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In Canada, the country's state-run single payer healthcare system has buckled under the strain of the CCP virus.[1] With the onset of the CCP flu pandemic after Communist China unleashed it on the world, Canada subsequently came under lockdown diktats ordered by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his public health officer, alleged "doctor"[2] and presumed CCP plant Theresa Tam[3], ordering the closures of schools and public events, fining of gatherings by police and the shuttering of businesses considered "non-essential", while as with the United States, widespread shortages of health-related supplies, including face masks, personal protective equipment, testing reagents and capacity for vaccine manufacturing, also became an issue.

On April 7, 2020 the City of Toronto recalled more than 60,000 surgical masks made in China. The masks, valued at more than $200,000, were provided to staff at long-term care facilities. Toronto health authorities were investigating whether caregivers were exposed to COVID-19 while wearing the equipment. The masks represented around 50% of Toronto's inventory of surgical masks, according to Matthew Pegg, Toronto's fire chief and general manager of emergency management.

In May 2020, Justin Trudeau drew criticism for using Canadian tax dollars to import CCP flu "vaccines", manufactured using aborted fetal tissue, from China to test on Canadians.[4] In a March 2021 interview with Rebel News, Dr. Mark Trozzi expressed his doubts about the "vaccines", rhetorically asking why he would "...take a potentially dangerous experimental injection for a non-fatal illness".[5]

According to The Washington Post, China took two Canadian citizens hostage, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, to pressure Canada not to extradite to the United States Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of Huawei and daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei.[6] After Justin Trudeau publicly thanked Taiwan for Covid relief assistance, the CCP demanded return of two pandas from the Calgary Zoo. A petition circulated demanding the release of Canadian hostages in exchange for the pandas. The diplomatic uproar exemplified the value left-wing Chinese Communists place on human life (i.e. none).[7]

In November 2020, physician Dr. Roger Hodkinson criticized the politicization of the CCP flu pandemic and the sensationalization of same by the media at a meeting in Edmonton, pointing out that face masks are "...utterly useless. There is no evidence base for their effectiveness whatsoever. Paper masks and fabric masks are simply virtue-signaling", and that the CCP flu " not Ebola. It's not SARS. It’s politics playing medicine and that’s a very dangerous game."[8] Hodkinson also recommended for people who feel sick to stay home, eat chicken noodle soup, and make sure those who are vulnerable take Vitamin D.

Independent journalists who have attempted to report the truth about the pandemic and about CCP flu "vaccines", comment about the legality of lockdowns and unconstitutional attacks on rights and freedoms and report about protests against lockdowns and other pandemic-related issues that attempt to hold the Trudeau regime and its provincial counterparts accountable have been targeted for illegal harassment and fines by the RCMP[9] and by regional police forces,[10] which the Trudeau regime, the provinces and local jurisdictions are now using as their "COVID-19 enforcers" to try to intimidate journalists and censor and silence the truth in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.[11]

On March 24, 2021, the CBC, Canada's state broadcaster and the propaganda wing of the Liberal Party of Canada, aired an announcement by Theresa Tam[3] claiming that there would be a "third wave" of the CCP flu, driven by alleged "variants", hitting the provinces during the spring.[12] Predictably, the CBC's YouTube posting of that story was heavily ratioed and criticized in its comment section, with the video receiving nearly ten times as many dislikes as it did likes.

