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Progressive Rep. Katie Hill of California's 25th district, a member of the LGBT+ community, sports a white supremacist tattoo.[1]

White supremacy is a manifestation of identity politics based on a collectivist view toward race. White supremacy has roots in the progressive doctrine of scientific racism. It is a racist ideology that believes white people should dominate or control other races. These sentiments can be expressed through a range of activities, from the bigotry of an individual to facilitating widespread dependency upon the nanny state, thus neutralizing a minority's ability to compete economically. White supremacism is often associated with evolutionary racism, Nazism and other fascist ideologies.

White supremacy knows no home on the political spectrum. Many leftwing white supremacists are advocates of the nanny state and view people not like themselves as competitors for government handouts, which they feel an entitlement to based on white privilege. They vote Democrat, not out of a feeling of compassion or kinship with minorities, but to keep the government gravy train rolling. Other white supremacists are known to cash in on illegal immigration through human trafficking.[2] So-called "right wing white supremacist" groups, as called by the liberal media, are largely prison gangs where convicted felons band together along tribal and racial lines for mutual protection and support.[3]

Longtime segregationist Joe Biden somewhat softened his racial views by admitting, "Poor kids are just as smart as white kids,"[4] but nonetheless anticipated African Americans would remain committed to the Democrat plantation by demanding, "If you don't vote for me, you ain't Black."[5] Richard Spencer, organizer of the 2017 Charlottesville protests, is a full fledged supporter of the Biden/Harris campaign and voting a straight Democrat ticket.[6] Biden called defenders of the Confederate flag "many fine people".[7]

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface. Liberals defended him.[8]

White supremacy in the Biden era

Biden making the white supremacist sign.

As the Democrat Party nominee in the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden was endorsed by Neo-Nazi white supremacist Richard Spencer, organizer of the June 2017 Charlottesville protests in which one person was killed.[9] Biden publicly proclaimed that defenders of the Confederate flag were "many fine people".[10]

Biden referred to the Director of the Office of Public Engagement, Senior Advisor to the President, and former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Cedric Richmond, as "my boy".[11] Biden repeatedly insisted that minorities were too stupid to know how to use the internet to find vaccinations sites,[12][13] and too stupid to get a state-issued identification card or drivers license.[14] Biden said, "If Haiti just quietly sank into the Caribbean … it wouldn’t matter a whole lot in terms of our interest."[15]

During the 2020 Democrat primaries, the liberal media imposed a blackout on coverage of Andrew Yang whose poll numbers were better than Kamala Harris in her home state of California.[16] In March 2021, the MSM suddenly became concerned about anti-Asian bias.[17][18][19] Racially motivated hate crimes and white supremacy in the Biden era came to be symbolized by African American attacks on Asians during the covid pandemic.[20][21][22] Voice of America reported: "While historically whites have been responsible for most hate crimes reported to the FBI, the arrest data from New York shines a light on a sensitive topic in the Asian American community — that attacks on Asians are often carried out by people of color. Most police departments do not publish this kind of data, but anecdotal evidence suggests the pattern seen in New York has emerged in other cities, as well."[23]

Biden told an audience in 2006,

Richard Spencer officially endorsed Joe Biden. Spencer organized the 2017 Neo-Nazi Charlottesville March and is one of the "many fine people" Biden praised.[24]
"the country that isn't an erstwhile democracy, where they have the greatest disparity, and it's one of the wealthiest countries in the hemisphere. And because of a corrupt system that exists in Mexico, there is the 1% of the population at the top, a very small little middle class, and the rest in abject poverty.

Folks, I voted for a fence. I voted and, unlike most Democrats - some of you won't like it - I voted for 700 miles of fence. Let me tell you, we can build a fence 40 stories high - unless we change the dynamic in Mexico, and you will you like this - and punish American employers who knowingly violate the law when in fact they hire illegals. Unless you do those two things, all the rest is window dressing. Now I know I'm not supposed to say it that bluntly. But they are facts. They are the facts.

And so, everything else we do is in between here, everything else we do is at the margin. The reason why I thought, parenthetically, why I believe the fence is needed is not really related to immigration as much as drugs. I'm the guy who wrote the national crime bill. I'm the guy that wrote the national drug trafficing. I'm the guy who wrote the law that set up a drug czar. Let me tell you something, folks. People are driving across that border with tons, tons, hear me, tons, of everything from by products for methamphetamine, to cocaine, to heroin. It's all coming up through corrupt Mexico.

