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Scientists failed to detect the meteor that injured 1,100 in Russia [1]
Yet professors have time and money to promote falsehoods for the liberal agenda.

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In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

British expose: "Over 150,000 people including 600 children have died due to the Covid-19 Vaccines in the USA." [2]

NYT: FBI admits January 6 insurrection was an FBI false flag operation. [3]

Texas to hold full forensic election audits in four counties. [4]

An angry mayor tells his city school board: resign or face child pornography charges! What prompted him to act – and why this was a disaster waiting to happen after a zoologist (Alfred Kinsey) justified his sins in "scholarly" work. [5]

Arizona audit finds Democrat election fraud. [6]

50% of first responders in Memphis, Tennessee won't get the vaccine. Someone needs to take note that even core government employees don't trust the government. [7]

While "11 percent of teachers nationwide do not intend to get vaccinated," the CDC overrules its own panel "in a highly unusual move" to authorize the COVID vaccine booster shot of teachers. [8]

Joey Biden vacations while American policy burns. From military blunders to the United Nations to vaccine mandates for some but not all, an entertaining mixture. [9]

Democrat CIVIL WAR! Black Lives Matter REVOLTS Against ‘RACIST’ Covid-19 Vaccination Mandates.[10] Unvaccinated Blacks are going to cause Joe Biden and the Democratic Party problems to a greater and greater degree.

The 'non-partisan' chair of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, shows up with Nancy Pelosi at her press conference.

Lara Logan: Bioweapons intel says border-swarm is typical of how enemy would disburse a ‘virus bomb’ [11]

Now even liberal/left-leaning CNN indicates that Joe Biden is priming the pump for a Donald Trump reelection in 2024.[12]

Newsweek: Joe Biden's Disastrous Approval Ratings Show No Sign of Rebounding.[13]

Joe Biden Is Less Popular With Black Voters After Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate Rollout. Biden's net approval rating among key Democratic constituency is down 12 points since his September 9 announcement.[14] 53 percent of Black adults have gotten the vaccine, the lowest share reported of any race or ethnicity.

Watch Biden's approval ratings fall among unvaccinated, Black voters as the U.S. federal government enforces the vaccine mandate in the weeks/months to come.

Australian leftwing fascist regime opens fire on lockdown protestors. [15][16]

"'Evil at highest level': HHS whistleblower claims massive cover-up of vaccine risks." [17]

Project Veritas Part 2: FDA official wants to use blow darts from drones for unvaccinated African Americans. [18] Taylor Lee reactiom. [19]

Two kinds of leaders in the coronavirus era: greedy and power-hungry, or humble and eager to serve in the face of withering opposition. Whom do you trust? [20]

Politico admits Hunter Biden scandal is real. [21]

Why General Mark Milley's actions are so dangerous: it represents the military taking a political side. Are patriots now on the wrong side? [22]

Setback to the vaccine tyrants: President of Croatia questions the motives of the vaccine mandates and declares this should be a personal decision. [23]

CNN: If Joe Biden fails this week, his entire domestic agenda is done for at least 15 months...And Democrats' chances of transformational change in how government impacts every day Americans’ lives will disappear -- maybe forever”. [24]

How and why "The Squad" is bringing Islam to America. Two of its members came from the tradition of jihad and have contempt for liberty. [25]

Doctors are pretending to be climatologists. More than 200 medical journals from around the world have collaborated to issue a joint statement warning of "catastrophic harm" to health from climate change. Given the medical communities failure to better prepare the world against a pandemic, they should focus on medicine! As the movie character Dirty Harry said, "A man's got to know his limitations."

