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Racial tension began to rise in America shortly after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Modern leftists seek to inflame race relations further. Donald Trump stands in the way of that; hence the effort to steal the election. [1]

Breaking: Georgia video shows hidden suitcases full of ballots. [2][3][4][5][6][7] The ballots were counted during the alleged "water pipe break". [8] Kemp allegedly calls for signature audit. [9]

Confirmed: Domininion machines were tampered with prior to election. [10] Dominion had remote desktop access to voting machines.[11] Dominion gave Biden a 5% boost. [12]

China-linked bank paid Dominion $400 million four weeks before election. [13]

Dominion employee caught on tape downloading data to USB, plugging it into laptop, manipulating data. [14] Suspicious handoff of USB in Fulton county Atlanta. [15]

Arizona legislature calls for immediate ‘forensic audit’ of Dominion Voting Machines. [16]

House Republicans demand Barr investigate ‘suitcases’ ballot fraud in Georgia. [17] After seeing the video of ballot box stuffing, Trump campaign to challenge Georgia results. [18]

LIVE: Nevada court hearing on election fraud.[19] 1,500 dead voters, 42,248 voted multiple times, [20] $50 gift card lottery for Native Americans. [21]

Wisconsin: suit filed to block certification. [22]

Michigan: sequential absentee ballots, no dates, all the same signatures, none in the poll book.[23]

Arizona: 2% of duplicate ballots took votes away from Trump. [24]

LIVE: Georgia Senate Government Oversight Committee hearing on election fraud; [25]

Democrat/Socialist terrorism: election fraud eyewitnesses harassed, threatened, and beaten. [26]

Greedy capitalist pig AOC sells $58 "Tax the Rich" T-shirts. [27]

In Manilla, the Philippines government has expanded anew its mask and face shield requirement by making the wearing of both a mask and face shields mandatory in supermarkets, public markets, shopping malls and government venues.[28][29]

Face shields are very inexpensive. Yet, Anthony Fauci hasn't strongly suggested that Americans wear both a mask and face shields in supermarkets, public markets, shopping malls and government venues, despite the medical evidence for the efficacy of wearing both for additional protection.[30]

How many American lives have been lost due to Americans not wearing both a face mask and face shield in public? Notice that Fauci did not practice social distancing or wearing a face shield at a ball game.[31]

Michigan: military ballots looked like Xerox copies. [32] Montage of harassment of poll watchers. [33]

Georgia: Dominion printed 1000's of test ballots indistinguishable from real ballots. [34]

Nevada: judge allows inspection of voting machines. [35]

Maricopa county GOP chair "I watched Trump votes switched to Biden...with my own eyes." [36]

Black Lives Matter? St. Louis has more black-on-black homocides than covid deaths. [37][38]

Live — Michigan Senate hearing on Democrat voter fraud. [39]

Whistleblower Alert: Postal driver says 144,000 to 288,000 filled-in ballots crossed state lines in October. [40][41][42] 388,000 ballots backdated. [43]

Army Col. Phil Waldron confirms experts saw Dominion communicating with Frankfurt, Germany on Election Day. [44] Twitter suspends Arizona fraud witness. [45]

Trump sues Wisconsin over 221,000 fraudulent ballots. [46]

“Dark Winter” was code-name covering biological weapon use against America. [47][48]

Barr appoints John Durham special counsel. [49]

Another self-imposed problem in Palestine: children's books as propaganda. Herewith a review of yet another such work – though discerning readers might find some clues to the self-imposed social problems in the region. [50]

305th Military Intelligence Battalion is Kraken. [51]

Dominion machines were illegally connected to internet, [52][53] voting data sent to Germany. [54]

Arizona: Democrats got 35,000 votes up-front before voting started. [55]

Beijing Biden received 98% in a batch of a 23,487 ballots in Georgia - a statistical impossibility. [56]

LIVE: Arizona State Legislature Public Hearing on Election Fraud. [57]

Georgia: Federal judge intervenes in election fraud; [58] Dominion server crashes during recount. [59] Servers wiped in Fulton County Atlanta. [60] Dominion server removed from Fulton county. [61] Georgia govt lawyers defended Dominion’s ‘trade secrets’ to stop inspection of machines. [62]

Pennsylvania: Lawmakers introduce resolution to dispute election results. [63]

Beijing Biden incapacitated. [64]

Breaking: FBI asks Voter Integrity Project for findings on possible illegal ballots. [65]

Georgia: Sidney Powell files emergency demand to seize all voting machines for forensic audit. [66] Judge blocks, unblocks, then blocks wiping or resetting election machines. [67] Raffensperger orders Dominion machines wiped. [68]

Dominion software was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran. [69]

Pennsylvania: Judge calls Democrat mail-in vote scheme unconstitutional. [70]

Daily Beast rings alarm bells for Leftists' worst nightmare: "Trump’s Already Gaming Out a 2024 Run — Including an Event During Biden’s Inauguration." [71]

A reminder: the Founders of America appealed to heaven, not to any politician on this Earth. Especially timely this Thanksgiving season. [72]

