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Philip Olin Keeney, together with his wife, Mary Jane Keeney, were fired from the University of Montana in 1937 for subversive activity. By 1941 Keeney working at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. After the United States became involves in World War II, Keeney worked in the Office of the Coordinator of Information. The Coordinators Office was later transferred to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). A large portion of the OSS used the Library of Congress for space during that time. Jacob Golos met with Keeney in the Library of Congress, however Keeney was already in the employ of Soviet Military Intelligence GRU by then. Joseph Bernstein was Keeney's contact with the GRU. In 1945 Keeney went to Tokyo and worked on General Douglas MacArthur's staff.

Keeney's career as a Soviet spy was transferred from the GRU to the KGB in 1945. In later years Keeney was convicted of contempt of Congress. Philip Keeney's code name with the GRU and Soviet intelligence, and in the Venona project, is "Bredan".


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