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The Great Reset is the globalist and Biden junta agenda to use the destruction of the U.S. and global economies by the Chinese virus pandemic to implement the Green New Deal. It is based on the idea that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste and that capitalism can be snuffed out once and for all.[1] Klaus Schwab, who heads the World Economic Forum, began promoting a "Great Reset" throughout 2020.[2][3] Multiple world leaders also began promoting it.[4]

Liberal media are all on-board with promoting "The Great Reset" instead of protecting the American people from the details of it.[5] The important points of The Great Reset are that:

There will be no money, no private property, no democracy. Instead, every key decision — what you do for a living, how much stuff you consume, whether you can take a vacation — will be decided for you by a remote, unaccountable elite of ‘experts’.[6]

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