On March 31, 2021, at the recommendation of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization, Health Canada suspended use of the AstraZeneca CCP flu "vaccine" for people under age 55 over concerns about its link to the development of blood clots,[13] a concern later confirmed by the European Union as Germany, Italy, France, Spain and other countries likewise suspended use of the AstraZeneca "vaccine" following reports of 44 cases of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, a rare brain clotting condition, out of 9.2 million Europeans who received the "vaccine".[14]

On April 1, 2021, Fox News host Tucker Carlson took aim at Canadian "COVID-19 hotels" created and funded by Justin Trudeau, which Carlson compared with internment camps and which he pointed out illegally violate human rights by forcing Canadian travelers returning from overseas vacations to either be detained for quarantine at the facilities or risk heavy fines and imprisonment.[15] Carlson also reported on the substandard conditions of the detainment facilities, including food and water shortages, missing locks on doors and female detainees being sexually assaulted, and he also criticized state broadcaster the CBC for spreading disinformation about the facilities. In a similar earlier criticism of those facilities and the Trudeau regime's actions, Rebel News reporter Keean Bexte, who had similarly been illegally targeted and coerced after returning from an assignment in Florida, compared them to gulags, pointed out that what the Trudeau regime is doing flagrantly violates sections of the Charter and announced that Rebel News would be suing the regime to force the abolition of the pandemic facilities program.[16]

As in the United States,[17] worship services,[18] other public gatherings[19] and many businesses in Canada[20] have been negatively affected by the illegal and unconstitutional diktats, police harassment/persecution and unjust punishments imposed by Justin Trudeau, his public health officer Theresa Tam and their liberal provincial and municipal counterparts (including British Columbia premier John Horgan,[21] Ontario premier Doug Ford,[22] Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi[23] and Toronto mayor John Tory[24]) during the pandemic while hypocritically allowing leftists to hold "protest" events.[25]



