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Racist Twitter Admins permanently banned a Black Cuban GOP congressional candidate.[1]

Big Tech refers to several Silicon Valley technology firms, notably Google, Apple, Facebook, and, in Seattle, Amazon for driving technology growth and social change. According to Dr. Michael Rectenwald, the end goal of Big Tech companies is corporate socialism.[2]

Microsoft and IBM are sometimes considered Big Tech firms because of their size, and Twitter not for its size but its societal impact. Twitter will likely be bought out by one of the larger firms at some point.

As of 2018, Google and Facebook controlled 60% of all digital advertising revenue, totaling over $60 billion.

Big Tech is playing a large role in the decline of patriotism as a value held by Americans.[3]

The issue of Big Tech censorship hit a fever pitch in 2019 when Facebook and Instagram banned prominent alt-lite figures Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, and Milo Yiannopoulos without reason.

In July 2020, anti-establishment Republicans confronted Big Tech CEOs in the halls of Congress for censorship of conservatives and of right-wing or politically incorrect voices.[4][5][6][7][8]

2020 Presidential election

See also: 2020 Presidential election, Blue state Civil War, Voter fraud, and Fake news in the 2020 presidential election

In August 2020 it was reported that Facebook was planning for the possibility that President Trump or his campaign could try to challenge mail in ballot election results. The New York Times reported that staffers were already putting together contingency plans in the event Trump tries to use Facebook to dispute the vote by declaring the U.S. Postal Service lost mail-in ballots or that other groups interfered with the vote. Facebook officials, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg, were holding daily meetings to discuss how to minimize the platform from being used to cast doubts on the results.

The Times noted that one plan would include a “kill switch” to shut down political ads after Election Day. The company officials believe the ads, which Facebook does not check for truthfulness, could be used to disseminate misinformation.

The newspaper said YouTube and Twitter also discussed their own plans if the postelection period becomes problematic.[9] Facebook banned political pages in an attempt to influence elections.[10]

FEC disclosure exemptions

Political advertising regarding federal elections and candidates that is purchased for appearance on radio, television and print generally must adhere to Federal Election Commission rules requiring clear disclosure of the committee or donor paying for the advertisements. During 2011, Google and Facebook hired Marxist operative Marc Elias to help them obtain an exemption from this requirement for political advertising on their platforms. Elias argued the restrictions were not practical for his clients, with FEC commissioners ultimately voting 4-2 in favor of the exemption for Google and deadlocking 3-3 on the request regarding Facebook.[11]

Facebook continued to operate as if exempt from disclosure rules. During the 2016 U.S. general election, $100,000 worth of Russian-backed and undisclosed advertisements intended to influence voters were purchased on Facebook with another $4,700 spent by Russian sources on Google political advertisements. In October 2017, following the controversy that ensued regarding Russian interference in the 2016 elections, both Republican and Democratic Senators advocated for legislation to require Facebook and Google to adhere to the same disclosure rules as other media.


See also: Censorship

Big Tech, including Google[12] and Facebook,[13] engaged in censorship of conservatives and Christians.[14][15]

In August 2018, multiple social media giants, with the support of the Left, mainstream media and Democrats,[16] colluded to ban Alex Jones's InfoWars from their sites simply because of his political views.[17] In response to public criticism of the conspiring social media platforms' actions, leftists made dismissive excuses for those companies on social media and in the liberal media, claiming that they are "free to do what they want" because of their status as privately owned companies, not realizing that the collusion of those platforms to censor and ban InfoWars and other conservative companies and individuals for their political views potentially violate antitrust laws.[18] In February 2019, removed 22 pages related to Jones and InfoWars.[19]

Facebook banned several people whose views it opposed, labeling them "dangerous," even though they did not violate the site's terms[20] – Facebook continued allowing actual left-wing hate speech to go unpunished, however.[21] Additionally, Apple News banned LifeSiteNews from its platform for "intolerance."[22]

In June 2020, Gavin McInnes was banned from YouTube, and Twitter banned Katie Hopkins and a popular pro-Trump meme creator known as Carpe Donktum.[23] YouTube also banned Stefan Molyneux.[24]

Hate speech

Vox Recode reported:
Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are banking on developing artificial intelligence technology to help stop the spread of hateful speech on their networks. The idea is that complex algorithms that use natural language processing will flag racist or violent speech faster and better than human beings possibly can. Doing this effectively is more urgent than ever in light of recent mass shootings and violence linked to hate speech online. But two new studies show that AI trained to identify hate speech may actually end up amplifying racial bias. In one study, researchers found that leading AI models for processing hate speech were one-and-a-half times more likely to flag tweets as offensive or hateful when they were written by African Americans, and 2.2 times more likely to flag tweets written in African American English (which is commonly spoken by black people in the US).[25]

Efforts to end Big Tech censorship

Some proposals to curb excesses of social media involve using anti-trust to break them up or for increasing regulation on the companies. These proposals are primarily offered by democrats[26] [27] [28] [29] and would benefit the deep state. There is some question as to if this approach would make censorship even worse.

