Left-wing violence under the Biden junta (2021)

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The following is a list of left-wing violence in the Trump era and subsequently under the Biden junta during 2021, this being a subpage whose information was moved here from the main content page.

January 2021

  • Violent Antifa punks swarmed and attacked the home of Republican Senator Josh Hawley in Washington, D.C. while Hawley was in Missouri and terrorized and threatened Hawley's wife and newborn daughter, who were home at the time.[1] Hawley subsequently ripped into the cowardly punks on Twitter when he found out what they did, which was in response to Hawley's plans to challenge the illegal vote fraud committed by the Democrats in the 2020 presidential election on behalf of their candidate Joe Biden.
  • Groups of violent Antifa punks and BLM thugs viciously attacked pro-Trump protesters the night before a Stop the Steal rally against Democrat vote fraud in Washington, D.C., injuring an elderly female Trump supporter.[2] Not only did the DC police, under orders from corrupt DC Democrat mayor Muriel Bowser, act in dereliction of their duty by refusing to stop the rioting punks, but several corrupt officers stood up for the punks by illegally attacking and macing the Trump supporters when they tried to protect the elderly attack victim, prompting one of the pro-Trump protesters, a Marine, to angrily denounce the DC police while other Trump supporters in the crowd called the corrupt cops traitors.
Anifa/BLM terrorists filmed the murder of Ashli Babbitt by Capitol Police.
  • Corrupt DC police officers, acting on behalf of their traitorous Democrat masters, deployed tear gas and flash-bang grenades against pro-Trump protesters and viciously attacked that group, including children and elderly protesters, without provocation[3] at the Stop the Steal rally in Washington, D.C.[4] The attack on the Trump supporters resulted because of suspected infiltration of the group by Antifa punks[5][6] and BLM thugs to instigate a false flag operation to try to discredit the pro-Trump movement[7] by the infiltrators storming the United States Capitol. A woman who took part in the storming of the Capitol, later identified as Ashli Babbitt, a 14-year veteran of the United States Air Force,[8] was shot in the neck by Capitol Police and later died of her wound.[9] Several of the infiltrators, who were subsequently identified and outed as Antifa members on Twitter[5] (which falsely claimed that at least one of the photos identifying the punks were "manipulated media" to cover for the punks), were subsequently arrested and escorted from the Capitol; one of them, Jacob Anthony Chansley (who uses the alias "Jake Angeli" and claims to be an "actor") has since been arrested on federal charges of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority and with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.[10] Meanwhile, the pro-Trump protesters who were unjustly attacked by the corrupt cops retaliated and fought back against them for their vicious unprovoked attacks on children and the elderly, forcing the corrupt cops into retreat.[3] John Sullivan, a BLM leader and one of the organizers of the Antifa infiltration and attack on the Capitol, was subsequently arrested in Utah on federal charges for actively taking part in the storming of the Capitol.[11] Unsurprisingly, the liberal media, along with the FBI, transparently denied any involvement by Antifa and BLM and covered for both groups by blatantly lying in news reports, falsely claiming that the attack on the Capitol was the work of "pro-Trump protesters" while ignoring evidence that Antifa had not only infiltrated the protest, but had even been given access to the Capitol by corrupt Capitol police officers.
Climate activist Jake Angeli at the Arizona Climate March in 2019. Angeli, also known as "Buffalo man", "Viking man", and "QAnon shaman", led the occupation of the U.S. Capitol building in 2021.[12]
  • A reporter for the now-liberal leaning Fox News shoved a Trump supporter during a gathering of pro-Trump protesters outside the governor's mansion in Olympia, Washington.[13] The other Trump supporters retaliated against the reporter by shoving him several times before local police intervened and forced the reporter to leave; the Trump supporter who was assaulted plans to file charges against the reporter.
