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Michael Klonsky is a Chicago activist and Director of the Small Schools Workshop, author of Small Schools: The Numbers Tell a Story, and said to be a researcher and educator in Chicago, Illinois.

He is the son of former Communist Party USA leader Robert Klonsky, husband of Susan Klonsky and brother of Fred Klonsky.

Students for a Democratic Society

In 1968 Mike Klonsky was the National Secretary of Students for a Democratic Society. In May 1969 was one of five SDS members arrested when police raided SDS offices in Chicago.

In October 1969, Klonsky spoke at a Sunday night gathering in Chicago at Mandel Hall with Tom Hayden and Mark Rudd. Klonsky, the final speaker of the evening told the students;[1]

"Look, I've heard a lot of people say, that the campus pigs are O.K., that they're on our side, But I tell you, when the trouble comes, they'll bring the guns down on our heads with the rest of them. To resist successfully, you have to have an outright hatred for all pigs.

Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)

In late 1969, Klonsky founded the October League, a pro-Mao communist organization which in 1977 became the Communist Party (Marxist–Leninist), or CP-ML. Klonsky chaired the CP-ML which was recognized by the Chinese Communist Party as their U.S. fraternal party. Klonsky made several trips to China beginning in July 1977, where he was feted by Communist Chinese officials

In 1991, Mike Klonsky co-founded the Small Schools Workshop in Chicago with Bill Ayers.

Committees of Correspondence

In 1994 Mike Klonsky and his wife Susan were listed on a "Membership, Subscription and Mailing List" for the Chicago Committees of Correspondence, an offshoot of the Communist Party USA President Obama's personal family friend and fugitive terrorist Bill Ayers, Progressives for Obama webmaster Carl Davidson, and Klonsky all appeared on the Committees of Correspondence list.[2] The three former SDS leaders have remained friends through the years, despite belonging to different political factions.

Klonsky was a founding board member of the Movement for a Democratic Society. During the Presidential Election of 2008 Klonsky ran a Blog on Barack Obama's campaign website.


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