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Daniel Abraham Zaret was an American citizen who worked as a safety inspector for the U.S. Army's Explosives Division during World War II and also supplied information to Soviet Military Intelligence (GRU). Zaret served as aide-de-camp to the commander of the International Brigades' Fifteenth Division in the Spanish Civil War and returned to the United States in November 1938.

Up to August 1943, Zaret was employed by various explosives factories, including as assistant director in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in 1943.

Zaret was about to take the position as production safety inspector in the Explosives Division of the War Department in Chicago when the New York GRU office informed Moscow Zaret had transmitted to the GRU information on shells, bombs, and torpedoes.


Daniel Zaret is referenced in the following Venona project decrypt:

  • Venona 1325 GRU New York to Moscow, 11 August 1943


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