Kaitlin Bennett

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Kaitlin Bennett

Born October 15, 1994
Spouse(s) Justin Moldow
Alma mater Kent State University

Kaitlin Bennett is a conservative libertarian gun-rights activist who directs the group Liberty Hangout.

Kent State University

Bennett graduated from Kent State University with a degree in biology.[1] She is known for open-carrying an AR-10 on campus grounds after graduating, and as the rules did not prohibit visitors from open-carrying firearms, Bennett was by technical means following the rules as she was no longer a student after graduating.

Liberty Hangout

See main article: Liberty Hangout

On her channel and media outlet Liberty Hangout, Bennett frequently goes to protests and rallies throughout the U.S. and interviews both conservatives and liberals on many issues.[2] Most videos on the channel consistently demonstrate the bigotry and vile hatred of liberals in contrast to the open-minded and calm demeanors of conservatives.

Left-wing smears & incitations

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Bennett has been frequently attacked and smeared by liberals who ironically deem themselves "pro-women".

Attacks by fake "conservative" Hunter Avallone

Hunter Avallone, who once called himself "conservative" despite attacking Steven Crowder, PragerU, Gavin McInnes, Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Mark Dice, Dan Pena, James O'Keefe, Project Veritas, and Kaitlin Bennett (as well as white nationalists Nick Fuentes, Andrew Anglin, and Scott Greer, and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and InfoWars), published a hit piece on Bennett smearing her as a childish and immature "idiot."[3] In response, her acquaintance Joel Patrick "exposed" Hunter Avallone as a liberal. In response to that, Avallone, who now says he is "not conservative" but considers himself a "free thinker," attempted to mock Patrick and smear him as a "grifter."[4] Later, in response to a video released by Bennett critical of Avallone for being insufficiently committed to conservative values and supposedly hypocritical,[5] Hunter Avallone released another video on YouTube in which he attacked Bennett once again.[6] Avallone has since attacked Blaire White.

Racist smears against Bennett's friend

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After Bennett posted a picture of her friend Natalie and her, who were both carrying firearms, left-wingers on social media launched racist attacks against Natalie for being a black conservative.[7]

Assault threat

In one incident in 2018, a leftist who got "triggered" at the mere sight of Bennett in a restaurant publicly asked for fifty dollars on her account on social media so that she would "punch her [Bennett] in the back of the head".[8]

Death threats

Bennett has reportedly received death threats online after her graduation photo, including one threat incitation her boyfriend reported.[9]


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