So I would have, as they say in the southern part of my state, I had an altar call. I had a come to the Lord meeting. You think I'm joking? I'm not joking. Maybe you know about me. I've been doing this a long time. I've known every single major world leader in every country for the past 20 years. And I know a lot of them well...don't tell me, in Mexico, you expect to get the same kind of treatment that we give other democracies, and then you don't act in a democratic way. Not on my watch., Not on my watch.[25]

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic,[26] Biden fought the crisis with hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering by banning entry into the United States of people traveling from India.[27]

Feminism and white supremacy

Symone Sanders, an African American and former Bernie Sanders aide was hired as press secretary for the Biden 2020 presidential campaign;[28] however Jen Psaki secured the White House job after the election because of her white privilege.[29] Writing on Medium, Kitanya Harrison observed,

White Feminists do not want equality; they want power. Specifically, they want the same privileges and immunities as White men. Their struggle is about climbing to the top rung of the oppressor class. It’s why “smashing the glass ceiling” is so central to the narrative. ...

White Feminists are to discussions of White supremacy what Men’s Rights Activists are to discussions of patriarchy. They pretend to be against it, but in reality, they are among its staunchest defenders and weaponize phony, completely self-serving notions of equality that erase the dynamics of power. They derail, they center themselves, they claim victimhood where there is none, they diminish and erase the suffering of others, they co-opt, they disrespect, they seek to dominate and control....

The White supremacy practiced by American liberals presents as more paternalistic and condescending than the vitriolic, mouth-frothing of the right wing, but make no mistake — it’s still White supremacy, and it’s still violent. Mass incarceration — a form of ethnic cleansing — is just one of the racist horrors modern Democrats have foisted onto Black America....

One of the key tells that you’re dealing with a White Feminist is that they erase women of color, particularly Black women. They also have an overweening sense of entitlement to the labor and accomplishments of activists and organizers who are people of color — again, particularly Black women. It’s not an accident that Tarana Burke, the Black woman who created #MeToo in 2006, has been virtually erased, and messy, White female movie stars have shoved themselves to the forefront of the movement that nearly everyone is now convinced began only a year ago. You see, it wasn’t important until White Feminists started paying attention, deemed it worthy, and anointed themselves its leaders....

Historically, White women have been the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action. ...

White Feminists are striving for a negative peace where they sit atop the social hierarchy and pretend they want equality. They are the most effective envoys of the “wait for a ‘more convenient season’” message because shattering the glass ceiling is portrayed as benefiting women of all races equally. It won’t. It isn’t meant to, and they often slip and remind us what they really think. Never forget that White Feminist icon and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg derided Kaepernick and his protest as “dumb and disrespectful” and compared it to flag burning...

White feminism is a tool of White supremacy. If you wield it, you are comporting yourself like a White supremacist, and cloaking it in condescending benevolence doesn’t take the stench off of it. Don’t be surprised when the people who are White supremacy’s targets accept the version of yourself you’re presenting (intentionally or not) and want nothing to do with it. As long as White supremacy is at work in your politics, there is nothing for people of color, particularly Black people, to unite with. Your demands to “stop being divisive!” are attempts to manipulate and control people you believe should obey you, and you should interrogate why you feel entitled to their subservience.[30]

Elizabeth Holmes was a 19 year-old college dropout who persuaded Silicon Valley investors she could revolutionize medical technology. They lent her the money to start Theranos, a now defunct company claiming to have revolutionized blood testing with a fingerprick using junk science. Harrison noted,

No one would have handed $700 million to a Black woman essentially on a wing and a prayer, because they found her vaguely “impressive” and charming. The “genius” would have been tested thoroughly.[31]

Confusion in prifessional circles

While the meaning (discussed above) of "white supremacy" has been well understood for decades, some academic scholars have sought to cloud the issue. Since the 1970s, some civil rights leaders have complained of "institutional racism" that is the product of a total institution, even when the individuals are not racist. Such collective "racism" gave rise to demands for "sensitivity training" of individuals as well as express affirmative action quotas. Although allegations of institutional racism have become passe, the concept has now reappeared by redefining "white supremacy." For example, legal scholar Frances Lee Ansley explains this definition as follows:

By "white supremacy" I do not mean to allude only to the self-conscious racism of white supremacist hate groups. I refer instead to a political, economic and cultural system in which whites overwhelmingly control power and material resources, conscious and unconscious ideas of white superiority and entitlement are widespread, and relations of white dominance and non-white subordination are daily reenacted across a broad array of institutions and social settings.[32][33]

In effect, unconscious compliance with the status quo norms of United States society can make a person a "white supremacist" under this definition.

Prosecutors in the Kyle Rittenhouse case alleged that Chef Boyardee was potentially a member of the Proud Boys.

