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As of 2020 Ted Wheeler was the Communist Democrat mayor of Portland, Oregon. Wheeler facilitated the violence and lawlessness of the Antifa terrorist organization as early as the 2017 NeverTrump resistance movement and during the 2020 Marxist insurrection.

Antifa uprising

In September 2017, seven people were arrested after Antifa members threw "smoke and projectiles" at the police.[1]

In July 2018, Antifa terrorists attacked a Patriot Prayer rally in Portland and falsely accused the pro-Trump group of engaging in "violence and hatred", behavior which Antifa itself engaged in at the event.[2][3] Several of the Antifa attackers were later arrested for disorderly conduct.

Anti-ICE protestors were emboldened by a stand-down order against local police by Democrat mayor Ted Wheeler, violently protested in the city and threatened to kill the daughter of the owners of a mom n' pop food truck that serves ICE agents,[4] while police refused to respond to 911 requests for assistance to protect ICE agents attacked and threatened by the anti-ICE mob.[5] Wheeler subsequently came under heavy criticism and was accused of violating the Constitution for giving the stand-down order and exposing ICE agents and the public to danger from the protestors, and the union representing ICE agents notified Wheeler:

"your current policy forbidding Portland law enforcement agencies from assisting employees of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency ("ICE") who request law enforcement assistance while at or away from work is a violation of the United States Constitution's Equal Protection Clause. As you are aware, the 14th Amendment forbids the government from denying any person or persons equal protection of the laws...We understand that you have a difference of opinion with the current President of the United States, and some of his policies, but we fail to see why targeting the employees of ICE and leaving them vulnerable to violence, harassment and even death furthers a legitimate government interest. Your policy has created a zone of terror and lawlessness. We ask that you end your policy of not responding to calls for police services from ICE employees immediately."[6]
Portland riots: Antifa fascist (right in black hood) moves to stab a U.S. Marine Corps veteran (left in blue with bicycle).[7]

In August 2018 there was more blood in the streets by Antifa riots.[8]

In October 2018, Portland Democrat mayor Ted Wheeler mayor gave transparent excuses to defend his own decision to let Antifa block traffic and harass drivers and to block the police from intervening.[9][10]

In June 2019, Antifa fascists in an unprovoked attack, brutally beat Andy Ngo, a Vietnamese-American journalist for Quillette. Ngo was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage following the attack in Portland.[11] He had previously criticized Antifa for its violence.[12] Ngo was first blinded in a milkshake attack. Police reported that quick drying cement, a caustic substance, had been mixed into milkshakes.[13] "Journalist" wannabe Carlos Maza of Vox Media, an NBC subsidiary,[14] had previously called for "milkshaking" of conservatives and Trump supporters.[15] Maza was responsible for the "Adpocalypse", a massive purge of conservative YouTube contributors by the site weeks earlier,[16] and attempted to escalate his vendetta to shut down all online opposing opinions he did not like (which began as, and mainly focused on, an attempt at getting revenge against Steven Crowder for the latter's commenting on his YouTube show about the openly homosexual Maza calling himself a "gay wonk", which happens to be Maza's Twitter handle), only to be fired by Vox in August 2019 after the site began to see Maza as a liability for his anti-Crowder vendetta and his childish behavior on his Twitter account. The editor of the Soros-funded Media Matters tweeted a joke about the milkshaking and violent attack on Ngo.[17] CNN’s Chris Cuomo defended Antifa in August 2018, saying that “all punches are not equal morally.”[18] The New York Times opinion writer Charlie Warzel blamed the victim.[19] Alleged “fact-checker” site Snopes attempted to excuse the violence.[20] The LGBTQ+ centered Human Rights Campaign press secretary called Andy Ngo a "sniveling weasel" and said the Leftist attack was "the greatest thing that could have happened." At least two other people were reported injured in the Portland violence.[21] Only three Antifa activists were arrested,[22][23] while police stood by and watched people being beaten.[24] After attacking an elderly man, Antifa falsely blamed him for the attack rather than themselves.[25]

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison with Luis Enrique Marquez, a notorious leader of the Portland ANTIFA.[26]

In Andy Ngo's own retelling of events, "I was suddenly slammed on the back of my head with something hard. Dazed and still hearing faint chants of ‘no hate,’ I was then punched and kicked by perhaps a dozen masked people in black. At an Antifa event meant to resist ‘fascist violence,’ I—a gay journalist of color—was beaten so badly that I was hospitalized for a brain hemorrhage.”[27]

Portland progressive Mayor Ted Wheeler did nothing to stop the violent protests.[28] Sen. Ted Cruz called on federal law enforcement to investigate Portland officials, including Wheeler himself, who ordered police to stand down as citizens were beaten.[29][30][31] In a break with precedent, CNN's Brian Stetler grudgingly reported the attack on Ngo, a conservative journalist, by a violent leftwing mob.[32] At a White House conference on authoritarian domination and censorship by Big Tech and social media, President Trump highlighted the case of Andy Ngo and the negative effect unchecked leftist ideology has on society.[33]

In August 2019, there was more Portland riots; innocent people attacked by liberal fascist Antifa mob.[34] Leftist anti-Trump couple Leopold Hauser and Adebisi Okueye were both arrested on third-degree assault felony charges for assaulting a Trump supporter wearing a MAGA hat in a Portland bar.[35][36] Bucknell University hosted an Antifa leader who promotes political violence.[37] 50 Antifa goons attacked an ICE facility in Portland during Climate Strike rally and were arrested.[38]

