Boris Bazarov

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Boris Jakovlevich Bazarov was born in 1893 in the province Kovenskoj. He spoke German, Bulgarian, French and Serbo-Croatian languages. Bazarov joined the OGPU in 1921 and began working in illegal operations in Bulgaria and Yugoslavia in 1924. From 1924 to he 1927 worked in the Embassy of the USSR in Vienna, simultaneously supervising over the Austrian, Bulgarian, Yugoslavian and Romanian groups of agents.

In 1927 Bazarov returned to Moscow and supervised over the Balkan sector. In 1928 he moved to Berlin and ran the illegal rezidentura which included France. Simultaneously he continued work on the Balkan line. In Paris the rezidentura had eleven agents, in Bucharest six, Sofia two, Zagreb two, an one for Belgrad and Istanbul.

In 1935 Bazarov took up the position of illegal rezident in the United States.

Bazarov was suspected in the Great Purges and shot in 1939. He was posthumously rehabilitated in 1956.