"Pipe burst" story was baloney, used to cover fraud. [73]

CNN Report on Dominion Smartmatic. [74]

Read Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia statement. [75][76]

Smartmatic was pre-loaded with votes in Filipino election. [77]

Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effects on Election 2020. [78]

Thousands of forged ballots found in Dane County Madison. [79]

Pennsylvania House begins Resolution to undo communist subversion of democracy. [80]

Nevada: 13,372 voters have no birthday or sex. [81]

Detroit: 36% of absentee ballots were from people who never received one. [82]

Georgia: 53 ballot dumps in a row had 50.05% Biden to 49.95% Trump margin - a statistical impossibility. [83] All 900 military ballots in Fulton county supposedly for Biden. [84]

Atlanta Journal-Constitution warned 11 days before election: "In high-stakes election, Georgia’s voting system vulnerable to cyberattack." [85]

We love you, Amy! Justice Amy Coney Barrett delivers the decisive 5th vote to reopen churches and synagogues in New York, and blocks tyrant Gov. Andrew Cuomo's shutdown of them. [86]

Breaking: Sidney Powell releases the Kraken. [87][88]

Michigan filing. [89] (Twitter censors Attorney Powell's page)

11th Circuit takes up Lin Wood's emergency motion for Georgia. [90]

SCOTUS overturns fascist Democrat decrees. [91]

Pennsylvania mailed out 1.8 Million mail-in ballots, got back 2.5 million. [92]

How Tucker Carlson ruined himself, and Fox News as well, by turning on Donald Trump. [93]

Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions. [94]

BREAKING: President Trump fully pardons Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who was victimized and set up by the Deep State. [95]

Georgia: lawsuit challenges 200,000 ballots. [96]

Obama launches racist attack on Hispanics. [97]

Pennsylvania certification blocked. [98]

LIVE: Pennsylvania Senate Public Hearing on Election Issues. [99]

Arizona: Biden lead drops from 10,377 to 4,202 after alleged "machine error" discovered. [100]

Milwaukee: Election officials not allowing observers to see absentee ballot envelopes or ballots. [101]

African American woman testifies of Democrat voter fraud in Michigan. [102]

YouTube suspends OAN for a week. [103] Come to Conservapedia for the latest updates.

Latest interview with the man who exposed Dominion executive Eric Coomer's connections to Antifa. [104]

Amistad Project files emergency petition with the Wisconsin Supreme Court after finding 156,000 questionable ballots. [105]

Democrats threaten GSA official, her family, staff, and pets over alleged transition funds. [106]

Pittsburgh Antifa issues armed threat against President Trump. [107]

Senate Report reconfirms Biden Family corruption with the CCP. [108]

Milwaukee: Absentee ballots mysteriously "found". [109]

Nevada: State agency offered gift cards for votes. [110]

Rep.-elect Lauren Boebert may carry her Glock in Congress. [111]

Jonathan Pollard is free at last! The Trump administration lifted his last restrictions last Friday (20 November). An Israeli resident wants him to run for President of that country, which would give him the reprieve and pardon power there. [112]

Lin Wood links GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to voter fraud. [113]

Michigan to investigate voting irregularities in Wayne County Detroit. [114]

Something rotten in Pennsylvania. [115]

"Sixty-six percent of Republican voters support President Trump running for president again in 2024." [116]

Kommiela's Sugar Daddy wants a say in who fills her seat. [117]

Breitbart: The Greatest Electoral Heist in American History. The pieces are finally coming together, and they reveal a masterpiece of electoral larceny involving Big Tech oligarchs, activists, and government officials who prioritize partisanship over patriotism. [118] Pelosi claims win despite 2 million more votes for Republicans than president. [119]

MSNBC reports how easy it is to hack Dominion and ES&S machines. [120][121]

Meet Eric Coomer, the Antifa member and Director of Strategy and Security for Dominion Election Systems who vowed Trump would never win. Complete interview with Joe Oltmann who exposed the Dominion/Antifa tie. [122][123]

Sidney Powell on Newsmax: Gov. Kemp got "re-election insurance" for last minute purchase of Dominion vote switching machines. [124] Democrats added 35,000 votes to each Democrat candidate in one state to start. [125]

Smoking Gun: Dominion transferring vote ratios between precincts in PA. [126] Pennsylvania deletes links to its open voting database. [127]

Michigan communist Attorney General threatens elected officials. [128][129]

Wisconsin Supreme Court reins in their governor for exceeding his authority re SARS-CoV-2. Naturally he squealed, but liberty is liberty. [130]

John James wants state board to delay certification; [131] Democrats rigged election results against African American candidate. [132] 72% of precincts had more votes than voters on election day. [133] African American poll watcher describes Democrat vote fraud in Michigan. [134]

Dominion shutters offices in Toronto and Denver, [135] refuses to testify before Pennsylvania House committee. [136] and 100 employees delete their LinkedIn profiles.[1] [137] Servers seized in Germany. The good guys got the server. [138] Why do we send votes outside the country to be counted? [139]

SCOTUS assigns circuits: Kavanaugh has Michigan, Barrett has Wisconsin, Alito has Pennsylvania and Thomas gets Georgia.