In November 2019 six childish Antifa punks stalked and harassed Andy Ngo at his Portland home during Halloween, part of a campaign of criminal harassment (including doxing and death threats) by the hate group against him and his family.[39] In typical cowardly fashion, the punks fled after Ngo called the police. Andy Ngo revealed in a Heritage Foundation speech that the ultimate goal of Antifa is Communism, and that violence and fascistic behavior are among their tools in achieving that goal.[40]

A particularly vicious Antifa rioter, claiming to be a "professor", tried to act like an animal as she attempted to take a bite out of professional MMA fighter Tara LaRosa during an Antifa attempt to start a riot at a Veterans' Day rally in Portland.[41] The Antifa punk was no match for LaRosa, who pinned her to the ground after she tried to attack another woman, and the punk was kept pinned until she was picked up and arrested by Portland police.

2020 Marxist insurrection

Communists tore down a statue to Thomas Jefferson.
See also: 2020 Antifa riots

In September 2020 Portland marked 100 consecutive nights of protests marred by vandalism, chaos, and even killing. Those bent on violence regularly started fires, threw projectiles at law enforcement officers, and destroyed property. Numerous law enforcement officers, among others, suffered injury. Shootings increased by more than 140% in June and July 2020 compared to the same period last year. In the midst of this violence, the Portland City Council cut $15 million from the police bureau, eliminating 84 positions. Crucially, the cuts included the Gun Violence Reduction Team, which investigates shootings, and several positions from the police team that responds to emergency incidents. In August 2020, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler sent a letter to President Trump expressly rejecting the Administration’s offer of federal law enforcement to stop the violent protests.[42] The Democrat Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum sued the Trump administration on behalf of the rioters.[43]

Antifa broke into the Portland, Oregon Justice Center,[44] housing the central police precinct and the sheriff's office, and set a room on fire with occupants still inside the building.[45] A man carrying an American flag was beaten by white Antifa terrorists.[46] Small businesses were vandalized and looted.[47][48] Stolen cars were driven into stores.[49] A Chase Bank branch was attacked[50] and set on fire.[51] Virtually all offenders in these incidents were white. Antifa terrorists attempted to blind police with laser lights. Communist protesters tore down a statue of Thomas Jefferson, author of "all men are created equal."[52] Antifa terrorists toppled the George Washington statue. Washington is commonly referred to as the "father of the nation."[53]

Portland has been the hotbed of subversive Anti-American communist and anti-Trump activity since 2017. More than 100 fires were set in and around downtown.[54] After the Minneapolis George Floyd riot, Portland was under siege by leftwing white supremacists nightly for over a month.[55] More than 100 people were injured and over $20 million in damages. Oregon Democrat governor Kate Brown did absolutely nothing to stop the violence.

A white Antifa racist, Blake David Hampe, stabbed a gay Black Trump supporter.[56] Hampe the assailant, a leftwing racist and homophobe, previously was convicted of child pornography.[57] The Antifa white supremacist stalked and menaced the Black man for several blocks before the stabbing. The victim believes that ANTIFA fascists doxxed his identity and posted his location on social media before he was stabbed.

Rioters barricaded federal officers inside the Hatfield Federal Courthouse, trapping officers inside. A commercial-grade mortar firework was launched by rioters. A federal agents hand was impaled by planted nails. Another federal agent was shot with a pellet gun, leaving a wound deep to the bone. Three federal officers were permanently blinded by the rioters using lasers pointed directly at their eyes.[58] Mayor Wheeler, who joined the protests and was tear-gassed by federal agents,[59] later suffered the wrath of the mob, was cursed at and called a fascist by the very group of leftists he represents.[60]

The murder of Aaron Danielson

Aaron Danielson was a member of the Patriot Prayer group who was executed by Antifa terrorists in Portland, Oregon on August 29, 2020.[61] Danielson was a native of Portland and used the pseudonym "Jay Bishop" to protect himself from Antifa.

The alleged killer, Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, posted a manifesto on Instagram on June 16, 2020. In the manifesto Reineohl wrote, "I am 100% ANTIFA all the way! I am willing to fight for my brothers and sisters! Even if some of them are too ignorant to realize what antifa truly stands for."[62] Reinoehl has a previous extensive criminal arrest record. According to reports in June 2020 Reinoehl “and his teenage son were both arrested early Monday after an Oregon State Police trooper saw the pair apparently racing at over 100 mph in separate vehicles on Interstate 84 near North Powder.” An officer found “a loaded, concealed Glock pistol for which Reinoehl did not have a concealed handgun license.” Reinoehl was “charged with driving under the influence of a controlled substance, recklessly endangering another person and unlawful possession of a firearm. He was also cited for driving while uninsured, driving while suspended, and for speeding.” His son faced charges of “driving under the influence of marijuana and unlawful possession of a firearm,” the newspaper reported.[63]

On July 5, 2020 Reinoehl was arrested for “possessing a loaded gun in a public place, resisting arrest and interfering with police” during Portland's 2020 Marxist uprising. The Democrat prosecutor dropped all charges and Reinoehl was released.[64]

Danielson was murdered during a peaceful protest conducted by Patriots. The Patriots had been attacked throughout the day by violent Leftists.[65] Early that same day Portland Democrat mayor Ted Wheeler sent a mocking letter to President Trump rejecting offers for federal assistance to quell unrest after 93 days of continuous riots. Wheeler referred to the criminal activists as "part of a proud progressive tradition."[66]


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