  • In Edmonton, former Alberta NDP premier Rachel Notley exhibited signs of the CCP flu while holding a press conference at the Alberta Legislature, yet refused to quarantine herself as she attended legislature sessions while hypocritically demanding business closures across the province and unconstitutional restrictions on personal freedoms despite no longer being in power; when asked by Rebel News about CCP flu testing within the Alberta NDP's ranks, Notley and MLA Kathleen Ganley refused to answer and ran off.[26]
  • In Calgary, a bar and restaurant called Outlaws Taphouse and Bar was driven out of business by heavy-handed pandemic-related government bureaucracy by Alberta Health Services, the City of Calgary, the provincial Occupational Health and Safety department and the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission, which insisted on the enforcement of face mask diktats, refused to allow for mask exemptions, imposed unreasonable orders on them and stripped the bar of their food handling permit, their business license and their liquor license, followed by the Calgary Police Service being sent to serve a closure notice on the bar.[27] Attorney Chad Williamson, who represented the bar in its legal battle against the local and provincial bureaucracies over the pandemic diktats, announced that he will be looking at ways to hold the involved agencies accountable for their imposition of pandemic-related anti-business tyranny.
  • In Calgary, a tattoo shop called Dimensions Tattoos was unjustly hit with a $1,000 "lockdown ticket" by Alberta Health Services, despite the shop following a local mask bylaw, for its refusal to allow health inspectors invade the stop in search of alleged "COVID-19 violations".[28] Shop owners Sarah Ken and Peel Smith, both of whom are mask-exempt for medical reasons and have also allowed mask-exempted clients to book tattoo appointments, were ratted out to local agencies by some non-customers who objected to Ken, Smith and some of their customers not wearing masks due to exemption, which led to the shop's current legal and bureaucratic hassles. Rebel News, which covered the story, has offered legal help to Dimensions Tattoos to help them fight the lockdown ticket.
  • In Calgary, Artur Pawlowski, the pastor of the Cave of Adullam Church, fought back against the discriminatory diktats against church services by ordering Calgary police officers and a health inspector who disrupted a Holy Week worship service in the church by coming in without a warrant in search of alleged "COVID-19 violations" to leave the church, calling the intruding officers Nazis and Gestapo.[29] Pawlowski, who had seen similar such tactics used by the then-ruling Communist Polish United Workers' Party while living in his native Poland, was correct in his action, as Section 176 of the Criminal Code of Canada makes it a crime to disrupt a worship service,[30] thereby making the officers' warrantless intrusion, which was done with the intention of intimidation of religious worshipers, illegal. Pastor Pawlowski later pointed out that religious clergy and business owners need to find the courage to stand up to the totalitarian actions of politicians and unelected public officials who impose illegal decrees and engage in actions intended to infringe on human rights, discriminate and intimidate, stating that such actions are unacceptable.[31]
  • In Edmonton, corrupt members of the city's police service, acting under the orders of Rachel Notley (even though she is no longer the Alberta premier), displayed Gestapo-like tactics as they illegally attacked and assaulted peaceful anti-CCP flu lockdown protesters and Rebel News reporter Keean Bexte during that protest, then unjustly arrested anti-lockdown protester David Pawlowski with no verifiable cause.[19]
  • In Edmonton, government bureaucrats, with assistance from the RCMP, staged an illegal armed raid and occupation of the GraceLife Church, then fenced off the church building, as part of discriminatory persecution of religious worshippers battling the province's unconstitutional CCP flu lockdown orders against places of worship.[32] The church's pastor, James Coates, has been unjustly targeted by bureaucrats, starting by hitting him with a $1,200 fine and illegally holding him in jail for 35 days[33] for what Edmonton police claimed was a "violation" of CCP flu diktats by holding a church service,[34] followed by police and Alberta Health Services inspectors spying on weekly services at the church,[35] then by the RCMP, in Gestapo-style fashion, adding more fencing and road blockades to restrict access to the church building and property,[36] all in attempts to illegally attack religious freedom and to make an example of Pastor Coates and GraceLife Church for their undertaking of their constitutional right to worship. In response to the targeting and persecution of GraceLife Church and Pastor Coates as well as other churches in the province, religious leaders spoke out against the government's actions and called for the reopening of all churches in Alberta to worship without restrictions on capacity or other restrictions.[37] The GraceLife congregation responded by tearing down the fencing surrounding the church to regain access to it, resulting in 200 RCMP officers, heavily armed and dressed in riot gear, being deployed to use Gestapo tactics to illegally harass and persecute the congregation.[38] During a recent protest against government overreach during the pandemic on the church property by members of the GraceLife congregation, outside infiltrators, seeking to start trouble for GraceLife with the police, tried to pull the fence down, but the legitimate protesters put the fence back up to avoid trouble from the police; during the protests against CCP flu lockdowns and religious persecution, the GraceLife congregation has held services off-site at secret locations to avoid bureaucratic and RCMP scrutiny.[39] Dr. Roger Hodkinson, who previously spoke out about the politicization of the pandemic, criticized AHS and the RCMP for their heavy-handed actions against GraceLife, pointing out that there is no balance being struck between public health, civil liberties and the economy.[40]
  • In the hamlet of Mirror, the Whistle Stop Café, a local restaurant which defied the lockdown diktats of Alberta "conservative" premier Jason Kenney by refusing to close,[41] held an anti-lockdown event attended by hundreds of customers, most of which ate outside but some of which chose to eat inside the restaurant.[42] Among those taking part in the event was guest chef and Toronto restaurant owner Adam Skelly, whose own restaurant, Adamson Barbecue, was heavy-handedly targeted by Ontario government bureaucrats for defying lockdown diktats there and who was himself illegally harrassed by authorities for taking a stand.[43] Alberta Health Services bureaucrats, accompanied by the RCMP, showed up to impose a closure order on the restaurant and removed the indoor diners, but did not attempt to stop the outdoor event itself due to the large number of people present. Other Alberta restaurants, acting in solidarity with the Whistle Stop and its owner Chris Scott, also reopened their own facilities for indoor dining in defiance of the lockdowns, forcing the Alberta government to initially back down and allow indoor dining at restaurants to resume back in February,[44] but Kenney later arbitrarily reversed course and forced the closure of indoor dining at restaurants again, which led Scott to resume his battle with the provincial health bureaucrats.[45]
  • In Edmonton, over 2,000 protesters (including representatives from various business, faith, medical, civil liberties and amateur sports groups) showed up at the Alberta Legislature to protest against, and call for the end of, the CCP flu lockdowns; many of the participants stated that they were sick and tired of being separated from their families, constant fearmongering by politicians and their liberal media propagandists, the damage being done to small businesses by the lockdowns, the effects of lockdown isolation on children and being name-called by elitist politicians for standing up for their rights and principles.[46] Jason Kenney responded (and in doing so, proved the protesters' collective points) by falsely claiming that the protesters were "conspiracy theorists" and "unhinged".