Georgia shenanigans goes into triple overtime: document shredding, [140] dumping machines, [141] certifies then decertifies recount. [142] De Kalb county election manager canned. [143] Georgia headed for second recount. [144]

Lawyers defending communist subversive Kathy Boockvar of Pennsylvania drop out, impeachment sham lawyer steps in. [145] Trump lawyer under U.S. Marshall protection from Democrat death threats. [146] 100,000 ballots called into question.[147][148]

Massive setback for the homosexual agenda: Trump-appointed judges strike down liberal bans in Florida on conversion therapy. [149]

Jill Biden chief of staff selling U.S. citizenship in ‘fraud-wracked’ visa scheme ‘abused’ by Chinese Communists. [150]

Globalist agenda: German doctor arrested in midst of Covid livestream broadcast. [151]

Kyle Rittenhouse makes bail. [152] Rittenhouse has been the subject of a Democrat/Communist witchhunt.

Trump retweets his 2012 warning: "Pay close attention to the machines." [153]

Durham probe moving full steam ahead. [154] Clapper brought Dominion Scorecard vote switching technology into the United States. [155]

All Dominion machines have a "weighted race feature" whose only purpose is to rig elections. [156] How the Democrats stole: Drop and Roll. [157]

Wayne County Detroit board commissioners rescind their decision to certify; [158][159] Democrat hoodlum threatens Wayne County election board canvassers, a federal crime in a federal election. [160] Leftist totalitarian Democrats threatened the officials' families. [161]

New evidence in Biden Family collusion with China and Russia. [162] When will a special counsel be appointed?

CIA striped of Special Operations Forces; [163] all SOFs placed under command of the Pentagon.

Lin Wood Interview. [164]

Wisconsin Election Board attempting to change recount rules. [165]

Statistical analysis: MI, GA, PA and VA all have the same pattern — after fraudulent ballot dump, all have the same Biden-to-Trump ratio to maintain lead. [166] "DNA Level" of proof; vote switching occurred in batches of about 6,000 in PA and 4,800 in GA. [167]

More Georgia shenannigans: Poll worker finds 10,000 pristine, unfolded ballots pre-marked 100% for Biden. [168] More Trump votes found on memory card. [169]

Pennsylvania: Voter Analysis Report. [170] GOP ballots never delivered. [171]

California: 2 chargred with submitting 8,000 fraudulent voter registrations. [172]

Hammer and Scorecard used to steal election. [173][174]

FEC Chair: If Sidney Powell says there was rampant voter fraud, ‘I believe her.’ [175] Chairman of the US Federal Election Commission Trey Trainor believes that the 2020 US Presidential Elections is illegitimate. [176] Complete Sidney Powell transcripts on Dominion Systems. [177]

Dominion Systems is on DHS council that claimed no election hacking [178] What happened to Dominion employees? [179][180]

Gen. McInerney: "This is the first massive attack in United States history". [181] Gen. McInerney explains the election hack. [182]

Gen. Flynn: Obama's transition to Trump was seditious. [183]

Nevada: More than 15,000 people voted in Nevada and another state [184]

Georgia: Third county "finds" more votes. [185] One county tallies an extra 9,626 votes for Biden during Recount. [186] Irrefutable evidence of fraud. [187][188]

Michigan: Election security experts find results ‘a complete fraud’. [189]

Reflecting on the value of Jewish genealogical recordkeeping in light of this week's Torah reading, "These are the Generations of Abraham..." [190]

Dominion Systems bribed state officials to use their tainted vote switching software. [191] An executive of the foreign based company bragged he could "arrange" Donald Trump's defeat. Another corrupt voting system company executieve is on Biden's transition team.

GA Recount auditors call ballots for Biden that were marked for Trump. [192]

Sidney Powell: Dominion Systems, a foreign company, was created in Venezuela with Chinese parts to flip votes for Hugo Chavez. Election servers in foreign countries. [193] Louie Gohmert: U.S. election servers routed to Germany raided. [194]

PBS NewsHour report on Dominion one week before election. [195] 2016 Fox News report on Dominion vote switching capabilities. [196]

Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Ron Wyden issued ‘formal complaint’ about Dominion Voting Systems vote fraud before Democrat primaries. [197]

Increasing indoor humidity has positive effect on the coronavirus in terms of prevention.[198][199] Once again, Anthony Fauci failed Americans. By doing something as simple as using a humidifier or adjusting the humidity setting of a existing humidifier, lives could have been saved. But Fauci failed to tell Americans about this matter.

