Palestinian Islamic Jihad

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The Palestinian Islamic Jihad is an Islamist terrorist organization, based in Damascus, Syria. The group was founded in 1979 by Fathi Shkaki and other former members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Since the death of Shkaki it is led by Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah.[1]

One of its most notable terrorist attack was committed at the Beit Lid Junction in 1995 which resulted in the death of eight Israeli soldiers. It is funded by the governments of Iran and Syria and has established an alliance with Hamas.[1] Since 1987 it is cooperating with Hezbollah and receives training from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.[2]

Its stated goal is the destruction of Israel and the creation of an Islamic state in "Palestine" in its place as well as the belief that Islamic law should be forced on the Arab and Muslim states and then on the rest of the world. It is recognized as an terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Australia and Israel.[1]


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