Scientific American admitted that meteorologists' weather forecasts are often wrong.[26] What's next? An admission from Scientific American that climatologists are often wrong? See: Limitations of science and Global warming and Global cooling

Nearly 400,000 voter identities processed in Arizona have no match with Social Security Administration. [27]

By a margin of only 1 point, 49%-48%: “Do you think Joe Biden has the mental soundness to serve effectively as president, or not?” [28]

Psaki invokes Biden's dead son after Biden authorized drone strike that murdered 7 children. [29]

We can't make this stuff up: Kamala Harris wants Biden regime investigated for failed border policies she is in charge of. [30][31]

Texas Heartbeat Act gets its first test case. Unfortunately, the man filing it is a known legal troll. [32]

EXPLOSIVE: Project Veritas report on vaccines. [33]

Biden border crisis update: Haitians overpower driver, hijack bus during resettlement. [34]

The podcast William Ramsey Investigates interviews Eric Kaufmann about his book entitled Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth: Demography and Politics in the Twenty-first Century.[35] See also: Desecularization and Future of Christianity and Growth of religious fundamentalism

Supreme Court to take up Roe v. Wade. [36]

Setback for violent video games: conservative, educational chess prevails as "The Queen's Gambit Wins 11 Emmys." [37]

What a genuine Patriotic Revolution would really look like. [38]

The S.S. Joe Biden

Another political tidal wave is about to hit the S.S. Joe Biden. Democrat U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, who represents the conservative state of West Virginia, told a group of employees at a Procter & Gamble facility in Martinsburg that he wanted to pause all the talk about the proposed $3.5 trillion social-spending package bill until 2022.[39]

The weaker that weak Joe Biden gets, the more Joe Manchin flexes his political muscles. Abandon all hope liberals and leftists. First it was Brexit, then Donald Trump and now this!

Kabul airport bomber who murdered 13 U.S. servicemen was set free when Biden abandoned Bagram Airbase. [40]

Non-Hispanic 'Beto' O'Rourke "reportedly plans to announce that he’ll run for Texas governor," to the dismay of many Dems in Texas who prefer actor Matthew McConaughey. [41]

FDA panel discussion: “COVID vaccines are killing more people than they’re saving.” [42]

Biden's man-made humanitarian crisis: 15,000 Haitians and Africans gathered under Del Rio bridge, no sanitation facilities. [43]

Biden halts U.S. border wall, helps former Soviet republic secure border with Afghanistan. [44]

CIA warned Biden's drone strike would kill innocent children. [45]

What if they held a riot and no one showed up? [46] More media than protesters. [47] Cops have to arrest undercover fed dressed like Antifa to save face. [48]

Political prisoners still being held without a trial in D.C. more than 8 months after the 2021 Capitol protests receive encouragement from public protests today, amid tyranny by the Left.

Singer Nicki Minaj rebels against Democrat party control of Black people: ‘Don’t tell me I can’t agree with a Republican’. [49]

Big Mainstream Media embarrassment: A Detroit television station advertises for stories of coronavirus vaccine refusers dying after refusing. And what do they find instead? 180,000 reports of vaccine adverse events, including injuries and deaths. [50]

Biden's "righteous strike" murdered a family of 10, including 7 children and a U.S. aid worker. [51] Did the Biden regime get its intelligence from the Taliban? [52]

France recalls ambassador over Biden regime idiocy. [53]

President Joe Biden declared ideological war on dissidents last week with his vaccine mandate. An honorably discharged Marine urges governors simply to refuse, and impede, enforcement of the mandate. This is a call for nullification. [54]

Never-Trumper Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, against whom Trump endorsed a primary challenger, pulls out of the race for his own seat. [55] Gonzalez was a popular Ohio State football star, until he turned against Trump.

Hillary Clinton campaign-linked lawyer is indicted on charges of lying to the FBI during the investigation into non-existent Russian collaboration with Trump amid the 2016 Presidential Election. [56]

Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan pitched Alfa Bank claim at center of John Durham’s indictment of Michael Sussmann. [57]

Democrat plantation loses its mind after Nicki Minaj tweets Tucker's comments about her vaccine questions. [58]

Hispanics are fleeing the Democrat Party according to California exit polls: "California Recall Stokes Dem Fears of Latino Defection." [59]

NYT: John Durham seeks indictment of former Perkins Coie partner and DNC/Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann in Trump-Russia scam. [60]

Milley confirms treasonous phone call, colluding with the enemy against the commander-in-chief. [61]

"Mountain of Money Fuels Newsom’s Surge to Recall Election Finish Line," admits the New York Times behind its subscriber paywall.