  • ABC News political director Rick Klein let out his inner Nazi on Twitter when he spoke about how the Democrats should "cleanse" America of Trump supporters, akin to the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis during WWII, in the wake of the Antifa-staged riots inside the US Capitol which were falsely attributed by the liberal media to pro-Trump supporters.[14] True to form for a cowardly leftist lacking the courage of his convictions, Klein later deleted his post following heavy criticism, but not before it was screencapped by critics of the comment, including conservative commentator Sebastian Gorka.[15]
  • Corrupt Portland Democrat mayor Ted Wheeler, long a supporter of Antifa and enabler of the hate group's violent attacks and rioting in that city, found himself victimized by the very group he had supported when Antifa punks invaded a restaurant Wheeler was dining at, harassed him and punched him in the face.[16] Among the punks who invaded the restaurant was Antifa member Tracy Molina, a frequent arrestee for taking part in past Antifa riots and who was the culprit who punched the mayor; Wheeler stood up to the hoodlums and told them to grow up before restaurant employees evicted the punks.[17] No arrests were made in the incident and Wheeler did not plan to file charges against Molina for the assault.
  • Trump supporters were attacked and assaulted with pepper spray by Antifa black bloc punks in San Diego.[18] San Diego police officers, who were also assaulted when the punks threw rocks and bottles at them, quickly declared the Antifa riot an unlawful gathering and arrested three of the punks and took them into custody.
  • Masked Antifa punks in riot gear who marched through New York City claiming to "own" its streets and public space[19] viciously assaulted a female journalist and hypocritically called her a "Nazi" (ignoring that they were behaving exactly like Nazis themselves) while corrupt NYPD officers, acting in dereliction of their duty, did nothing to stop the assault.[20] Not surprisingly, the liberal media ignored the incident and had nothing to say about it.
  • Michael Beller, the chief legal counsel for liberal "educational" TV network PBS, was fired from his position after it became publicly known via Project Veritas that he advocated the kidnapping of MAGA supporters' children to be incarcerated in gulags and attacking the Trump White House with Molotov cocktails, as well as celebrating the deaths of voters in Republican-run states which he claimed were due to the CCP flu "pandemic", all as part of a profane anti-conservative and anti-American rant to an undercover reporter.[21]
  • A left-wing thug viciously attacked anti-establishment libertarian Roger Stone's wife Nydia as she was walking her dog, causing her to be hospitalized while the cowardly thug escaped.[22] The gash on her knee caused by a previous dog bite re-opened, requiring the need for treatment at the emergency room as well as surgery. Not surprisingly, because the attack involved someone tied to one of the Left's most hated political enemies, the liberal media ignored the story.
  • Parler CEO John Matze was forced to go into hiding with his family after he received death threats from anonymous leftist cowards, shortly after the conservative alternative to Twitter was illegally forced offline in a co-ordinated anti-competitive attack on the site by leftist Big Tech companies Google, Amazon.com and Apple Inc..[23]
  • Despite the illegal installation of Joe Biden as "president", Antifa punks still showed their "gratitude" by vandalizing the headquarters of the Oregon Democrat Party in Portland.[24] Some of the punks reportedly had a hard time breaking windows at the office as part of their vandalism spree, illustrating the image of Antifa being made up primarily of physically weak beta males. The punks cowardly fled the scene when the Portland police arrived. Soon after the incident, the Oregon Democrats issued an official statement on their Facebook page which not only refused to place the blame for the Antifa vandalism of their office squarely where it belongs, they falsely blamed the Republicans for the violence and the vandalism,[25] which only earned the Oregon Democrats criticism from a majority of responders.
  • Antifa punks in Seattle also "celebrated" the Biden installation by vandalizing an Amazon.com store (even though Amazon has been known to support leftist causes) and a courthouse and burning an American flag during a riot in that city.[26] During their temper tantrum, the hoodlums also showed their support for de facto "legalization" of their criminal behavior by demanding complete abolition of the police and the prison system. So far, only one of the punks has been arrested by Seattle police for their vandalism spree.
  • Antifa punk Daniel Alan Baker was arrested by the FBI on federal charges for making online threats to kill Trump supporters and police officers and encouraging violence against same on the day of the Biden installation.[27] Baker also boasted on YouTube about receiving money from George Soros to fund his part in the far-Left insurrection against America, and he also offered cash rewards to those willing to engage in illegal doxing of Trump supporters.
  • A group of Antifa punks and BLM thugs stormed and invaded the city hall in Bellingham, Washington, forcing the evacuation of the city's Democrat mayor Seth Fleetwood.[28]
  • Far-Left pro-abortionists, emboldened by Joe Biden's recent announcement to codify Roe v. Wade, stormed St. Joseph's Catholic Cathedral in Columbus, Ohio and disrupted a worship service, knocking over a table, chanting mindless pro-abortion slogans and screaming profanities inside the church before the punks were thrown out by church security guards.[29]
  • Rioting leftist punks struck at an ICE facility and clashed with federal agents in Portland.[30] The riot was soon declared an unlawful assembly and numerous arrests were made against the punks.