Lin Wood challenges Georgia's backstair deal with DNC premier election goon Marc Elias. [200]

Biden supporters viciously attack women, children and elderly. [201][202]

Breaking: GOP observers denied access in Georgia recount. [203][204]

Update: Signatures not being verified. [205] Sham recount. [206]

Pro-Biden Dominion vote switching suspected in Georgia [207]

REVEALED: Sworn evidence of pervasive voter fraud in Michigan by Rudy Giuliani.[208] Voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election: Now is the time to fight and seek justice. It is not the time to surrender/concede.[209]

Donald Trump had Joe Biden dead to rights for treason for his role in the Iran deal, among other things. Had Trump prosecuted a few people for treason, would he still be facing this massive fraud campaign? [210]

NAACP, League of Women Voters, Common Cause, and other leftist groups join Trump campaign and 11 Attorneys General in lawsuit against corrupt Pennsylvania officials and Democrat election fraud for violation of voting rights. [211]

Pennsylvania court tosses out fraudulent Democrat ballots. [212]

Justice Samuel Alito: Five Democrat "Senators filed a brief...that the Supreme Court is a sick institution, and that if the court did not mend its ways, well, it might have to be "restructured."...the brief...was an affront to the Constitution and the rule of law." [213]

A United States Marine Corps veteran warns why those of us who love this Republic should not concede. [214]

MI and PA: ‘Things are About to EXPLODE’! [215] If President Donald Trump is re-elected, will another secular leftist meltdown happen like the one that happened 2016? See: Secular leftists and psychogenic illness

Million MAGA March Saturday November 14 Washington D.C. [216]

Trump Approval 52%. [217] Twitter censors a record 12 tweets from President Trump in 1 day. [218] Less than half of America believe Joe Biden won the election. [219] 59% of Americans remain concerned that mail-in ballots lead to voter fraud. [220]

EveryLegalVote website maps and tracks the election fraud. Trump leads 234-212 in the Electoral College among states untainted by fraud.
RealClearPolitics declares Biden is not the winner. [221][222]

Breaking: Dominion Voting Systems deleted 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide. Data analysis finds 221,000 in Pennsylvania switched from Trump to Biden. 941,000 Trump votes were deleted. Other states using Dominion switched 435,000 votes from Trump to Biden. [223][224][225][226][227][228]

Breaking: Dominion Voting Systems whistleblower eyewitness to fraud interview. [229]

A reminder: we're fighting for our lives here. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) already has sworn to create a Roman style proscription list. [230]

Michigan: “Simply chilling”: eyewitness affidavits in Trump v. Michigan. [231] "Dominion" Voting Systems whistleblowers coming forward. [232][233] Biggest source of fraud can happen computationally, not physically. [234] MIT PhD who invented email explains how algorithms re-tabulated Trump votes to flip for Biden; [235][236] a "glitch" occurred everytime a Republican threshold was met. [237]

Nevada: 60,000 Trump voters tricked into using provisional ballots that were never counted. [238]

Biden Communist Chinese allies materially interfered in the election. [239][240]

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo smacks down election-stealing Leftists: ‘There Will Be a Smooth Transition to a Second Trump Administration.’ [241]

Breaking: GOP wins 50 seats and probable control of the U.S. Senate. [242] GOP flips 9 U.S. House seats in California. [243]

Gen. Robert Spalding: Has China’s Communist Party interfered in the U.S. election? [244]

Michigan: Trump campaign files in federal court. [245] 234 pages of sworn affidavits. [246] Democrats made racist comments, threats, and assaulted GOP poll watchers. [247] Declassified: Dead Voters? Facts Matter. [248]

Pennsylvania: Alleged 'glitches' in 3 counties simultaneously; others reported in Michigan, Wisconsin and Virginia. [249] 10,000 ballots recieved after polls close. [250] 17,000 more ballots 'discovered', 2,000 undated. [251] More on Dominion/Scorecard. [252] [253] At least 11,000 poll watchers and other eyewitnesses testify to fraud. [254][255]

Georgia: Hand recount. 27,000 90-year-olds and 2,000 100 year-olds registered to vote. [256] More evidence of Dominion/Scorecard 'glitches' switching numbers in real time. [257]

Remembering Rabbi Meir Kahane, murdered 30 years ago. He suggested transferring Arabs out of Israel, a thing God first ordered Abraham to do. [258]

Cruz grills McCabe. [259]

A review of the evidence for voter fraud everywhere, especially in swing states. And: the real reasons the Democrats are so desperate to pretend Joe Biden won this election. [260]

10 states back President Trump’s legal challenge of Democrat election fraud. [261] Barr authorizes federal prosecutors to investigate ‘substantial’ allegations of voting irregularities; [262][263] corrupt flunky quits. [264] Shake up at the Pentagon, [265] Nunes aide named Acting Defense Secretary chief of staff. [266] NNSA head out. [267] Democrats want unity with white supremacists. [268] Brennan demands immediate coup. [269]

Pennsylvania: 680,770 estimated ballots processed with no observers in Allegheny and Philadelphia. [270] 10s of thousands of ballots returned prior to date sent. [271] Illegal ballot harvesting of 25,000 nursing home patients. [272]

Michigan: Tyranny on display: the state attorney general issues a threat to prosecute a journalist for uncovering voter fraud.[273] At least 10,000 dead people voted. [274] Ronna McDaniel presents 131 affidavits, 2,800 incident reports of voter fraud in MI: commie media still demands 'evidence'. [275]

Nevada: More sworn affidavits of massive election fraud. [276]

Wisconsin: System glitch switches 9,500 votes. [277]

Who is this person? [278]

Does anyone really think that Americans elected this senile Nazi President? [279] Democrats preparing low-info voters for violent revolution after they lose. [280] Biden Machine in violation of the Logan Act. [281]

President Trump to hit the road again to rally support against Democrat election fraud and theft.