British Columbia

  • Physician Dr. Stephen Malthouse criticized Bonnie Henry, BC's unelected public health officer, for the diktats she imposed on the province during the CCP flu pandemic, pointing out that her edicts have been based more on politics and imposition of power and control by the regime of BC NDP premier John Horgan than on scientific fact and stating that there is no scientific or material evidence to justify lockdowns, face mask diktats, social distancing, closures of schools and businesses and closures and/or restrictions on places of worship, then (while pointing out that evidence pointed toward the pandemic being over and that a predicted "second wave" of the CCP flu would not materialize) called on Henry to end her pandemic decrees;[47] despite this and seemingly out of spite, Henry, acting on her claims about the "second wave", took the opposite approach when she imposed a face mask diktat on all businesses, schools and other public places in the province beginning on November 19, 2020,[48] which she originally said would end on February 5, 2021, but then (following in the footsteps of similar actions by Democrat governors in the United States) decided to arbitrarily extend several times since the original deadline, extending it to February 28, then into March, and then most recently to April 30 while also arbitrarily imposing lockdown measures until April 19.[49] Some opponents of the lockdowns responded with a somewhat bizarre anti-lockdown protest themed on the 1988 John Carpenter sci-fi movie They Live.[50]
  • Religious freedom came under attack in the province during the pandemic thanks to Bonnie Henry ordering the closure of places of worship and illegally targeting religious worshippers for discrimination by seeking to give police departments in BC unconstitutional power to arrest churchgoers,[51] a move which was denied by BC Supreme Court Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson, who also ruled on the legality of peaceful protests during the pandemic, on February 18.[52] In response, Henry decided to "compromise" by allowing only a few places of worship to conduct outdoor services, along with Orthodox Jewish synagogues being allowed to hold indoor services, but with pandemic restrictions being placed on the services (including limits on attendance numbers), while many other churches are controversially forced to remain closed under the same decision rendered by Hinkson.[53]
  • In Vancouver, the Corduroy Restaurant, a local restaurant and pub, has defied the lockdown diktats of Bonnie Henry by opening the restaurant for in-person dining; Rebecca Matthews, the restaurant's owner, indicated the hypocrisy of Henry in keeping a winery which she owns in the town of Keremeos[54] open during the lockdown as her reason for staying open and defying the lockdown.[55] Despite being issued a closure order by Vancouver Coastal Health, Matthews intends on fighting to keep her restaurant open in defiance of the small business-targeting lockdown. In a scene that supposedly led to the closedown order, customers of the Corduroy, who were not masked in defiance of Henry's face mask diktat, joined in solidarity with Matthews by kicking out health inspectors sent by government bureaucrats out of the restaurant when the inspectors insisted on trespassing.[56]
  • In Vancouver, comedian Alexander Lasarev, who opposes the use of face masks in the CCP flu pandemic, was viciously attacked by a pro-mask thug, who used his bicycle as a weapon to smash a side window of Lasarev's car, while Lasarev was speaking at an anti-lockdown rally.[57] Vancouver police have recommended assault charges against the thug, while the liberal media unsurprisingly protected the thug's identity by concealing his face in their reports and engaged in victim-blaming on Lasarev.
  • In Vancouver, restaurant owner Feredrico Fuoco defied the unconstitutional CCP flu lockdown diktats of Bonnie Henry by opening his restaurant, Gusto, to indoor dining (which has been forbidden under the diktats by Henry while, as noted above, she hypocritically keeps her winery in Keremeos open - which Fuoco noted in his decision to reopen his restaurant for indoor dining).[58] Because of this, the Horgan regime, acting under Henry's orders, have hypocritically targeted Fuoco's business by suspending his business license.
  • In Vancouver, approximately 2,000 protesters, many of them business owners, gathered to protest the lockdown edicts of Bonnie Henry, which have negatively impacted small and medium-sized businesses in the province since they were imposed.[59]
  • Religious worshippers in the province continue to defy the arbitrary lockdown diktats of Bonnie Henry targeting them, including her recent capricious decision to rescind the exceptions she made for outdoor worship services, by finding legal ways to gather and worship, including holding worship-style anti-lockdown protests in public spaces.[60]