  • Tantrum-throwing Antifa punks instigated a riot in Tacoma, Washington[31] as revenge for an incident where a Tacoma police officer, out of concern for his safety, drove his SUV through a mob of unruly punks that had been swarming the vehicle and trying to break inside to get at the officer the day before.[32] The punks viciously assaulted bystanders, vandalized businesses and cars and set fires in the streets while the Tacoma police, following in the footsteps of their fellow officers in other Democrat-ruled cities, initially derelicted their duty and did nothing to stop the punks at first, but eventually declared an unlawful assembly and began dispersal of the rioters.[33]
  • Conservative journalist Andy Ngo was forced to flee to the United Kingdom due to relentless death threats from Antifa cowards and the blatant unwillingness of corrupt and lawless Democrat officials to do anything to stop their brownshirts.[34]
  • A mob of 60 Antifa punks again attacked the ICE facility in Portland, threw mortar explosives and projectiles at federal agents, burned American flags and tried to set the facility on fire; the incident was predictably ignored by the liberal media.[35] One of the punks, repeat offender Karl Anders Nilsson, was quickly arrested but was just as quickly released without bail.[36]
  • 19-year-old Antoine Watson was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse and murder after an 84-year-old man died two days after Watson charged at and viciously assaulted him in the man's driveway in San Francisco's Anza Vista neighborhood, while Watson's companion, Maylasia Goo, was also arrested on a charge of accessory after the fact.[37]

February 2021

  • Former Democrat-turned-Trump supporter Danielle McCarty began being besieged with hundreds of hateful and threatening messages from unhinged leftists on Twitter and other social media accounts after unemployed has-been "comedienne" Kathy Griffin illegally doxed McCarty when she came unglued over a tweet by McCarty criticizing Griffin's gloating over the stolen 2020 presidential election while she again posted the photo of herself holding up the fake severed head of Trump that led to her entertainment career being ended.[38] The leftist cranks let out their inner 13-year-olds online as they threatened the livelihood of McCarty and her family, made false accusations against her and made immature rape and death threats against her and death threats against her children after Griffin libeled McCarty by falsely accusing her of being a "domestic terrorist", sicced her followers on McCarty, claimed to have "reported" her to the FBI and went even further by posting personal photos of McCarty and her family, while several online leftist sites openly praised Griffin for her criminal actions against McCarty and also made false claims about McCarty. While the usual Twitter suspects rooted Griffin on, a number of later posters gave her well-deserved criticism for her illegal actions. Due to the excessive harassment from the leftist cowards spurred on by Griffin, McCarty was forced to delete her Twitter account.
  • Another night, another left-wing riot as Antifa and BLM wreaked havoc in Washington, D.C., assaulted police officers and harassed outdoor diners in the city.[39]
  • BLM troublemakers Saqunn Jackson and Juarde Benn were arrested on multiple charges after they assaulted conservative reporter Tara Anne Szczepanski, who was filming a BLM rally in January.[40] Jackson and Benn shoved a dirty diaper into Szczepanski's face, smashed an egg over her head, spat on her and falsely called her a "Nazi" during the disgusting assault while she was also attacked with an umbrella and a skateboard, and several bystanders at the rally told bypassers not to protect her because of her being a Trump supporter. A liberal judge subsequently released both assailants, Jackson under supervision and Benn on his own recognizance.
  • Democrat supporters, angry over the passing of a law by the GOP-majority Georgia state legislature making voter ID for absentee voters mandatory (as it cuts the Democrats' ability to illegally cheat in elections drastically), stormed the state capitol in Atlanta.[41] Unsurprisingly, the liberal media sided with the leftist rabblerousers and put their racism on display by joining the Democrats in making the issue about race[42] and making false claims about the new Georgia voter ID law, even though the new law is about preventing vote fraud and has nothing to do with race.

March 2021

  • Multiple arrests were made by federal agents against Antifa arsonists who tried to again set fire to the federal courthouse in Portland.[43] Per usual, the liberal media covered for the punks by refusing to report on the arson incident.