CCP claims victory for Biden win. [282]

Michigan: Election system in Wayne county Detroit appeared illegally connected to the Internet where it could be hacked, according to a sworn affidavit. [283]

Nevada: Whistleblower saw people in a Biden van filling out ballots. [284][285] GOP observers are yet to inspect 600,000 mail-in ballots. [286]

Election fraud: Biden’s votes violate statistical probability of Benford's Law (Mathematics). [287] Wikipedia is already changing its tune on the ability of Benford's Law to detect election fraud.[288] States where people voted ONLY for Biden and didn’t vote further down the ticket. [289] Like flipping a coin and getting heads 100 times. [290]

Benford's Law shows sudden Biden surge impossible. [291] Facebook and Twitter suspend accounts posting on Benford’s Law. [292]

Georgia Fulton County: 132,000 ballots identified as likely ineligible. [293]

Sidney Powell on fraudulent Dominion software. [294] Pelosi's chief of staff is Chief Executive and Feinstein's husband a shareholder at Dominion. [295][296] Republicans to probe Dominion/Scorecard software. [297] Giuliani outlines challenges. [298] Dick Morris: The path to recount and victory. [299]

Hammer and Scorecard caught changing votes in real-time. [300][301]

Bum’s rush for Trump is Biden’s first mistake. [302] A thought about Georgia’s return to the Democrat party. [303]

More troubling questions raised about the CCP devices used in contested swing states. [304][305] SGT Report on Hammer and Scorecard. [306] Gen. McInerney explains Scorecard technology. [307][308] Statement from Gen. Michael Flynn [309]

Wisconsin Election Board instructed county officials to violate the law. [310]

Arizona: Rep. Paul Gosar calls for hand recount. [311]

Fox News in on the Putsch, Judge Jeanine suspended for tying to report on election fraud. [312]

Project Veritas: Bucks Co. PA Board of Elections director confirms ballots handled illegally. [313]

Agent of a foreign state claims election victory. [314][315]

Defective voting hardware and software used to suppress Trump vote and add bogus Biden votes was manufactured in China. [316][317] The same equipment was used in every swing state. [318][319][320][321]

Democracy dies in darkness. [322] Big Tech censorship continues. [323][324] Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania legislators looking into election irregularities. [325][326][327]

Trump legal team challenges Blue Mirage election fraud. [328][329][330][331] Manuel recounts may be necessary in 30 states. [332]

Black men left Democrats in favor of President Trump, [333] Biden wants to put them all back in chains.


Voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina and Arizona need to contact their legislators now and tell them to investigate irregularities. [335][336]

Massive voter fraud in Democrat cities. [337]

President Trump condemns and will fight Democrat election fraud. [338] The Vote has been hopelessly contaminated. Republican State Legislatures must act now to appoint Trump electors. [339][340][341]

Under the Constitution, authority to appoint electors specifically is granted to the state legislature. In all states where massive Democrat voter fraud is occurring, the legislatures are controlled by Republicans. [342]

Michigan: FBI investigating election fraud. A City of Detroit employee was directed to change the date of receipt, in the official election record on ballots which had been received after the deadline. This directive allegedly came from both City and State employees." [343] 47 counties used software that wrongfully gave votes to Democrats. [344][345][346][347][348]

Pennsylvania: Scrutiny of top election official Kathy Boockvar grows as GOP says she 'fundamentally altered' outcome. [349] Second postal whistleblower agrees to testify on order to backdate late arriving ballots. [350] Video of poll watchers with binoclars. [351]

Virginia: Democrat House candidate Abigail Spanberger surges after thousands of ballots ‘found’ on flash drive. [352]

USPS worker arrested at border with undelivered ballots. [353]

Why does Biden have so many more votes than Democrat Senators in swing states? [354][355] We’re supposed to believe the GOP had a great election night except for President? [356][357]

State legislatures must intervene NOW against election fraud, ballot harvesting, and state court judicial activism by picking Electors as the Constitution mandates. [358] The evidence, both for voter fraud and for the dire plans of the Democrats, is as damning as it is overwhelming. [359]

Georgia: Recount. [360] Election officials said 25,000 uncounted ballots remain, suddenly it was 60,000. [361][362] Sec. of State investigating Fulton county "reporting issue.” [363]

Nevada: Project Veritas uncovers more voter fraud in USPS. [364]

North Carolina: Democrats lost 161,000 registered voters since 2016 while Republicans gained 72,000. You want us to believe that Republicans, who registered as such since the Trump era, walked into the voting booth on Election day and pulled the trigger for Biden? "I call BS." [365]

Wisconsin: Sec. of State confirms Milwaukee had more votes than registered voters. [366]