An alternative approach is to alter or repeal CDA 230, which would dramatically increase the amount of litigation against these companies if they didn't put an end to these practices.[30][31] This approach is being pursued by several conservatives including Josh Hawley and Louie Gohmert.

Big Tech companies


See also: Google

Alphabet Inc. is the parent company of Google, which also owns YouTube, Android, The Groundwork and dozens of other companies. The Groundwork in 2015 boasted it could influence the vote in any democratic election anywhere in the world as much as 25%,[32] highlighting the Search engine manipulation effect.

In June 2019, Project Veritas released an undercover video in which a Google executive admitted that the company was working, through its policies and products, to prevent "the next Trump situation."[33] Google subsequently moved to censor the video from its platforms.[34]


See also: Apple Inc.


See also: Facebook

Facebook has a large political influence because of its size.[35] Facebook once declared it will never use its product to influence how people on the platform vote.[36]

98% of political donations from Facebook employees went to Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election.[37] Facebook tampered with news feeds during the 2010 Midterm elections in a 61-million-person social experiment to see how Facebook could impact the real-world voting behavior of millions of people.[38] In 2012, Facebook developed a tool called 'voter megaphone' raising questions about its use and ability to influence elections. Facebook secretly tampered with 1.9 million user's news feeds. Zuckerberg has involved himself in politics in the 2016 presidential election. He has publicly called out positions held by Donald Trump as wrong. Facebook employees have asked if they should try to stop a Trump presidency.[39]


See also: Twitter

In May 2020, Twitter and its CEO Jack Dorsey came under heavy criticism for the company's recent decision to begin inserting "fact-checking" links into the tweets made by President Trump, with the company claiming those tweets to be "misleading" despite the exposure by Project Veritas of Democrat-led voter fraud proving otherwise,[40][41] after Trump tweeted about recent concerns over the intent by the Democrat Party to commit voter fraud at the federal, state and local levels through the use of mail-in ballots during the 2020 Presidential election.[42] The "fact-checking" links in question lead to an "information" page containing links from liberal media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post, all of which indulge in publishing factually-devoid and misleading fake news hit pieces and opinion pieces masquerading as "news" regarding the mail-in vote scandal[43] to fit their anti-Trump narratives.[44] This decision also had the inadvertent outcome of embarrassing Twitter employee Yoel Roth, who was outed as having falsely accused Trump officials, including Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway, of being "Nazis" in past tweets he posted.[45] Trump, who accused Twitter of openly trying to interfere with free elections and illegally impeding free speech, responded to Twitter's tampering with his tweets by announcing that he may place Twitter and similar social media companies under heavy regulation or shut them down altogether to punish them for their extreme liberal bias and illegal censorship (in violation of the First Amendment) of conservative speech and thought.[46] Republican Florida senator Marco Rubio also weighed in on the controversy, saying that Twitter could lose its liability protections for choosing to act as a publisher by exercising editorial control through its tampering with Trump's tweets.[47][48]


See also: was founded by Jeff Bezos, who also owns The Washington Post. It was reported in September 2017 that Amazon had deleted numerous one-star reviews of Hillary Clinton's book What Happened.[49]

In 2018, Amazon announced it would raise its minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour, though this was a political stunt, as most of its workers already made over $15 an hour, and it was transitioning to replacing human labor with robots.[50]

Among other left-wing policies, Amazon banned several books that helped people escape homosexuality.[51]

During the 2020 leftwing, anti-capitalist riots the Amazon warehouse in Redlands, California was burned down.[52] Amazon placed the slogan, "Black Lives Matter" on storefronts.[53] was recently listed as one of numerous leftist-controlled companies that have gone "woke" and now support the criminal rioters of Antifa and Black Lives Matter in the wake of the 2020 leftist riots.[54]


See also: Instagram


See also: Reddit

In 2019, Reddit banned a 700,000-member group on its website called "The_Donald," which supported President Trump.[55] In August 2020 Reddit shut down in mid-livestream a broadcast by Bill Binney[56] related to the fake news allegation of Russian hacking of the DNC during the 2016 presidential election.[57][58]


See also: YouTube

See also


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