  • Numerous arrests were made by Portland police against Antifa hoodlums (one of which, a rioter claiming to be a "journalist", acted surprised over being retaliated against for their criminal activity) following another round of rioting, vandalism and mayhem in the city by the hate group.[44] Racist left-wing opinionist and former New York Times editor Sarah Jeong whined in a Twitter post about the Portland police's successful use of "kettling" to corral and detain the rioters for arrest, which led to her getting roasted by Twitter responders who criticized her for her support of Antifa and its members' lawless and childish behavior.
  • A group of 13 rioters were arrested by Seattle police on multiple charges (including rioting, vandalism, assault, obstruction and resisting arrest) at a weekend riot in that city.[45]
  • Two BLM rioters stupidly attempted to climb onto the hood of an LAPD car during a riot in Hollywood held on the first anniversary of the death of drug-dealing hoodlum Breonna Taylor before the officer, acting for his safety due to some of the rioters attempting to block police vehicles from getting through, drove off, with one of the rioters jumping off while the other held onto the hood as several of his manaically-screaming comrades chased after the car on foot for some distance.[46]
  • Black-bloc leftist punks viciously attacked activist Chris Elston in Montreal because of his opposition to the use of puberty-blocking drugs and surgical mutilation on children to "change" their genders.[47] Elston suffered a broken forearm and burst veins in the assault while his assailants, unsurprisingly, were not charged.
  • Ben Lemon, a corrupt leftist who claims to be a member of the military, openly threatened Tucker Carlson with violence on Twitter[48] for Carlson's criticism of "maternity flight suits" being pushed by Obama and Joe Biden-installed corrupt liberal military brass.[49] While the usual Twitter suspects unsurprisingly agreed with Lemon in hive-mind fashion in early replies, later posts heavily criticized Lemon for making his very public threat against Carlson for utilizing his First Amendment rights.
  • New Jersey Moderate Republican representative Jeff Van Drew and his family received threats of death and sexual assault from John McCall, an unhinged left-wing freelance hack who contributed columns to local newspaper the Ocean City Sentinel, who falsely smeared him as a "traitor" for supporting President Donald Trump.[50] The Sentinel subsequently apologized for publishing the controversial McCall columns while Van Drew announced that he plans on legal action against McCall for his threats and libelous comments unless the New Jersey Press Association denounces McCall's columns; McCall, meanwhile, has refused to let up on Van Drew and continues to lie about him and about the Republican Party in his articles.
  • A mob of Young Democrats, Antifa, BLM and socialists, some carrying flags of the USSR and anarchist flags, harassed a Trump-supporting homeowner and trespassed on his property during an anti-police march in Lansing, Michigan.[51]
  • Daquiesha Williams and Keaundra Young, two racist and entitled-acting black women, were arrested on charges of assault and aggravated assault in Houston after they viciously attacked beauty supply store owner Jung Kim, vandalizing her shop, hurling racist slurs at her, assaulting her son Sung Jun Lee and attempting to run over both him and his father with their SUV in the store's parking lot after father and son chased the women out of the store.[52] Jung Kim suffered a broken nose that will require surgery to fix as a result of the vicious assault, while security has been hired for the store to prevent future such incidents.
  • An Antifa punk who disrupted an Easter egg hunt and attacked two female participants at a pro-America rally in Schaumburg, Illinois met immediate retaliation when he was beaten up by a member of the Proud Boys (who organized the event) and then arrested by local police and charged with battery for the attacks on the women.[53]
  • Openly homosexual rap "musician" Lil Nas X made an open threat to rape the father of pro-gun rights conservative Kaitlin Bennett during a spat on Twitter, in which he also brought up a disgusting Internet meme originally concocted by vindictive feminists that falsely targeted Bennett.[54] Lil Nas X's threat came on the heels of recent attention-seeking controversies involving the rapper, who has admitted targeting children as his prime audience, in which he made a vile and pornographic music video that showed him giving a "lap dance" to Satan,[55] as well as collaborating with shoe manufacturer Nike to release a limited-edition athletic shoe (limited to 666 pairs) dedicated to Satan, containing a pentagram, the number 666 and a drop of human blood in each pair.[56]
  • Antifa punks attacked a "Back the Blue" pro-police rally organized by the Proud Boys in Salem, Oregon, throwing assorted debris at cars and trucks while corrupt police officers, in dereliction of their duty, initially did nothing to stop them.[57]
  • As part of that incident, a false arrest was made by some of those corrupt officers against an elderly man who attempted to defend himself against the Antifa rioters with a gun.[58] The hoodlums, who are normally anti-police and backed off in typical cowardly fashion when the man pulled his gun, hypocritically rooted the police on as they took the man into custody, but their fun soon ended when the police eventually declared an unlawful assembly against them and three of the punks were arrested,[59], while the man who had been taken into custody for trying to defend himself against the punks was later released.