Pennsylvania: On Wednesday Democrat officials said 92% of vote was counted — on Thursday they say only 88%. [367] Another postal whistleblower, this time in Pennsylvania, exposes backdating illegal ballots. [368] PA Appellate Court sides with GOP to not allow invalid votes. [369] Sheriff refuses to enforce court order to allow election watchers. [370][371][372][[373]

Germany sees big rallies against any further COVID-19 lockdowns. Has anyone reported people dropping like flies after these rallies? No. [374]

More commentaries on this election, and on voter fraud. [375][376] Here's what a Biden presidency would mean. They are planning to weaponize COVID-19 to attain ideological objectives. [377]

Biden riots continue. [378] Biden supporters chant ‘No borders. No walls. No USA at all!’ in Denver. [379] GOP wins trifecta in New Hampshire. [380] Facebook shuts down StopTheSteal hashtag group. [381][382] Steve Bannon banned from Youtube in midst of broadcast. [383] Democrats urge Twitter to block President Trump. [384] Big Tech censorship is proof of election steal. [385]

Pennsylvania update: SCOTUS gives Dems til 5 PM EDT to answer election fraud suit. [386] 23,277 votes found in Philly — all go to Biden. [387] Pittsburgh Allegheny County stops counting to find more bogus ballots. [388] PA officials still not in compliance with court orders. [389][390] Sec. of State Kathy Boockvar is a partisan insurrectionist. [391][392][393]

Michigan: Trump (R): 49.2% (2,345,412 votes) Biden (D): 49.2% (2,343,266 votes). [394] Dead people vote in record numbers. [395][396][397] Collection of videos from Detroit vote counting center. [398][399] Federal investigators begin voter fraud investigation. [400][401][402][403][404]

Arizona: Ballots taken from mailboxes found by farm worker. [405] Richard Grenell turns over evidence of election fraud to DOJ. [406] Democrats destroy trust in elections. [407]

Nevada: Harry Reid political machine counting votes from dead people. [408][409][410] Democrat racists throw out African American poll watcher. [411] Criminal referral sent to AG Barr regarding at least 3,062 instances of out-of-state voter fraud, number expected to grow substantially. [412][413] Michelle Malkin: Focus on Nevada. [414] The Biden crime family is stealing the election. [415]

Georgia: 99% of the vote in and the state not called yet. [416]

Sky News Australia interview with Mick Mulvaney. [417]

Democrats raised more than $315 million to decisively lose 6 Senate races. [418] Republicans gain at least 11 House seats in Trump sweep, Dems 212 GOP 205 (+11). [419] Democrats panic after suffering defeats they did not anticipate. [420] Knives are out for Pelosi. [421] In a year of redistricting, Republicans now control 29 state legislatures. [422]

Leftists should be careful what they hope for: Trump would be unrelenting in his criticism of the increasingly demented Joe Biden as president, and Biden would need to resign thereby causing a huge political backlash against Dems.

Biden riots continue in Portland. [423] Voter fraud in Nevada. [424]
How does a state with 6 electors take 3 days to count?

Breaking: Michigan USPS whistleblower details directive from superiors to back-date late mail-in-ballots Nov 3. [425] Update: Postal Inspector General contacts Project Veritas. [426] 7 Milwaukee wards report more votes than registered voters. [427][428] Arizona still undecided. [429] Sidney Powell joins Trump legal team. [430][431]

Trump wins highest non-white minority since 1960 at 26%. [432]

Giuliani: Mail-in ballot fraud is occurring in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada. TENS OF THOUSANDS OF BALLOTS dropped off in USPS boxes at Detroit absentee ballot processing center at 3:30 AM after election. [433] GOP poll watchers denied access. [434][435][436][437] PA Sec, of State Kathy Boockvar slapped with a lawsuit over her "unilateral actions to extend the voter ID deadline set by law, circumventing state law and bringing more chaos and uncertainty to the process." Boockvar provided 67 County Board of Elections with guidance contradicting the state's election code, extending canvassing until Nov. 12. [438]

How the Democrat governors of PA, WI, MI, AZ, and NV plotted to steal the election. [439]

Wisconsin vote totals make no sense. [440] Arizona uses Sharpies to invalidate Trump votes. [441] Michigan found 100,000 votes all with Biden's name. [442]

Trump declares victory in Pennsylvania. [443]

Wisconsin Recount. [444] Lawsuit filed in Michigan. [445] Democrat operatives block GOP vote watchers, [446] police called. [447] Massive cheating in Philadelphia. [448]

Trump: 'Surprise Ballot Dumps' Behind Lead Changes. [449]

Something Funny Is Going on in Arizona. Here’s What We Know So Far. [450] Hijinks in Pennsylvania. [451] Philadelphia denies access to GOP poll watcher. [452] Trump team: We will win Arizona and Pennsylvania. [453]

Americans suspicious and outraged after key
Dem-run cities STOP counting votes on Election Day. [454] Do you see the playbook? It’s the same in every close state. Trump doing well, leading, and they shut down the urban centers to try and pick up the votes tomorrow. Philly, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta. It’s transparent.”