Setback for vaccine tyrants: "45 percent said they would rather be fired than comply with the mandate" in the San Diego police force. [62]

Lloyd Austin threatened with subpoena over his incompetent bungling of the Afghan debacle. [63] Coincidentally, prior to joining the Biden regime and leaving 22,000 Humvees behind in Afghanistan, Austin served on the board of directors of a company building 50,000 replacement Humvees. [64]

WaPo confirms Deep State attack on President Trump: Woke Gen. Mark Milley led coup.[65][66]

Federal judge slaps down Democrat authoritarian diktat. [67]

Texas Right to Life gets barrage of disturbing threats and messages after anti-abortion law's passage.[68] Once again, irrational liberals/leftists show their true colors and use threats instead of sweet reasonableness.

The Taliban’s Victory Is Al Qaeda’s Victory.[69]

American feminists and gay rights activists unsuccessfully tried to impose their ideology on an Islamic country at the point of gun rather than persuasion because they are unreasonable and often can't argue their way out of a wet paper bag. Ironically, Afghani feminists warned that the Afghanistan War would not advance feminism in their country.[70] Once again, the adage "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." rings true.

Blinken refuses to answer under oath if he's been interviewed by the FBI since becoming Secretary of State, in the Hunter Biden scandal. [71]

A slice of China's lithium business landed in Hunter Biden's lap weeks before they handed Afghan treasures to the CCP. [72]

Tyrannical vaccine police want to ban unvaccinated from airplanes: "Fauci Supports Vaccine Passports for Air Travel." [73]

Did Biden surrender Bagram Airbase to the Taliban and CCP in exchange for Hunter Biden's $1.5 billion deal with Chinese Communists? [74]

Liberal logic causes hospital to stop delivering babies: "Hospital to stop delivering babies as maternity workers resign over vaccine mandate." [75]

Libs cheer women beaters. [76]

"Something's not matching up there," Joe Manchin (D-WV) declares while indicating that he's blocking Dems' $3.5B spending boondoggle. [77]

First gun control a while back, and now a ban on ivermectin by the formerly pro-liberty Australia. It's "a beta-test for just how far a government can go to control the citizens therein." [78]

Liberal claptrap by Never-Trumper George W. Bush mars 9/11 remembrance, as Bush tries to link the attack by foreigners to domestic political protests. [79]

Instead of yet more condemnation of political criminals, how about starting to bring some of them to justice? [80]

Details and advice about the resistance to the coronavirus vaccine mandates announced Thursday. Includes evidence of the danger and counter-effectiveness of the vaccines. [81]

“I don’t have a really firm answer on that,” admitted liberal Anthony Fauci, to the question finally asked by CNN as to why Biden's vaccine mandate applies to people who've had COVID-19. [82]

The house of lies about coronavirus is crumbling. Anthony Fauci, the Rolling Stone, you name them, they're lying. [83]

Biden warns unvaccinated Blacks and Hispanics: [84] 'this is not about freedom', 'our patience is wearing thin.' [85]

Biden droned the wrong guy. Killed a US aid workers and children rather than airport bomber mastermind. [86]

Leftist media ignores leftist racist attack on Larry Elder. Prominent Dems refuse to condemn racist assault on Larry Elder. [87]

Producer Price Index largest increase since tracking began. [88] Note: Producer prices have not trickled down to consumers yet.

