking pork! $1.4 trillion spending bill in Congress is the biggest and most wasteful ever, containing more than $30 billion for vaccines and mega-billions for globalism. [251]

Yale professor Nicholas Christakis on the coronavirus pandemic: "During epidemics, you get increases in religiosity, people become more abstentious, they save money, they get risk-averse, and we're seeing all of that now just as we have for hundreds of years during epidemics."

First, atheist controlled, mainland China starts a worldwide pandemic and further sullies its reputation and the reputation of atheists (see: Atheism and the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic and Distrust of atheists and Atheism and health). And now this! 2020 was the worst year in the history of atheism.

Peaceful Oregon protesters assaulted by tyrannical Democrat regime. [252]

Biden junta declares white Christians a national security threat. [253]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Trump's inept advisers exposed as liars and leakers by the former Overstock CEO who attended the same White House meeting. [254] Patrick Byrne: Evidence Grows: ’20 Election Was Rigged. [255][256]

Google bigots censor Chinese freedom fighters. [257] Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Massive Fight for Trump rally in Taiwan; [258][259] Biden junta staffed with CCP minions. [260] Beijing interfered in 2020 election. [261]

Ted Cruz has the opportunity to gain the support of 74 million Americans who voted for Trump, by objecting to certification of the senile Joe Biden on January 6th in the U.S. Senate. So far, Cruz is not showing his cards. [262]

President Trump files to reverse Texas v. Pennsylvania ruling; [263] unlike Texas, the President has a provable "injury in fact" and standing. Rep. Matt Gaetz will object to Biden fraudulent Electors. [264] Georgia whistleblowers fired by communist Democrat election fraudsters. [265] Voting machines breached in SolarWinds hack. [266]

LIVE: Stop the Coup - Trump Supporters Rally to Demand Election Integrity. [267]

Communists claim Mitch McConnell won by fraud, demand audit; [268] McConnell received donations from Dominion Systems.[269] Dominion recieved $400 million from a 75% Chinese owned bank in October. [270]

Michigan Secretary of State official on video tells volunteers to count “multiple ballots with the same signature” during alleged "audit". [271]

A Constitutional attorney scathingly reviews Joe Biden's speech essentially denying that he stole an election. [272]

Peter Navarro: President Trump needs to delay Georgia runoff and seize all Dominion machines. [273]

Barr goes on full on Deep State, whitewashes Brennan's role in coup. [274]

New York Times advocates extermination of white seniors. [275]

Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) indicates that he will force a vote on the presidential election in the U.S. Senate: "we're going to get that corrected," he said referring to the stolen election. [276]

Data scientists find 790,000 laundered votes injected into Arizona totals. [277]

Maricopa Election Board defies legislative subpoena for election machines. [278]

The Navarro Report: The definitive account of Biden's 2020 election theft. [279]

2020 Election Investigation: Who Is Stealing America? [280]

Gen. Flynn: Trump has the authority to rerun the election in 6 swing states. [281] Dick Morris: Trump should invoke Executive powers to investigate foreign intervention. [282]

Breaking: 17 intelligence agencies conclude there was foreign interference in election. [283]

Former Cybersecurity chief: Dominion machines were connected to the internet. [284]

Dominion CEO under oath: Dominion machines were not connected to the internet. [285]

More Deep State shenanigans: Crossfire Hurricane began earlier than officially reported.

Shouting match at SCOTUS over Texas v. Pennsylvania. [286] Justice John Roberts gets heat for cow-towing to the communist coup. [287]

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