Wisconsin discovered 112,000 Biden votes at 3:30 AM; [455] Michigan discovered 140,000 Biden votes at 6:30 AM. [456][457][458]

So while everyone was asleep, Michigan Democrats found 138,339 votes and all 138,339 votes magically went to Biden. [459]

Proud Boys leader stabbed by BLM. [460]

Biden should concede defeat now (10:15pm ET), and the liberal media should apologize to the American public for misleading them with the false polling.

Trump wins Florida, disproving the liberal polls. A black Republican wins a House seat there. [461] Clinton retread Donna Shalala defeated.

Pennsylvania Attorney General says election outcome is predetermined, calls election for Joe Biden before Election Day. [462] Dems use CIA technology designed to interfere in foreign elections. [463] 24 states activate National Guard. [464]

D.C. federal workers join insurrection. [465] A leaked Zoom call featured federal workers, including members of the intelligence community, conspiring to use their positions to destabilize an outcome beneficial to Donald Trump. [466] By Thursday November 5, they plan to besiege the White House. Millennial Millie: Election Night Coup d'état Plot Exposed! [467] In a Color Revolution, after seizure of the media, the next step is to destroy confidence in the legitimacy of elections. Shut Down DC Zoom chat can be viewed here. [468] Excerpts. [469]

Biden pledges cooperation with CCP. [470] Laptop from hell is a national security nightmare. [471] Joe & Co didn’t just sell out America, they sold out the whole Free World. [472]

Dems focus grouped these memes urging public to reject Election Night results. [473] Polling shows one out of four at Trump rallies is a Democrat.

BREAKING: Gun sale numbers continue to break records. [474] Democrat-run hell holes prep for election night violence; [475] Walmart takes guns and ammo off shelves in advance of looting. [476] Democrat War on Cops update: 2 officers ambushed in New Orleans. [477] BLM engaged in voter suppression in NC. [478]

Biden Putsch update: 'I don’t need you to get me elected' [479] 'I have the most extensive voter fraud organization in history.' [480] 'Barack and I think it's a right for people to have bad healthcare.' [481]

Spectacular "Red Moon Rises as Trump Supporters Gather for Georgia Rally." [482] Secret Service estimates 57,000 people at Butler PA (Pop. 13,757) Trump Rally in 41 degree temperatures; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette endorses first Republican in 48 years. [483] Democrat party imploding. [484] WaPo engages on voter suppression, claims Trump is 17 points down.

America is all about winning. But Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are all about collectivism, and about losing. Maybe that's why they are losing. [485] Laura Loomer catches Kamala Harris body double at Palm Beach. [486]

Panic on the Left as Biden's support drops to only 41% in Iowa: Dems privately viewed him “as an especially weak candidate and worried that he wasn’t 'a closer;' even if he was ahead going into the last week, victory could slip from his grasp.” [487] Dems rattled by latest Iowa poll showing Trump surging to a 7-point lead in the swing state, reports the British press.

Racist Democrat hate crime: social justice warriors burn down Vietnamese-American church in the name of social justice for a police shooting. [488]

First Michigan, and then four more massive rallies by Trump on Sunday: Dubuque, Iowa at 1pm CST, Hickory, North Carolina at 5:30pm EST, Rome, Georgia at 8:30pm EST, and Opa-locka, Florida at 11pm EST. All can be seen on OAN.

Twitter unlocks the NY Post's account after a two-week standoff over laptop from hell. [489] [490] How Chinese is the American media? [491]

Pakistani Islamist Cleric threatens to nuke America if it refuses to release Al-Qaeda terrorist.[492]

Minnesota's fascist Democrat governor attempts to impede the right to peacefully assemble. [493]

Big Tech election interference update: Twitter's blocks U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security.[494] Facebook purges Women for Trump. [495]

Another Greatest Conservative Sports Star endorses Trump: record-breaker Bobby Orr takes out a full-page ad to say Trump is “the kind of teammate I want.”[2]

Communist Democrat social service agency in Colorado removed a letter from President Trump in food boxes becuse it asked people to consider wearing masks. [496]

Too many church leaders are enforcing silly mask rules "to avoid offending the weak." When they do that they twist Scripture. [497]

Packing the Supreme Court is but the latest tool in porking the Court, i.e., staffing it with judges who will rule in favor of favorite constituencies, and not support or defend the Constitution. The Democrats carried this out for years until Donald Trump and Amy Coney Barrett changed everything. [498]

What did he say? [499] Cringeworthy update: Happiness is a thing called Joe. [500]

Breaking: Hunter e-mails request ‘formal meetings with Dad’ to secure billion-dollar deals. [501] FBI confirms Bidens have been under investigation for money laundering since 2019. [502] VP Joe Biden compromised national security as Biden Family profited from deals with America’s enemies. [503]

Here's the censored Biden story that caused Glenn Greenwald to quit the publication he founded. [504]

Democrats plot post-election violence. [505] Watch the moment F-16s intercept a rogue aircraft flying at Trump Rally. [506]

