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Former German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle (left) welcomes Yanukovych (right).

Viktor Yanukovych (July 9, 1950 - ) was the president of Ukraine from 2010 to 2014. He is a former Communist and was leader of his Pro-Russian "Party of Regions."


Yanukovych was born in the Donets Basin. In 1969 he started to work in heavy industry. Yanukovych attended the Donetsk Polytechnic Institute and earned a degree in mechanical engineering. For some time he was a member of the Communist Party. In 1997 he became governor of Donetsk province. In 2002 president Leonid Kuchma appointed him as prime minister.[1]

In 2004 Yanukovych was a candidate of the parliamentary elections, where he won against Viktor Yushchenko. Many people called the elections "unfair" and protested. The Supreme Court of Ukraine canceled the result. In a second round of the elections Viktor Yushchenko won. This period is called the Orange Revolution.

In the elections, 2010 Yanukovych was the winner. In his tenure, many oppositional activists were arrested. Include Yulia Tymoshenko, the Minister chairwoman under the government of Yushenko. From 2013 to 2014 the Ukrainian People protested against him and wanted a pro-European course.[2] As result of Yanukovych announced new elections.[3] On February 22, 2014 he was discontinued by the parliament.[4] Yanukovych fleed to Russia, where he lives until now.[5]

American advisors

  • Tad Devine, a longtime Democratic consultant, Devine worked on Al Gore’s presidential campaign in 2000 and John Kerry’s in 2004, and Viktor Yanukovych’s 2010 presidential campaign. In 2016 Devine managed Bernie Sanders Democratic primary campaign. Devine is a former partner of Paul Manafort.

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