  • In a display of government hypocrisy during the CCP flu pandemic, Winnipeg city employees were allowed to use an exclusive fitness gym, open only to them, while all other public gyms in the city have been forced to remain closed under bureaucratic pandemic regulations.[61]
  • In Dauphin, Alex Lytwyn, who has cerebral palsy and is mask-exempt because of it, was accosted by store security and treated with indignity due to his condition at the local Walmart for not wearing a mask when he entered the store to do some Christmas shopping, then was forced to leave the store along with his accompanying support worker (although he was able to shop at other stores near the Walmart without incident).[62] When confronted by Rebel News about the store's refusal to respect Lytwyn's mask exemption, Walmart management refused to respond.
  • Manitoba "conservative" premier Brian Pallister came under heavy criticism for ludicrously declaring that Christmas was "non-essential" during pandemic restrictions in the province;[63] as part of those restrictions, a Walmart in Winnipeg was forced to ban sales of Christmas-themed items, including cards, toys, trees and decorations, as those items - although available in-store - were kept under lock and key.
  • In Winnipeg, Kelly and Melissa Hildebrand were targeted in heavy-handed fashion by city police and hit with illegal fines for attending an anti-CCP flu lockdown protest outside Bell MTS Place, the home arena of the National Hockey League's Winnipeg Jets team.[64] Melissa Hildebrand stated that she and her husband attended the protest, as is their right under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to point out the hypocrisy of professional sports teams being allowed to work and make a living during the pandemic while regular Manitobans are not. The couple intend on fighting the fines in court.
  • In Steinbach, church pastor Tobias Tissen was unjustly and vindictively targeted with charges and fines for organizing a protest[65] and holding drive-in church services[66] (which liberal media reporters refused to cover) in defiance of draconian pandemic restrictions imposed by Brian Pallister; as part of Pallister's mandated discrimination campaign against religious worshippers, Tissen was also illegally threatened (in violation of the Charter) with one year in prison for continuing to hold worship services.

New Brunswick

  • In Bathurst, Nick DeAngelis and Britney Green, a couple who are mask-exempt for health reasons, were targeted for illegal harassment by businesses who did not respect their exemptions, as well as by the local RCMP detachment, when they were roughed up and arrested, falsely charged with "disturbing the peace", "mischief" and "obstruction of an officer" despite their doctor-authorized mask exemptions, and forced to wear N95 masks while being held for 12 hours in a jail cell on the false charges.[67] Several weeks later, DeAngelis, Green and several others were illegally arrested for their opposition to state-imposed medical tyranny by attending a peaceful anti-CCP flu lockdown protest, with DeAngelis and Green being unjustly held for four days (part of which was spent in solitary confinement) and being treated as "criminals" for standing up for their rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Rebel News, which reported the story, announced that they have hired a lawyer for DeAngelis and Green to help them fight the illegal actions of the RCMP and pro-medical tyranny public officials.


