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Voroshilov, Molotov, Stalin, with Nikolai Yezhov.jpg
Nikolai Yezhov walking with Joseph Stalin in the top photo taken in the mid 1930s. Subsequent to his execution in 1940, Yezhov was edited out of the photo by Soviet Union censors.[1]
The onset of Yezhovshchina
“During his address at the meeting of NKVD leaders in July 1937 Yezhov announced the number of suspected enemies that should be subject of arrest and eradication. One of the old Chekists responded that it is not right to plan for shootings beforehand. Yezhov ordered to arrest him right away in the hall. No one else objected after that.”
— Rossiya Kul'tura, a Russian television network[2]

Nikolai Yezhov (alt. Ezhov, in rus. Ежов, Николай Иванович) was a sodomite[3] alias sexually disoriented person, nowadays labeled as LGBT, who, as chief of the NKVD, killed for Stalin. He assisted in getting rid of his predecessor, Genrikh Yagoda, who was executed on March 15, 1938, and he himself was executed in 1940 during purges performed by Lavrenty Beria.[4] The era of Yezhov that ravaged the military as well, leading to the execution or incarceration of about half the entire military officer corps, was termed a "Yezhov bloodbath" or simply "Yezhovshchina".[2] After his execution, the Soviet censors made an example out of him by airbrushing him out of a photo where he had accompanied Josef Stalin near the Moscow-Volga Canal. Ironically, one of his other jobs was Commissar of Water Transportation.[1] He was replaced by Lavrenty Beria, who was a sexual predator in his own right. Ironically, Beria would behave similarly to Yezhov during his own execution.

Inferiority complex

Based on evaluating historical records, historians assume that Yezhov suffered from inferiority complex due to his low stature of 151cm (4ft 11.45in) (see prominent, militant atheists and short men). In their view, Yezhov strove for gaining a power that would enable him to rule over those who were greater than him, greater in terms of tallness, knowledge, intelligence. He was called a "bloody dwarf" by nation. He maintained sexual relationships both with women and men and this is the reason why some label him as "bisexual" (LGBT). His relationships are described as void of romantic aspect and as marked by heavy alcohol abuse and result of boredom. Historian Nikolai Petrov points out that Yezhov was not well educated and his personality exhibited primitive traits with lack of moral sensitivity. When Stalin empowered Yezhov with enormous competences, he knew he can command Yezhov to perform the most dirty jobs and still rely on his loyalty. When Stalin decided to finish off his opponents, dependent Yezhov who had no support group of his own was an ideal candidate to accomplish this task upon Stalin's discretion. Nikita Khrushchev wrote that Yezhov, in effort to kill his conscience and understanding that Stalin only used him to get rid of certain cadres, gradually abused alcohol to degree that he did not resemble to himself and lost human look entirely. Other sources however claim that he enjoyed his role. When Stalin decided to get rid of his hangman, Yezhov claimed at court that he killed 14 000 Chekists but his only blame is that this figure is too low.[5]

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