April 2021

  • Kshama Sawant, the far-Left Seattle city councillor who led hundreds of Antifa and BLM rioters into Seattle City Hall for a sit-in after unlocking the doors to City Hall in spite of its closure due to the CCP flu pandemic as part of leftist riots in the city during June 2020, was dealt a major blow when, despite her making moves to stop the effort, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that a campaign to remove her from Seattle City Council can legally proceed.[60] Sawant and her leftist supporters reacted dismissively to the campaign, claiming the recall effort against her (which has cited her on grounds of improper use of city resources, letting the rioters into City Hall during off-hours and leading the rioters to the home of Seattle Democrat mayor Jenny Durkan) as a "right-wing conspiracy" in a flimsy attempt to try to discredit it, before it was later revealed that she had conveniently withheld claimed "death threats" against her until she deemed them necessary to release to time that release for the sake of more favorable news coverage.[61]
  • Anti-Asian racist Xavier Woody Silas was arrested on vandalism and other charges after he was caught on camera trashing a convenience store in Charlotte, North Carolina and screaming racist threats at the store's Korean owners.[62] The owners' son, Mark Sung, speculated that Silas was hired to trash the store as revenge by a man who had previously been banned from the store and subsequently came back into the store to add insult to injury immediately following Silas' rampage by rubbing the incident in the store owners' faces.[63] In addition to the other charges, Silas now also faces a hate crime charge against him for targeting the store owners based on their ethnicity.
  • An election integrity rally in Atlanta organized by Georgia Republicans was met by armed black-bloc leftists, some wearing tactical gear and helmets, in an attempted show of intimidation by the group (which represents the interests of state Democrats opposed to election reform, who have falsely accused Georgia election reform laws of being "racist" but, in fact, oppose the laws because they prevent the Democrats from cheating in elections).[64]
  • An elderly Asian couple was attacked by four black males in an anti-Asian hate crime in Oakland as the couple was returning home from grocery shopping, but tragedy was averted when the couple's son, wielding a machete, came out and ran off the hoodlums.[65]
  • Four minority males are being sought by the New York Hate Crime Task Force in relation to hate crimes against Asian-Americans in New York City.[66] Of those four, one has since been captured and arrested on felony assault and hate crime charges for attacking an elderly Asian woman. These, among similar such incidents, are being ignored by the liberal media for the sake of preconceived (and frequently discredited) racist narratives claiming that only white Trump supporters are "racist", even though extensive evidence has proven otherwise.[67]
  • Malik Fard Muhammed, an Indiana native who traveled to Portland to take part in the leftist riots there in September 2020, was charged on multiple counts, including attempted murder, possession of weapons and destructive devices, criminal mischief and rioting, for his actions at the Portland riots.[68] Muhammed, who had fled back to Indiana after posting bail following his initial arrest, is currently being held in jail in Marion County, Indiana while awaiting extradition to Oregon on the charges.
  • Canadian comedian Alexander Lasarev, who opposes the use of face masks in the CCP flu pandemic, was viciously attacked by a pro-mask thug, who used his bicycle as a weapon to smash a side window of Lasarev's car, while Lasarev was speaking at a rally in Vancouver.[69] Vancouver police have recommended assault charges against the thug, while the liberal media unsurprisingly protected the thug's identity by concealing his face in their reports and engaged in victim-blaming on Lasarev.
  • Antifa punks and BLM thugs viciously assaulted independent reporter Brendan Gutenschwager as he was covering an anti-eviction march in Detroit.[70]
  • Antifa arsonists set fire to the Portland ICE facility while federal agents were inside the building.[71] The agents managed to escape and deployed pepper balls to force the punks into retreat.