  • In Toronto, a series of anti-CCP flu lockdown protests, all of which were peaceful, drew large crowds to protest businesses and personal freedoms being targeted by unconstitutional diktats, based more on politics than on science, issued by liberal public officials who have hypocritically exempted themselves from their own edicts.[68] Toronto mayor John Tory, a supporter of the lockdowns, has targeted the protests through illegal harassment[69] and arrests[70] of the protesters by the Toronto Police Service[71] to make examples of the protesters for standing up for their rights while hypocritically allowing BLM "protesters" and representatives of the Tamil Tigers terrorist group[72] to have their way; yet in later protests, because of the larger numbers of protesters, the TPS used discretion and took a hands-off approach, allowing the protesters to march.
  • In Angus (a community within the township of Essa, near Barrie), Melissa Cippone, the mother of two children attending local private school Our Lady of Grace Catholic School, spoke out when her mask-exempt children were shamed by school staff and denied their exemptions, despite providing two notes from the family's physician explaining the exemption, which both school principal Saundra Reynolds and Simcoe-Muskoka Catholic District School Board superintendent Lonnie Bolton, based on personal interpretation and not on informed medical opinion, claimed were "not sufficient", with Bolton also attempting to make convoluted excuses for his decision using the Board's "Guide to Reopening Schools" pandemic policy as his basis.[73] When pressed by Rebel News about what gave him the "right" to overrule a doctor on the issue, Bolton refused to respond further.
  • In Oshawa, Chris Hopps, who is medically exempt from wearing face masks, was threatened with false "trespassing" charges by Michelle Carter, the principal of Hopps' sons' school Glen Street Public School, if he showed up on school property without a mask to drop off and pick up his sons; Carter, who has refused to honor or respect Hopps' mask exemption, threatened to sicc the Durham Regional Police on Hopps as part of her threat against him.[74] Hopps explained that Carter's decision was based more on fear than on facts, while school staff, including Carter, refused to speak to Rebel News when they were asked to justify their actions.
  • In response to skepticism about the CCP flu pandemic, Dr. Samantha Hill, the president of the Ontario Medical Association, held a press conference where she publicly invited the public to tour "COVID wards" of local hospitals in the province to learn the "truth" about the pandemic; when Rebel News reporter David Menzies took up Hill's offer and attempted to book a tour of such a ward at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, Menzies did not hear back from hospital administration, presumably because his tour would have exposed the lie being crafted and spread by unethical doctors and public health officials regarding "COVID wards" allegedly being filled to capacity by the pandemic (and which, by extension, would have cast doubt on its actual threat level).[75] In addition, in response to Menzies taking Hill up on her offer, OMA spokesman Aleks Dhefto tried giving a convoluted explanation to him to make an excuse for not letting him do the tour, with Menzies later reporting that Hill was presumably expecting that no one would actually take her up on the offer.
  • In Stoney Creek (a community within the borders of Hamilton), a family birthday party celebrating a teen daughter's 16th birthday was raided by Hamilton police and the six adults present were each unjustly fined $815, based on the family's neighbors ratting them out to police and lying about the number of people present at the party under CCP flu edicts issued by Ontario "conservative" premier Doug Ford (the informant claimed there were "25 people" present, when in reality, only ten people were present at the party).[76] The targeted adults intend on fighting the fines in court.
  • In Toronto, mixed martial artist Corrine LaFrambroise, who had returned to Canada from training and competing in MMA fights in Dubai due to the CCP flu lockdowns affecting her ability to make a living in her sport in Canada, was hit, along with her trainer, with nearly $8,000 in unjust fines for refusing to quarantine at one of Justin Trudeau's controversial "COVID-19 hotels" instead of at home.[77] LaFramboise and her trainer intend to fight the illegal fines in court.