Debt is the greatest problem the United States faces today. And no candidate for President or any other office is talking about it. [507]

"Ivanka Trump declares position on abortion: 'I am pro-life, and unapologetically so.'" [508]

Scientists at Fujita Health University told a news conference they had proven that ozone gas in concentrations of 0.05 to 0.1 parts per million (ppm), levels considered harmless to humans, could kill Covid-19.[509]

Of course, Anthony Fauci has not told the public this information. It is too effective and practical when it comes to defeating the coronavirus pandemic. See: Vladimir Zelenko's coronavirus treatment

The full lowdown on the 1619 Project, why its historical narrative is false, and the intent of is promoters to bring deliberate psychological harm on American schoolchildren. [510]

Path to victory: Super-accurate Quinnipiac polling shows Trump taking the lead in Iowa, with a recent gain of 6 points and pushing Joni Ernst ahead in its Senate race, too. [511]]

Democrat insurgency update: Philadelphia police discover van loaded with explosives. [512]

Rasmussen: 31% of African American voters intend to vote Trump. [513]

The early church taught its followers to stay away from places where demons live, i.e., pagan temples. But we have secular "temples" that promote doctrines demons would love. Like evolution and secular humanism. [514]

Breaking: Hunter Biden: "I am the Managing Director of CEFC," the energy giant owned by the People's Liberation Army of the People's Republic of China. [515] Senate investigators verify authenticity of Bobulinski evidence. [516]

Breaking: Deep State commies rip off Hunter Biden documents from Tucker Carlson. [517][518]

Why do we even have a Constitution? An example of the willful ignorance of liberals on what the Constitution exists to protect or provide, and how to rebut it. [519]

Biden goes into hiding after Babulinski bombshell. [520]

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the Odd Couple of American politics. A vain man partners with an anti-patriotic radical. [521]

Breaking: Hunter Biden heard in audio recording discussing his ties to the "Spy Chief of China" and his father. [522]

Democrat plunder of Philadelphia continues into second night. [523][524][525] At least 3 dead, multiple people shot. Democrat governor refuses to call out National Guard to save lives and property. [526]

In light of direct targeting of Jews in America, every Jew must ask: would a President Biden or an Acting President Harris be good for the Jews? The answer is definitely not! [527]

Far left Antifa fascists violently attack children at Jews For Trump Rally in New York. [528][529] Jews being targeted. [530]

Full interview with Tony Babulinski. [531] Joe Biden is up to his ears in Hunter's business and compromised by the Chinese Communist Party.

Democrat riot update: Violence erupts in Philly, Biden supporters ram 30 police with a truck. [532] Biden efforts to rally Philly voters goes up in smoke. [533] African Americans not buying Democrats' race-baiting. [534] Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!

BREAKING: Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to High Court, all Dems voted against her (52-48). And as Justice Clarence Thomas once bragged, they can't get her now! Fittingly, he swore her in. [535]

Poll: 54% believe Biden was compromised by the Chinese Communists to only 38% that think unlikely; [536]Biden in the bunker until Election Day, cancels all in person appearances, thinks he's running against George Trump. [537]

Most of Biden donations come from millionaires and billionaires. [538]

Putin defends Biden family corruption, says he saw nothing wrong in Biden’s business ties with Ukraine or Russia. [539] Hey Joe, the '80s are calling. They want their foreign policy back. [540] Robert B. Reich: With Malice Toward All. [541]

Biden promotes transgenderism for 8 year olds. [542][543][544] Biden bases his transgender policies on fake news. [545]

Biden calls Kamala Harris's husband Doug Emhoff 'Kamala's wife'. [546] Videos show Biden inappropriately touching young girls, and now National File reports Biden's daughter's diary mentions "probably not appropriate" showers with him as a child. [547] Liberal censorship hides this.

British press: Alleged Hunter Biden sex tapes with a minor are uploaded on Chinese video site linked to Steve Bannon.[548] The Hunter acorn didn't fall far from the Creepy Joe tree! Google searches for 'Can I Change My Vote' spike after Biden laptop from hell released. [549]

The coronavirus epidemic, which originated in atheist-controlled mainland China (see: Atheism and the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic), is putting a damper on Christmas season in the Philippines reknowned for their celebrations. Filipinos brace for party-less Christmas amid COVID-19 pandemic. [550] First atheists sue cities/townships for their manger scenes and now this! Why are atheists such wet blankets? See: Atheism and Christmas and Atheist lawsuits

Johns Hopkins reports that the United Kingdom (the birthplace of Darwinism) has a coronavirus mortality rate of 67.43 per 100,000 people. Switzerland, which has one of the highest rates of creationism in Europe[551], has a coronavirus mortality rate of 24.43 per 100,000 people.[552] If only British evolutionists had a better grasp of the medical/biological sciences!

Also, due to the apparent British inability to master the technology of using spades and road tar to fix their pothole pandemic, engineers at the University of Liverpool have launched a company to help develop autonomous pothole repairing robots to tackle the nation's 'pothole plague'. [553] See: United Kingdom's road repair crisis

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