  • BLM-instigated riots broke out in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota following the shooting death of gangbanger and career criminal Daunte Wright by local police.[72] The rioters made illegal threats to doxx the police officers and target their families, as well as looting several businesses and defying a 7 p.m. curfew imposed by Minnesota Democrat governor Tim Walz. Following the initial riot, a clueless liberal media reporter falsely tried to claim to Brooklyn Center police chief Tim Gannon that "there was no riot", but was immediately set straight by Gannon, who told the reporter point-blank that there was a riot.[73] An MSNBC camera crew was attacked by some of the rioters during the mayhem.[74] Brooklyn Center police were deployed to disperse the rioters and make multiple arrests on a second night of rioting,[75] but the rioters continued on their rampage regardless.[76] Gannon and the officer involved in the Wright shooting, Kim Potter, both subsequently resigned due to uproar from the liberal media and civil rights groups over the shooting.[77] In connection to the Wright shooting (which, via police bodycam, showed him resisting arrest at a traffic stop and then attempting to flee in his car, which he crashed after he was shot instead of being tased as intended[78]), incidents soon began breaking out across the country:
  • Brooklyn Center: A BLM mob showed up outside the city's police department headquarters to "protest", with the National Guard deployed to the department in the event of BLM-instigated violence,[79] which later did break out as BLM organizers sent their white supporters to the front lines to be used as human shields[80] while using projectiles and attempting to break down a fence surrounding the precinct, leading the police to declare an unlawful assembly and deploy riot control measures to disperse the rioters.[81] The rioters, who did not like having their lawless behavior curtailed by the police, used leaf blowers to clear away tear gas deployed by the riot squad as part of its riot control. Leftist criminals illegally doxxed Kim Potter, the officer who shot Daunte Wright, forcing the police to put a fence up around her home for protection against BLM thugs and Antifa punks.[82] On another night of rioting by Antifa and BLM in response to the city's mayor lifting its curfew, Brooklyn Center police showered the rioting hoodlums with pepper spray to bring them under control.[83]
  • New York City: In solidarity with the BLM rioters in Minnesota, BLM thugs illegally blocked the Manhattan Bridge.[84]
  • Washington, D.C.: In a Twitter post, Squad member Rashida Tlaib openly sided with the rioting criminals, falsely called the police "racist", called for complete anarchy and insanely demanded the abolition of all police departments and prisons.[85] Tlaib was heavily criticized by other Twitter posters following her inflammatory post, with many correctly pointing out the foolishness of her demands while some pointed out that Wright, whom Tlaib was defending in her tweet, was wanted for illegal possession of a weapon and had other outstanding warrants at the time of his traffic stop arrest,[86] and others called Tlaib out for both inciting violence (which is illegal under federal law) and for her hypocrisy in demanding abolition of the police while she is surrounded and protected by Capitol Police officers; even Ted Cruz weighed in and criticized Tlaib for her irresponsible comments.[87]
  • Portland: BLM rioters vandalized a church and set recycling bins on fire, then threw assorted projectiles at Portland police and used illegal fireworks as weapons against them.[88] Local residents went out to clean up the carnage left by the rioters afterward. The thugs then moved on to a police precinct, threw rocks through the precinct's windows, set fires in the area and again used fireworks against the officers before the police declared an unlawful assembly and a riot, then used riot dispersal tactics (including bull rushes and the use of flashbang grenades, bear spray and impact munitions) to force the rioters into retreat; no arrests have been reported to date.[89] During that riot, another group of punks broke into a police parking lot and vandalized numerous police cruisers before the vandals escaped prior to police arrival.[90] BLM rioters set fire to the Portland Police Union headquarters before police arrived;[91] one of the Antifa rioters involved, Alma Raven-Guido, was later arrested and charged with arson for her part in the incident after a police informant reported her behavior and those of her comrades to the Portland police,[92] which served only to anger other Antifa punks involved in the riot and arson attempt. Raven-Guido was later released on her own recognizance without bail.
  • Columbus: Violent BLM rioters broke into the Columbus Division of Police headquarters and pepper-sprayed at least one officer before the group got sprayed in return by other officers, sending the punks into retreat; at least one of the rioters was arrested.[93] The incident occurred as part of a march near the police headquarters by a larger group of BLM supporters, the majority of which were white.