  • In Ottawa, anti-lockdown protesters held a Family Fun Day event, also attended by children of the protesters, on Parliament Hill.[78]
  • In Mississauga (a Toronto suburb), the HUF Boxing Gym announced that it would be reopening its facilities in defiance of Doug Ford's CCP flu lockdown edicts, which have been publicly criticized for being inconsistent by allowing big box stores, occupied by hundreds of customers at any given time, to be open for business while forcing the shutdowns of fitness gyms, where no cases of the CCP flu have occurred.[79] Gym owner Teresa Heron pointed out that Ford's policy to shut down fitness gyms to keep people "healthy" as part of his lockdown diktats makes no sense, as preventing gym customers from accessing the facilities and improving their health through exercise only ends up making the customers unhealthy. In response to the decision by HUF to reopen and to stay open, local liberal media outlets engaged in a bout of pearl-clutching over the gym while Mississauga mayor Bonnie Crombie threatened to get heavy-handed with the gym by levying heavy fines against it for defying the lockdown diktats, and a Peel Regional Police officer who sided with the gym owners and refused to impose any penalties on them was unjustly suspended, with an internal investigation commencing against him.[80]
  • In Toronto, a group called Canadian Frontline Nurses and several hundred supporters staged a protest outside the College of Nurses of Ontario's downtown office to criticize the censoring of nurses (as well as threats by the CNO of both unemployment and to strip them of their nursing credentials) who speak out against the harmful and draconian CCP flu protocols being imposed;[81] one of the guest speakers at the rally, Kristen Nagle, had recently been unjustly fired from her nursing job in London, Ontario for speaking out on issues such as CCP flu "vaccines", with her then-employer, the London Health Sciences Centre, using a false accusation made against her of being an "insurrectionist" because she had spoken at a meeting of Global Frontline Nurses in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021 - the same day that the Antifa-instigated riot and siege at the US Capitol occurred nearby - as its excuse to fire her.[82] Nagle also announced that CFN has filed a class action lawsuit against the CNO for its attitude toward the nurses who hold differing opinions regarding the CCP flu; meanwhile, CNO representatives refused to speak to Rebel News when contacted about the controversy involving it.
  • In Gravenhurst, the Ontario Provincial Police came under criticism for an incident at a skate park (one of many in the province recently ordered closed by Doug Ford as part of his lockdown diktats) in that city where an OPP officer, acting under the extended police lockdown powers granted them by Ford, was caught on-camera roughly shoving a 12-year-old boy off his scooter.[83] The OPP announced that it would be investigating the incident.
  • In Toronto, another anti-lockdown protest went off without incident as Toronto Police Service officers, defying the newest dictatorial lockdown orders recently imposed by Doug Ford[84] in defiance of the fact that lockdowns do not work,[85] allowed the protest to go ahead and not only refused to ticket or arrest any of its participants, but even escorted the protest along its route.[86] With his lockdown diktats no longer having the support of most police departments in Ontario, Ford was forced to walk back his orders, including his forced closures of children's playgrounds and skate parks and banning of all outdoor gatherings outside of small family events.
  • On a side note, of the 45 provincially-mandated police forces and nine self-administered First Nations police services in Ontario, only the OPP, the provincial police force in Ontario, came out in favor of the Ford lockdown diktats that also unconstitutionally gave them power to conduct random and unwarranted stops, with all 44 regional and municipal police forces and most First Nations police in the province voicing opposition; even the OPP has become divided on the issue, with some OPP jurisdictions stating that they will not enforce Ford's lockdown orders.[87]


