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CBS race baiting fake news as it appeared on air during the 2020 presidential election.[1] The fake "" attempted to "explain" that such wasn't a misrepresentation because it was only "out of context".[2]
Above "Latinos for Trump". Below the actual Biden Latino Outreach event.

CBS News is a liberal news organization that broadcasts several programs, including The CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes and Face the Nation. CBS News is a division of the Columbia Broadcasting System. CBS has been called out for its "North Korea level propaganda."[3]

Fake news

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  • CBS used a picture from President Trump’s “Latino’s for Trump” event as a manipulative picture to showcase Joe Biden’s Latino outreach effort in Miami.[4]
  • CBS News used footage of the “worst hit” hospital in Bergamo, Italy purporting it to be a report about the coronavirus outbreak in New York.[5]
  • CBS News claimed George W. Bush went AWOL from his National Guard duty during the Vietnam War, but the documents it relied on to make this accusation were later found to be forged. News Anchor Dan Rather was forced into retirement over the scandal.
  • In a poll of 510 Democrats and 169 Republicans with 235 others following Joe Biden's first SOTU speech, CBS News claimed the speech had an 85% approval rating.[6] The far left "internet’s definitive fact-checking resource," Snopes, labeled the flailing news organization\s alleged journalism as "False."[7]
  • CBS News blamed decades of communist oppression in Cuba on Donald Trump.[8]

Anchors and Reporters

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