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Liberal fascists beat Vietnamese journalist Andy Ngo. The preeminent leftwing Huffington Post celebrated the racist attack.[1]

Under the Biden junta, violent attacks and Anti-Asian hate crimes against people of Far East Asian descent in America have increased significantly, particularly perpetrated by violent African Americans and other traditionally Democrat voting groups. These attacks have occurred primarily in ultra-liberal cities.[2] In Joe Biden's first 60 days after seizing power, NYPD recorded 22 violent anti-Asian attacks compared to zero over the same time period in 2020.[3]

The Biden junta dropped a lawsuit against Yale University filed by the Trump Justice Department on behalf of Asians to end discrimination and denial of access to higher education.[4]

According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics from 2019,[5] Blacks who in recent decades have voted over 90 percent Democrat with a higher voter participation rate than Whites or the national average as a whole, have committed the greatest percentage of violent crimes against Asian Americans. The San Fransisco Chronicle reported in 2010 that a survey of about 300 strong-arm robberies were analyzed. "In 85 percent of the physical assault crimes, the victims were Asian and the perpetrators were African American."[6]

Defunding the police and so-called bail reform laws have been cited as a major cause contributing to the increase in anti-Asian hate crime.[7]

February 2021

  • Oakland, California Chinatown Chamber of Commerce president reports at least 20 incidents of anti-Asain hate crime, says business owners are now keeping track on video.[8]
  • Oakland, California Chinatown residents complain of being treated as not human beings with a spike in robberies and violent crimes after Democrat city officials voted to defund the police.[9]
  • 91-year-old Asain man knocked to the ground outside the Asian Resource Center in Oakland, California caught on video. The assailant then pushed a 60-year-old man and 55-year-old woman to the ground from behind, resulting in the woman losing consciousness. Both were treated at a hospital for injuries.[10]
  • A 19 year old Black teenager murdered an 84-year-old Asian man in an unprovoked attack in San Fransisco.[11]

March 2021

  • Brandon Elliot, a convicted murderer and African American on parole for killing his mother, violently assaulted an Asian woman who was walking to church in Midtown Manhattan.[12][13]
  • Police seek to identify an African American male who assaulted an Asian woman and made racially disparaging remarks.[14]
  • A black anti-police BLM supporter attacked several Asian-Americans in Seattle[15] and was charged the following month.[16]
  • Elias Guerrero, a Latino, struck a 54-year-old Asian woman in the face with a metal pipe in Chinatown in New York.[17]
  • Marc Mathieu, a black male, violently attacked a 68-year-old Asian man on a train, causing bleeding and hospitalization. Witnesses say Mathieu used the term ‘MF Asian’ before the attack.[18]
  • A Black man viciously beat an Asian man on the "J" train in New York City until the victim was unconscious.[19]
  • A 66-year-old Asian man was punched in the face by an African American male while muttering something about "Chinese".[20]
  • A "light skinned or Hispanic" man in Los Gatos, California pushed a Filipino woman to the ground from behind and told her to "go back to [expletive] China."[21]
  • A Black man on a train near Times Square in Manhattan began yelling anti-Asian slurs at a woman and her 3 children, then knocked the woman’s phone to the floor & kicked it off the train.[22]
  • A man of Chinese and Filipino descent was attacked by an African American male in San Fransisco's Mission District sustaining serious head injuries and loss of eyesight.[23]
  • In Oakland, California, an Asian gas station owner was treated at the emergency room after being pepper-sprayed and told to go back to China among a flurry of anti-Asian profane invectives from a black male.[24]
  • New York City race baiter and mayor Bill de Blasio was heckled and abandoned the platform at a rally while pretending to show sympathy for victims of anti-Asian hate crime.[25]
  • Enviro-conscious terrorists left messages reading “Go Home – F*** China!” at a church in Seattle. It was the fourth such incident since Biden seized power.[26]
  • Two African American girls, ages 13 and 15 were charged with the murder of an Asian man after an attempted carjacking in Washington, D.C..[27]
  • Two African American men arrested in the robbery and murder of an Asian man in Oakland, California.[28][29]

April 2021

  • A 61-year-old Chinese American man collecting aluminum cans was assaulted by an African American male, stomping on the man's head. The victim was hospitalized in a coma in critical condition and may not survive.[30]
  • An African American male struck an Asian man in the face and made anti-Asian statements in a Manhattan convenience store.[31][32]
  • A Seattle and Chop zone Black Lives Matter activist was charged with anti-Asian hate crime offenses against three women in two separate incidents. In one incident, Christopher Hamner allegedly shouted “Asian b—h!” at a Chinese-American mom, who was driving with her two children, before punching his fists together in a menacing motion and demanding that she get out of the car. The victim attests, “The moment he made eye contact with me he stopped, opens his door and he’s screaming, ‘F—k you, you Asian b—h. F—k you!’.[33]
  • In Los Angeles, a Black woman assaulted and hospitalized a 70-year-old Mexican-American woman she mistook for an Asian, hurling anti-Asian insults while brutally beating the victim. The victim’s face and eyes were left swollen, her nose was broken, hair was pulled out of her head and she suffered a concussion, her son reported. She was dragged from the back of the bus to front. "ld help, not even the bus driver" in the California Democratic stronghold.[34]
  • An African American male assaulted an Asian woman in Philadelphia's Chinatown, requiring hospitalization.[35]
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers star football player tweeted, “Gotta stop letting g–ks in Miami.”[36]
  • The Black Panthers of Milwaukee intimidated and forced the closure of an Asian nail salon.[37]
  • A 15-year-old African American male was arrested in Tacoma, Washington for a brutal attack on an Asian couple in their 50s.[38]
  • In Irvine, California a man who was radicalized by mainstream fake news propaganda about a supposed white supremacist hate crime wave targeting Asians took revenge by sexually assaulting a woman at gunpoint he presumed to be white. The victim was in fact Asian.[39]

May 2021

  • In New York City, a black woman attacked two Asian women with a hammer as they were walking down the sidewalk.[40]
  • In San Fransisco, a 54 year old African American man stabbed two Asian women, 63 and 85 years old, waiting at a bus stop.[41]
  • A Black man was arrested in San Francisco for viciously assaulting an Asian father pushing his infant daughter in a stroller outside a market. The incident was caught on video.[42]
  • A Black man was arrested for his vicious assaults on two elderly Asian sisters with a cement block at a liquor store owned by the two women in Baltimore.[43]
  • A Black assailant punched a jewelry store owner in the face and made racist comments against the man in Washington, DC before fleeing.[44]
  • A shirtless African American attacker punched an Asian man in the face, bit the man's fingers causing the middle fingertip to be severed, then told an Asian man to go back to his country.[45]

June 2021

  • Journalist Andy Ngo recieved dozens of death threats from Antifa.[46]
  • African America man attacks Asian woman with cane on NYC subway platform.[47]

July 2921

  • In Oakland, two armed black men attacked an elderly Asian man.[48]
  • Woman is the latest black suspect jailed in racist hate crime spree against Asians.[49]

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