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Headquartered in New York City, the Ford Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) organization and one of the largest foundations in the world with over $10 billion in assets.[1] The foundation was founded by the conservative automobile tycoon Henry Ford in 1936. Today it donates to thousands of organizations worldwide but has donated largely to leftist groups. They are truly a money hub for far-left, radical liberal groups.

The Ford family has not been involved with the foundation since 1976 when Henry Ford II left the board of trustees in disgust in 1977. He wrote in his resignation letter: “the foundation is a creature of capitalism, a statement that, I’m sure, would be shocking to many professional staff people in the field of philanthropy. It is hard to discern recognition of this fact in anything the foundation does. It is even more difficult to find an understanding of this in many of the institutions, particularly the universities, that are the beneficiaries of the foundation’s grant programs.” [2]

The shift to the far-left continues today. In 2010 alone, it allocated large contributions to George Soros-backed organizations such as Center for American Progress ($1,000,000) and Media Matters for America ($500,000), who recently "declared war" on Fox News. Other notable far-left groups it donated to include New Israeli Fund ($5,000,000), Astraea Foundation ($2,300,000), Global Rights ($2,000,000) and Amnesty International ($1,000,000).[3]

The foundation's leadership:[4]

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