Ku Klux Klan

The Klan was founded as the militant terrorist arm of the Democratic party.

Nonwhites were excluded from the Democratic Party in 1890.[34] Democratic-controlled Southern states enacted literacy tests, poll taxes, elaborate registration systems, and eventually whites-only Democratic Party primaries to exclude black voters. The laws proved very effective. In Mississippi, fewer than 9,000 of the 147,000 voting-age African Americans were registered after 1890. In Louisiana, where more than 130,000 black voters had been registered in 1896, the number had plummeted to 1,342 by 1904. Poll taxes required citizens to pay a fee to register to vote. These fees kept many poor African Americans, as well as poor whites, from voting.[35]

The Democratic party claims as part of its legacy of the Jim Crow era a long history of Democrat election fraud,[36] election tampering, voter suppression, and ballot box stuffing at the polls that continues to this very day.[37] A core tenet of the Democratic party is opposition to the principle of "one person, one vote", be it the original insistence on a 3/5's rule for minorities among its early promulgators or fractional vote rigging by in the 2020 Presidential election.[38] A primary purpose of the party's existence is to control minorities.[39]

Democrat Leaders

Robert Byrd

Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd joined the Klan in the 1940s and was unanimously elected to the rank of Exalted Cyclops for his inborn leadership skills.[40][41] He repeatedly expressed his desire for the Klan to expand to its previous size and power, once remarking in a letter that "The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia" and "in every state in the nation." [42]

Byrd commented on the 1945 controversy raging over the idea of racially integrating the military. In his book When Jim Crow Met John Bull, Graham Smith referred to a letter written that year by Byrd, when he was 28 years old, to fellow Klansman Sen. Theodore Bilbo of Mississippi, in which Byrd vowed never to fight:

Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.

For years Democrat-aligned mainstream media, and even now refer to Byrd as a "former klansman" however Byrd's spiritual mentor, Sen. Bilbo clarified the matter on Meet the Press:

No man can leave the Klan. He takes an oath not to do that. Once a Ku Klux, always a Ku Klux.[43]

Democrats tried to block passage of the bi-partisan 1964 Civil Rights Act by filibustering for 75 hours, led by a 14-hour and 13-minute speech by the Exalted Cyclops Sen. Byrd.[44] The law was intended to block Republican gains in the South followed by buying off Blacks with Great Society welfare and affirmative action programs. By the 1960s the Klan was so thoroughly infiltrated by FBI informers, the joke existed that a Klan cell of 6 members often consisted of 5 FBI informants and one klansman. In 1981 when the Republicans took control of the Senate for the first time in 28 years, the Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd was again elected Democrat Senate Leader to oppose Ronald Reagan.

Ralph Northam

<centerVirginia Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam.</center>

Virginia Demoocart governor Ralph Northam included a photo on his medical yearbook page of two people posing together, one wearing blackface and another dressed as a KKK member, although Northam implausibly denied that he was one of the two after he admitted to being one of them.[45] Northam tried to excuse his conduct by claiming he dressed up for a Michael Jackson contest, although the clothing in the photograph was well out of style in the 1980s.

In response, racist Democrats then tried to prevent Northam's resignation by exploiting sexual assault allegations against the African American Lt. Governor.[46] Then, the Attorney General who would be third in line of succession revealed that he, too, had also appeared in blackface at a college party in the 1980s.[47]

The teaching of Black history has brought to light the dominant role white supremacists have played throughout the Democratic party's history.[48]

First Lady Pam Northam handed the African-American daughter of a state employee a piece of cotton. According to The Washington Post, Leah Dozier Walker—an employee at Virginia's Department of Education—wrote a letter to lawmakers and Gov. Ralph Northam's office describing Mrs. Northam's behavior during a tour her daughter took at the Governor's mansion. Northam asked Walker's daughter and two other African American students “if they could imagine what it must have been like to pick cotton all day” after passing a cotton sample to them inside a historic kitchen on the property. “I can not for the life of me understand why the first lady would single out the African American pages for this—or—why she would ask them such an insensitive question,” Walker wrote, referring to students who had served as pages during the state Senate.[49]

Bill Clinton

In speaking of Barack Obama, Bill Clinton told Sen. Ted Kennedy, "that boy would have been carrying our bags and getting us coffee a few years ago".[50] Kennedy was offended by Clinton's racism and refused to give Hillary the endorsement.[51][52] Joe Biden said, "You got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy." [53] Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid said Obama was a “light-skinned” African American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,”[54]

Sheldon Whitehouse

Democrat white supremacist Sheldon Whitehouse.