  • In Montreal, anti-CCP flu lockdown protesters who peacefully protested the imposed lockdowns, as well as Rebel News reporters and staff, were subjected to illegal harassment and Gestapo-style tactics by the city's SPVM police force, who made arrests against the protesters and the reporters on false charges[88] and made anti-Semitic slurs against the Rebel News staff and threatened them with illegal fines[89] for not wearing masks, even though media reporters are legally exempt from mask diktats.[90] The SPVM was also criticized for targeting children who took part in the anti-lockdown protests.[91] Mocha Bezirgan, a Rebel News videographer, pointed out that the illegal arrests and fines imposed by the SPVM, along with their police brutality incidents, are not about the masks (as some of the SPVM officers were not wearing masks themselves), but about intimidation of those attempting to stand up for their rights and against unconstitutional diktats and illegal behavior by the diktats' enforcers.[92] In addition, the SPVM also came under fire for anti-Semitic targeting of Montreal's Hasidic Jewish community while using the pandemic as its justification for same.[93]
  • In Quebec City, the Quebec City Police Service, like their RCMP, provincial and local counterparts elsewhere, went Gestapo on anti-face mask protesters who were targeted with illegal harassment and arrests for refusing to comply with face mask diktats and CCP flu lockdown orders.[94]
  • In Montreal, heavily-armed SPVM officers staged a warrantless raid on an Airbnb location and illegally arrested and falsely charged several Rebel News reporters, including David Menzies and Keean Bexte, who were in town to cover the anti-lockdown protests in the city; in addition to disregarding being told that their raid was illegal, the officers also falsely claimed that the hotel where the reporters were staying was a "crime scene", even though no crime had been committed.[95] Rebel News head Ezra Levant, who had refused to let the SPVM go inside the hotel unwarranted (which led to the police force declaring it a "crime scene"), reported that the police raid on the hotel was vindictive revenge by the SPVM in response to Rebel News reporting on and publicizing the police force's misconduct (including incidents of assault and anti-Semitism by officers that were caught on-camera) and announced that there are plans to sue the SPVM for its illegal harassment of the Rebel News staff. Attempts by the SPVM to get warrants to search the hotel the Rebel News staff was staying at prior to the raid had been denied by numerous judges on the grounds that the hotel was not the location of an "illegal gathering", confirming the illegality of the SPVM's actions.[96]
  • In Montreal, what had been a peaceful protest against CCP flu curfews soon devolved into a riot thanks to Antifa punks who infiltrated the group of legitimate protesters; the punks also engaged in vandalism against several small businesses and also attempted arson before the SPVM arrived to disperse the legitimate protesters.[97]
  • In Montreal, musician Arnaud Mwasangule was unjustly hit with a $450 fine for playing music outdoors in a local park in defiance of CCP flu lockdown edicts.[98] Mwasangule will fight the fine against him in court.
  • In Montreal, a small anti-lockdown protest began at a local park and traveled along city streets; this time, the SPVM, realizing that their recent behavior had come under public scrutiny and criticism and that they were being monitored by Rebel News, kept its officers in check as the protest was allowed to go without incident.[99]
  • In Quebec City, the owner of city restaurant La Cantina 10, identifying himself only as Niko, criticized the hypocrisy of Quebec's "conservative" Coalition Avenir Québec government in allowing indoor dining at the restaurants in the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport while other restaurant owners are forced to keep their businesses closed because of continued arbitrary extensions of the CCP flu lockdowns.[100]


  • In Saskatoon, a protest and march was held in opposition to CCP flu pandemic restrictions.[101] Among the event's speakers was church pastor Tobias Tissen (mentioned above in Manitoba section).
  • In Saskatoon, the Fellowship Baptist Church came under lockdown-motivated religious persecution when it was hit with an unjust $14,000 fine and several masking "tickets" for choosing God over government as it defied the province's CCP flu edicts regarding church building capacity by allowing anyone who chooses to worship with the congregation to come in, although the church voluntarily offers hand sanitizer and masks to those who choose to use them.[102] The church's elders were also hit with illegal charges of "criminal obstruction" for refusing to allow police-escorted health bureaucrats to enter the church to disrupt worship services in violation of Criminal Code Section 176, while Fellowship Baptist Pastor Steve Flippin, who was quarantined along with his family in mid-March 2021 after his wife and a foster child came down with the CCP flu but whose quarantine was set to expire before Easter weekend, had his quarantine - and only his quarantine - capriciously extended past Easter by health bureaucrats for the sole purpose of keeping him away from the pulpit on that weekend, but Flippin defied the politically-motivated quarantine order to hold an outdoor worship service on Holy Saturday, at risk of again being targeted for persecution by the bureaucrats.


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