  • Dallas: BLM rioters - many of which were white - seized a restaurant and openly bragged about their penchant for committing arson against targeted businesses while intimidating restaurant customers and playing the race card to excuse and justify their criminal behavior.[94]
  • Minneapolis: The Minnesota National Guard and local police were targeted in a drive-by shooting by a then-unknown shooter, most likely connected to BLM, in the early morning hours; two Guardsmen suffered only minor injuries while the shooter fled the scene in an SUV and evaded police pursuit.[95] The shooting occurred hours after Maxine Waters made incendiary demands to BLM to "get more confrontational" during an anti-police rally in Brooklyn Center, leading Georgia Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene to call for a resolution to expel Waters from Congress, pointing out that the controversial Democrat congresswoman intentionally incited violence and openly encouraged criminal behavior with her remarks (which is illegal under federal law[96]) while travelling across state lines to do so (also illegal[96]) and also abused her power by coercing a jury to return a guilty verdict against Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the George Floyd death case, threatening violence if they did not, after which Greene called Waters a danger to society; other GOP Congress members also spoke out against Waters and her inflammatory comments.[97] Greene subsequently created a petition calling for Waters' expulsion from Congress for her actions.[98] Minneapolis police later released photos of the SUV involved in the drive-by shooting, revealing a black male driver behind the wheel;[99] the driver, convicted felon Andrew Thomas, was identified based on the police photos and was arrested for being in illegal possession of firearms.[100]
  • A 70-year-old Hispanic woman in Los Angeles became the latest victim of hate crimes being committed by racist black leftists when she was brutally beaten by Yasmine Beasley, who mistakenly thought her victim was Asian as she hurled racist anti-Asian slurs at the woman during the attack aboard a city bus.[101] Beasley was arrested on a battery charge for the assault, which left the victim with a concussion, a severely battered face and other injuries.
  • The Chicago street gang Latin Kings threatened retaliation against the Chicago police following the shooting death of armed 13-year-old gangbanger Adam Toledo,[102] based on their perception of a video aired by CBS News which had been deceptively edited to hide the fact that Toledo was armed with a gun at the time of his shooting.[103] CBS News was roasted on its Twitter account for airing the deceitful video to try to make Toledo look like a "victim" of "police brutality", while Chicago Democrat mayor Lori Lightfoot seized the political opportunity to fan the flames in the ensuing controversy by falsely calling the Chicago police "racist" and playing the "race card" while ignoring the circumstances behind the shooting.[104] The shooting of Toledo led to BLM agitators leading a mob to show up in Lightfoot's residential neighborhood of Logan Square to riot and clash with the police, who managed to bring the rioters under control using kettling and riot control tactics, which leftist social media posters who supported the rioters whined was "police brutality".[105]
  • A left-wing Asian journalist who was covering the Antifa riots in Portland was himself attacked and viciously beaten by Antifa punks because he had posted video showing their criminal activity, which had been retweeted by Portland police.[106] Multiple arrests were later made against the hoodlums after Portland police declared their criminal activity (which included smashing the windows of various businesses and setting fires) a riot.[107]
  • Despite a guilty verdict being handed down against Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer who was convicted in the death of George Floyd, this was not enough to satisfy leftist rioters in Portland as Antifa and BLM went on yet another riot and vandalism spree, even going so far as to make threats against anyone attempting to catch their criminal behavior on-camera, leading Andy Ngo to point out that the leftist rioting was never about justice, but only about using the verdict, no matter what it was, as their excuse to riot and be destructive without consequence.[108] This time, however, Portland police actually intervened as they declared the riot an unlawful assembly and made multiple arrests, including one rioting punk who received a beatdown from the police when he tried to take a swing at an officer first.
  • Minneapolis city council candidate, former city employee and anti-police activist Margarita Ortega came under police investigation for inciting violence after she encouraged BLM rioters in a Facebook post to burn down wealthy neighborhoods and directed them to target the city neighborhood of Lake of the Isles.[109] After she incurred criticism for her initial post and Lake of the Isles residents reported her threat to the police, Ortega took that post private.
  • Fox News host Tomi Lahren was targeted with online death threats by cowardly leftists when she commented about the Derek Chauvin verdict in a Twitter post, saying that there should be no more need for stealing in George Floyd's name now that the rioters got the verdict they wanted.[110]

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