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Intifada is an Arabic word which means shudder, awaken, or an uprising.[1] In politics this word refers to the ongoing terrorist actions taken by Palestinian Arabs against Israel. The most recent Second Intifada began before Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount, September-2000 and lasted till-2005. Despite dubbed the "Al-Aqsa Intifada" blamed by Arab Palestinians on Sharon, the anti-Israel incitement by "Palestinian" leadership to and acts of violence actually began before Sharon's visit on Temple Mount. But was later used as an excuse in order to rouse the masses into a "holy" war. And despite not even attempting to enter any mosques. Fact:[2]

Sharon did not attempt to enter any mosques and his 34 minute visit was conducted during normal hours when the area is open to tourists. Palestinian youths — eventually numbering around 1,500 — shouted slogans in an attempt to inflame the situation. Some 1,500 Israeli police were present at the scene to forestall violence.

There were limited disturbances during Sharon's visit, mostly involving stone throwing. During the remainder of the day, outbreaks of stone throwing continued on the Temple Mount and in the vicinity, leaving 28 Israeli policemen injured, three of whom were hospitalized. There are no accounts of Palestinian injuries on that day. Significant and orchestrated violence was initiated by Palestinians the following day following Friday prayers.

During the conflict, the Palestinian Arabs have resorted to terrorist tactics of killing many innocent Israelis. The international community, through the United Nations, has typically rebuked Israel for its attempts to deal with the ongoing threat to its people posed by suicide bombers who target civilians.

An iconic moment was a few weeks later with the shocking Oct Ramallah lynch defined as animalistic.


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