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The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) is an umbrella organization attempting to represent "Palestinian" Arabs in the disputed territories (West Bank and Gaza Strip). They have used violence and terrorism to achieve their goals such as in the Achille Lauro hijacking. The organization is considered a terrorist organization by the United States government.[1][2] Significant PLO factions or those associated with it are the Fatah, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), and al-Ṣāʿiqah.[3] Its current leader is Mahmoud Abbas.


The PLO was created in 1964 when the West Bank and the Gaza Strip were not under the control of Israel. Its original purpose was to “push the Jews into the sea,”[4][5] and the complete destruction[6] of the Jewish state.

PLO 1964 charter explained:[7]

This Covenant was written by the first PLO Chairman, Ahmed Shukeiry. This version reflects the Pan-Arab nationalism which can be clearly seen in the emphasis on the view of Palestine as part of an Arab collective homeland. The pan-Arab objective in the Arab-Israeli conflict is rather pervasive – the destruction of Israel. However, noticeably missing is the call for a Palestinian state and the subordinate position of the Palestinians in what is expressed as a battle for their rights and homeland.

Its first leader was leftist, Jihadi Ahmed Shukairy (Ahmed Shukairy / Shukeiri)[8].

Only in the 1960s did the PLO come forward with the demand that Arab refugees be renamed a homeless "Palestinian people." [9]

From Golda Meir's OpEd in the NYTimes, January 14, 1976:[6]

To be misquoted is an occupational hazard of political leadership; for this reason I should like to clarify my position in regard to the Palestinian issue. I have been charged with being rigidly insensitive to the question of the Palestinian Arabs. In evidence of this I am supposed to have said, “There are no Palestinians.” My actual words were: “There is no Palestinian people. There are Palestinian refugees.” The distinction is not semantic. My statement was based on a lifetime of debates with Arab nationalists who vehemently excluded a separatist Palestinian Arab nationalism from their formulations.

When in 1921 I came to Palestine – until the end of World War I a barren, sparsely inhabited Turkish province – we, the Jewish pioneers, were the avowed Palestinians. So we were named in the world. Arab nationalists, on the other hand, stridently rejected the designation. Arab spokesmen continued to insist that the land we had cherished for centuries was, like Lebanon, merely a fragment of Syria. On the grounds that it dismembered an ideal unitary Arab state, they fought before the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry and at the United Nations.

When the Arab historian Philip K. Hitti informed the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry that “there is no such thing as Palestine in history,” it was left to David Ben-Gurion to stress the central role of Palestine in Jewish, if not Arab, history.

As late as May 1956, Ahmed Shukairy, subsequently head of the Palestine Liberation Organization, declared to the United Nations Security Council, “It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but southern Syria.” In view of this, I believe I may be forgiven if I took Arab spokesmen at their word.

Until the 1960’s, attention was focused on the Arab refugees for whose plight the Arab states would allow no solution though many constructive and far-reaching proposals were made by Israel and the world community.

I repeatedly expressed my sympathy for the needless sufferings of refugees whose abnormal situation was created and exploited by the Arab states as a tactic in their campaign against Israel. However, refugee status could not indefinitely be maintained for the original 550,000 Arabs who in 1948 joined the exodus from the battle areas during the Arab attack on the new state of Israel.

When the refugee card began to wear thin, the Palestinian terrorist appeared on the scene flourishing not the arguable claims of displaced refugees but of a ghoulish nationalism that could only be sated on the corpse of Israel.

I repeat again. We dispossessed no Arabs. Our toil in the deserts and marshes of Palestine created more habitable living space for both Arab and Jew. Until 1948 the Arabs of Palestine multiplied and flourished as the direct result of Zionist settlement. Whatever subsequent ills befell the Arabs were the inevitable result of the Arab design to drive us into the sea. Had Israel not repelled her would-be destroyers there would have been no Jewish refugees alive in the Middle East to concern the world.

Now, two years after the surprise attack of the Yom Kippur War, I am well aware of the potency of Arab petrobillions and I have no illusions about the moral fiber of the United Nations, most of whose members hailed gun-toting Yasir Arafat and shamefully passed the anti-Semitic resolution that described Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people, as racist.

But though Israel is small and beset, I am not prepared to accede to the easy formula that in the Arab-Israeli conflict we witness two equal contending rights that demand further “flexibility” from Israel. Justice was not violated when in the huge territories liberated by the Allies from the Sultan, 1 percent was set aside for the Jewish homeland on its ancestral site, while in a parallel settlement 99 percent of the area was allotted for the establishment of independent Arab states.

We successively accepted the truncation of Transjordan, three-fourths of the area of historic Palestine, and finally the painful compromise of the 1947 partition resolution in the hope for peace. Yet though Israel arose in only one-fifth of the territory originally assigned for the Jewish homeland, the Arabs invaded the young state.

I ask again, as I have often asked, why did the Arabs not set up a Palestine state in their portion instead of cannibalizing the country by Jordan’s seizure of the West Bank and Egypt’s capture of the Gaza Strip? And, since the question of the 1967 borders looms heavily in the present discussions, why did the Arabs converge upon us in June 1967, when the West Bank, the Golan Heights, the Sinai, the Gaza Strip and old Jerusalem were in their hands?