Democrat Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island is a member of an all-white beach club in which his wife is a major shareholder.[55][56] Black Lives Matter gave Whitehorse an ultimatum to cut all ties with Spouting Rock Beach Association, also known as Bailey's Beach — or it will make his life miserable, according to ABC affiliate WLNE.[57] “We’ll go to his club, we’ll go to his office, we’ll go to his home — wherever we need to go,” one of the chapter’s directors vowed. BLM insisted Whitehouse’s denial was not enough to stop planned protests. “If he thinks we’re just going to forget about it, if he thinks that it’s going to get swept under the rug — it’s not.”

“This club is a proven racist club with exclusive ties to supremacy and exclusion, and that’s something that’s not gonna be tolerated by me, by my associates, my affiliates or my organization,” the spokesman said. BLM did not buy Whitehorse's claim that the club was on “the right side of pushing for improvements.” Bailey’s Beach Club is an elite private beach and club. The BLM spokesman said, “you know what type of black people he brings in.”[58]


Arthur de Gobineau is the father of the modern concept white supremacy as well as that of an "Aryan" Master Race. He developed these theories shortly after the Revolutions of 1848 around Europe, and published his infamous An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races in 1855. was an establishment snob who believed the upper classes were better than everybody else and he attributed this superiority to genetic traits.

The Nationalist Socialist Worker's Party were deeply influenced by the works of Gobineau through Houston Stewart Chamberlain and Alfred Rosenberg.


Main article: National Socialism

Adolf Hitler was an evolutionary racist who advocated that the German people were the master race.[59] Albert Speer wrote that Hitler "was highly annoyed by the series of triumphs by the marvelous colored American runner, Jesse Owens. People whose antecedents came from the jungle were primitive, Hitler said with a shrug; their physiques were stronger than those of civilized whites and hence should be excluded from future games."[60] Owens was excluded from the customary White House visit by Olympic athletes. As Jesse Owens later explained:[61]

Hitler didn’t snub me; it was our president FDR who snubbed me. The president didn’t even send a telegram.

Modern notions on evolutionary racism

See also: Scientific racism

In 2005, Dr. Jerry Bergman wrote:

David Duke, a leader of several racist groups including the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi party, has ‘become a political rock star of sorts’—and one of the most well-known Americans of the past decade. Furthermore, Duke has worked with virtually every prominent American racist of the last 30 years. Duke’s popularity can be gauged by the fact that he received 680,000 votes in the 1991 Louisiana gubernatorial runoff, and was elected to serve in congress in the state of Louisiana....

Duke’s father, a geologist, tried to reconcile evolution with Christianity by concluding that evolution was the means God used to create life. This background set the groundwork for Duke’s later acceptance of Darwinism. As he read more and more on ‘the scientific issue of race’, he became torn between his religion and science. Duke was doing his research on Darwinism while he was attending a Church of Christ school in New Orleans. As a result of his study of evolution, Duke openly challenged his Sunday school teachers by discussing his evolving ideas about the origin of humans, and their implication for racism. When endeavoring to combine his Darwinist racist beliefs with Christianity, Duke used many of the same rationalizations used by theistic evolutionists to rationalize the plain statements of Genesis.

Duke eventually sided with Darwinism and rejected creationism. He concluded that with, ‘each passing day more evidence emerges of the dynamic, genetically-born, physical and physiological differences between the races’. So ended his ‘fleeting commitment’ to orthodox Christianity, even though he still peppers his writings with religious phrases, such as if ‘I can move our people one inch toward … God … my life will have been worthwhile’. His life tells a very different story. In short, after his acceptance of Darwinism, Duke unabashedly classified both the European and Asian races at a ‘higher level of human evolution than the African race’. He concluded that, ‘the evolution of man from his primitive to his modern state came from Nature’. Duke now firmly believes that ‘all life on Earth had evolved and is still undergoing change’.[62]

For more information, please see: Darwin's influence on modern racists by Dr. Jerry Bergman.

Creativity, which is espoused by the Creativity Movement, is an atheistic white supremacist movement.[63][64][65] The movement peaked in the 1980s–90s and is now in disarray.

Prison gangs

White supremacism as a movement in the United States is most active in prison gangs closely associated with four groups, Aryan Nations, the National Alliance, the Creativity Movement, and White Aryan Resistance, as well as many smaller, often short-lived groups. Aryan Nations, in particular, attempted to unite disparate elements of white supremacism around the so-called "Christian Identity" belief system.

Another active prison gang is the Aryan Brotherhood, which interestingly has an alliance within the system with the Mexican Mafia (since both are enemies of many of the black gangs).

Incomplete list of infamous white supremacists

See also


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