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Biden was roundly criticized by Black leaders for his racist comments.[1]

The Democratic plantation is a concept originally considered during the Great Society, that continues to be referenced as a way to describe how, African Americans dwelling in the United States have been physically enslaved, since arriving to America from Africa, to the present-day descendants, who, are now also mentally enslaved by the Democratic Party. The concept of the Democratic Plantation, which was originally discussed during the 1960s, proliferated through the decades.[2]

The War on Poverty was a set of programs instituted by President Lyndon Johnson and its associated legislation passed by Congress in an effort to supposedly combat poverty. President Johnson said,

"I'll have them n*gg*rs voting Democratic for two hundred years."[3]

Historian Leah Wright Rigueur[4] first noted that black Republicans criticized the "plantation politics" of the Democrat Party in 1964.[2] The metaphor of the Democrat Party as a slave plantation was mentioned by Richard Nixon in a 1968 interview with Jet magazine.[5] The concept of a Democratic Plantation was later spread throughout the printed media in the 1970s and 1980s, eventually gaining mainstream attention in the 1990s. The idea of the Democratic Plantation was further documented by The Washington Post as recent as January 2019.[2]

Usage in popular culture

In 1992, the Pittsburgh Courier claimed that a Black Republican "is a kind of bogeyman dressed in a Black tailored suit or immaculate silk dress, to cajole Blacks into believing the Republican Party" and further criticized. White members of the Republican Party applauded black members of the GOP for having the sense to leave the “plantation politics of the Democratic Party.” Pat Buchanan applauded Republican Herman Cain while discussing his Presidential candidacy on CNN in 2011.[5]

Armstrong Williams used the phrase and promoted the idea that the Democrat Party had betrayed black voters for decades.[6][2]

During Barack Obama's Presidential campaigns of 2008 and 2012, Black conservatives viewed Obama, the first black skinned presidential candidate, as a blatant threat to their social position. In 2011, Republican Rep. Allen West of Florida planned to take voters on the "underground railroad" away from the Democrats' "plantation" over to the GOP as a "modern-day Harriet Tubman".[7][8][2]

Louis Farrakhan claimed the Democrat Party leadership failed black Americans. He indicated that anyone inclined to support Hillary Clinton were "slaves sold out to the Democratic plantation."[9][10][2]

In his 2017 book entitled "The Big Lie", Dinesh D’Souza states, "Only whites — even whites undergoing economic hardship and plagued by cultural dysfunction — have so far resisted succumbing to the lure of the Democratic plantation."[11] D'Souza compared the modern "urban plantations" in his 2018 book and film entitled Death of a Nation. D'Souza indicated that impoverished black communities were being given just enough to get by and "that’s why they remain in misery, and that Democrats were perfectly happy to keep them there, as long as they keep voting 80-90% for the party that’s running the plantation."[12][2]

In January 2019, the Washington Post published an article discussing the Democratic Plantation. Reportedly, modern black voters were "actively remolding" the Democrat Party and forcing candidates to address the inequities that propagate throughout the United States.[2]

A black free thinker at a 2020 Trump Rally in Tulsa was accosted with racist slurs by a black Democrat calling him “house n***er.” The Black Trump supporter responded, "I’ve never been on the plantation, brother. Have you?”[13]

You ain't Black

Meme depicting the Democrat plantation during the 2020 Presidential election.

Democrat presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden made a particularly offensive and egregious racist comment toward African American's during a radio interview.[14] Biden's comments were an effort at voter intimidation. Black Entertainment Television (BET) co-founder Bob Johnson called him out saying in part,

"This proves unequivocally that the Democratic nominee believes that black people owe him their vote without question; even though we as black people know it is exactly the opposite. He should spend the rest of his campaign apologizing to every black person he meets."[15]
Black Lives Matter protesters murdered 8 year old Secoriea Turner on July 5, 2020 in Atlanta.[16]

NBC's America’s Got Talent host Terry Crews[17] pointed out the inherent racism in the Democratic nominee's train of thought:

“When you’re white, you can be Republican, Libertarian, Democrat. You can be anything. But if you’re black, you have to be one thing. Even Joe Biden said, ‘Hey man, if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black.’”[18]

Biden followed up his racist comments with more insults in front of a panel of journalists at the National Association of Black Journalists-National Association of Hispanic Journalists 2020 virtual convention implying Democrats lacked diversity of thought: [19]

"And by the way, what you all know but most people don't know, unlike the African American community with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things. You go to Florida you find a very different attitude about immigration in certain places than you do when you're in Arizona. So it's a very different, a very diverse community."[20]

Biden won the Democrat presidential nomination when South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn endorsed him, and the dominos of the Democrat machine fell into place. In short choreographed order, the remaining white candidates, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg and a host of local officials began goosestepping in lockstep. The minority candidates, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Julian Castro, and Tulsi Gabbard had been driven out earlier in a rigged process that allowed rich white male billionaires - Steyer and Bloomberg - to buy their way into the process once all the people of color had been forced out.[21] Clyborn admitted he cringed when he heard Biden's racist attack on Black people.[22]

The Democrats cynically tried to take advantage of George Floyd's death, which occurred only days after Biden's racist comments, to repair his relations with Blacks by attacking the alleged systemic racism of police departments in Democrat-controlled cities. Police groups and unions which Biden courted since the 1990s on behalf of the Democratic party and Clinton administration with the Biden Crime Bill, mass incarceration, and effort to put 100,000 new cops on the street to deal with "Superpredators", responded by withdrawing their support.[23] Jacobin magazine summarized Biden's record:

"It’s not as if Biden didn’t know what he was doing.... He just didn’t care. Biden had made a calculated decision that the elections he would win were worth the damage he inflicted....even if Biden has subsequently learned the error of his ways, the rank cynicism and callousness involved in his two-decade-long championing of carceral policies should be more than enough to give anyone pause about his qualities as a leader, let alone a progressive one."[24]

Lee Stranahan observed the organized George Floyd riots were an attempt to win the alienated white Bernie Sanders supporters back to the Democrat plantation.

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