Victor Alexandrovich Lyagin

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Victor Alexandrovich Lyagin

Lyagin Victor Alexandrovich was born on 31 December 1908, in the Bryansk province of the Imperial Russia. He graduated from the Leningrad polytechnic institute in 1934 and worked as an engineer at the Leningrad Machine Tool Building Plant.

In 1938 he began working the NKVD in the Leningrad region, and then transferred to Moscow for the work in the central apparatus. Alexandrovich then began working in the external reconnaissance, or foreign intelligence service, of the NKVD.

From July 1939 through June 1941 he was an operational worker in the official mission in the United States under the cover as an engineer of American Trading Corporation. When World War II began he was transferred back to Europe and headed an underground anti-fascist intelligence and sabotage network. Lyagin's underground obtained and transferred to the Moscow center important reconnaissance information about the enemy, and carried out a number of large diversions.

In March 1943 Lyagin was captured by the Germans and tortured by did not reveal any other participants in the group. On 17 July 1943, he was shot.

For the fulfillment of special tasks in the rear of enemy with courage and heroism Lyagin was posthumously awarded the Title of Hero of the Soviet Union on 5 November 1944.