These are not idle questions. They go to the heart of the matter – the Arab denial of Israel’s right to exist. This right is not subject to debate. That is why Israel cannot by its presence sanction the participation of the Palestine Liberation Organization at the Security Council, a participation in direct violation of Resolutions 242 and 338.

We have no common language with exultant murderers of the innocent and with a terrorist movement ideologically committed to the liquidation of Jewish national independence.

At no point has the P.L.O. renounced its program for the “elimination of the Zionist entity.” With startling effrontery P.L.O. spokesmen admit that their proposed state on the West Bank would be merely a convenient “point of departure,” a tactical “first stage” and finally, a combatant “arsenal” strategically situated for the easier penetration of Israel...

Perpetuating the refugee problem

In 1966, Ahmad Shukairy, the PLO said: We will force our people to remain refugees against their will - or else there is no Palestinian cause. Another PLO representative said then: "If they try to leave. We will stop them, by force if need be."[10]

Shukairy to Arafat

Stressing, Ahmad Shukairy made sure he really meant his genocidal calls and only realizing the PR disaster and military defeat of '67 is when the following PLO, Arafat tried to camouflage its real aims: progressives admitted that This once even the Right could be Right: [11]

The P.L.O. - What Sort of Precedent?

This Once Even the Right Could be Right

...professing its genocidal ambition openly, without hiding it in any disguise whatever. Its leader, Ahmed Shukairy, kept making a point of it that the Arabs were absolutely literal when speaking of pushing the Israelis into the sea. Following the military disaster Israel that year inflicted on the Arabs, they were internationally overheard discussing the public relations error of their past genocidal candor. Heads of Arab states and Palestinian leaders were voicing this tactical self-criticism in newspaper interviews and articles, in radio and television broadcasts, in speeches before parliaments.

The adjustments made in the aftermath of this self-criticism included the replacement of the undiplomatic Ahmed Shukairy with the highly diplomatic Yassir Arafat as leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization . Also included was a new semantic formula which, incorporated in the Charter of the PLO, for the first time provided however thin and tortuous a camouflage of the genocidal ambition. What used up until that point to be loudly and proudly advertised was now being pro forma denied whenever necessary, accompanied by a meaningful wink of an eyelid.


The PLO has been attacking Israeli civilians while using its own civilians as human shields[12][13]. A tactic continuing by Hamas and Islamic Jihad and other Palestinian Arab groups.

Asides from its war on Israel, at least during the mid 1970s through the 1980s, the PLO was at the heart of the international terrorist network.[14]

  • Early 1980s

At the PLO headquarters, found at drawer, a 'Parabellum' gun. The eagle and the swastika were stamped on the pistol.[15]

  • 1982.

A picture of Arafat and the Nazi swastika are among the wall decorations of a room in the UNRWA school in Siblin (Seblin) - South Lebanon, which was turned into a terrorist training center by the PLO.[16]

During the 1993 Oslo Accords the PLO under Yasser Arafat agreed to revise the covenant which had called for “the liquidation of the Zionist presence”. However, in a speech given to the Palestine Legislative Council he justified this step by referring to Muhammad’s Treaty of Hudaybiyah with the Koresh tribe. This peace pact was used by Muhammad to muster enough military strength to conquer the Koresh who would surrender without a single fight.[17]

In 2018 the PLO wanted to bring charges against Israel for war crimes to the International Criminal Court. Critics emphasize that this step is a subterfuge to avoid negotiations with Israel.[18] Consequently, on September 10, 2018 the Trump Administration announced it would close the Palestine Liberation Organization's mission in Washington, D.C.[19]


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    Hamdi Hizrallah, 40 years old, a representative of the Palestine Liberation Organization, was at the intetview... he said with great intensity: “I will tell you something. And I wish you would quote me. If they try to leave. We will stop them, by force if need be.”
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    Courtesy of Memri, every Israeli can see that the extermination of the Jews and Israel and the establishment of "Palestine" on its ruins are regularly used as fuel to incite the Palestinian public. The Jews, after all, as the propagandist Goebbels puts it: the end of a frequent lie that will eventually become a reality. , Demands that Israel "Hashem" settle the "peace-loving refugees" in its territory as part of the "right of return."

    Meanwhile, the Arabs and Palestinians are killing each other in the Middle East, as well as in the Gaza Strip and especially in the al-Yarmouk suburb. This high-rise district in Damascus, whose Palestinian residents have long since become Syrians, is not at all like the tents in which millions of real Arab refugees are currently languishing from cold and famine as part of the "Arab Spring."

    The Palestinians murdered and betrayed their hosts in Kuwait and Jordan, Syria and Beirut and cannot live with each other in peace even in Gaza and Judea and Samaria. And it is precisely now that the publicist Odeh Bisharath is proposing that, like Jordan, we should receive "as a gesture" Palestinian "refugees" from Syria. Someone here really loves us.

    There is a habit among "those who were" to gather at a "Parliament" table and discuss hourly issues. When the memory of the Holocaust is raised as a warning sign in a hostile environment for Jews, the faces of some of the "intellectuals" at the table, who cynically claim that it is the "contempt" of the Holocaust and manipulative, anachronistic, emotional to the point of collapse, become obsolete. While some try to forget the Holocaust of the Jews, the Palestinians deny the Holocaust and try to make fun of us in the "Nakba" narrative. As for myself, the feeling of "Parabellum" will remain in my hands forever.
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