Where in the world is Kamala Harris? Last seen campaigning for Gavin Newsom, while things are crashing at home and abroad. [89]

Twenty years after September 11, 2001, America is more divided than ever and less able to endure as a result. [90]

Demented Joe Biden embraces tyranny by demanding new federal rules to require most employees to take the COVID vaccine. [91]

Fauci lied, economies tanked, and people turned into malingerers. Now his lies have caught up with him, after a WikiLeaks-like document dump. But this fiasco says something about a mind-set that Americans must correct, before the next time. [92]

Liberals/leftists crazy pipe dream of turning the mountainous, Islamic country of Afghanistan, which had a weak central government and lots of remote areas, into a country that embraced feminism and woke ideology has been utterly crushed. The Taliban has formed an all-male interim government of Afghanistan and a George Floyd mural has been painted over.[93][94]

5 ways right-wing patriots are becoming more powerful and why many leftists are turning into quivering bowls of jelly about this matter.[95] Attention all leftists: Start panicking now!

Video game company tosses out its pro-life CEO for supporting the Texas Heartbeat Act. [96]

Please read: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who are the most objective wiki contributors of all?

Vaccine police push job openings to record 10.9M high, as many decline COVID vaccine. [97]

China, which has state atheism, BANS ‘Sissy and Effeminate Men’ From TV.[98] Most atheists are East Asians (see: Asian atheism).

Finally, some of the world's atheists grow a spine and show some machismo! If only Western atheists, decided to not be a bunch of sissies! See: Atheism and cowardice

The Centers for Disease Control have coronavirus internment camps under active consideration. This while events give the lie to their hype about the epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2. [99]

Mexico becomes pro-abortion as Texas becomes pro-life. [100]

The Texas Heartbeat Act is a good law against abortion – but requires pro-life activists to work for the justice they seek. By granting standing to ordinary citizens to sue abortion providers, it vests them with authority – and with it, responsibility. [101]

"Registered Democrat Caught Storming US Capitol, Attacking Police Pleads with Court for Light Sentence Because He Is Not Trump Supporter." [102]

Georgetown University's Dr. Christine Fair Interviewed by the BBC About Pakistan's Role in Afghanistan and the Taliban.[103]

Day 19: America held hostage. Taliban holding 6 plane loads of Americans hostage at Kandahar airport. [104][105] Glenn Beck rescue planes grounded with Americans aboard. [106]

After arming the Taliban, Biden, Blinken, Milley allies execute pregnant police officer in front of her husband and children. [107]

An Oklahoma hospital exposes anti-ivermectin fake news, which was published in Rolling Stone and then it had to run a correction. [108] But the liberal rag did not correct its misleading headline.

Boston Herald: Joe Biden approval rating tanks, and he’d lose to Donald Trump in 2024.[109]

Once again, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Video and GPS evidence emerges of ballot harvesters loading drop boxes with thousands of ballots. [110]

Diner is overwhelmed with business and support after announcing that it does not want any customers who continue to support Biden. [111]

Liberal logic results in this CNN headline: "Tradition of Afghan girls who live as boys may be threatened." [112]

A blow-by-blow analysis of a national disgrace. About Joe Biden and Afghanistan, and the rest of his seven months in office. [113]

Joe Biden is a case study in collapse of command authority. For that reason alone the United States needs another President. [114]

Taliban's retaking of Afghanistan does not bode well for secular, liberal/leftist globalism.

White House Press Office: Clean up on aisle 5. Biden never visited the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. [115]

Even communists are fed up with the emasculation of culture: "China Orders Broadcasters to ‘Put An End’ to ‘Sissy Men.’" [116]

The Texas Heartbeat Act – text, court actions, actual Supreme Court opinion, and commentary. This represents an opportunity for any in Texas willing to accept responsibility for protecting the unborn. [117]

Breaking: Jaw-dropping announcements from Jen Psaki: Men cannot get pregnant; [118] "Our bodies our lives" back in vogue. [119]

DOD dispatches Hazmat team, closes airspace following truck crash with Moderna vaccine. [120]

Liberal media confirms collapse in Biden's approval rating: NPR says it's fallen to a new low of only 43%. [121]

Details of the globalist agenda and how to combat it. [122]

Setback for Fauci and liberal denial: #1 podcaster on Spotify, Joe Rogan, conquers his COVID-19 with ivermectin. Liberal media goes into hysterics against it.

"3-Year-Old American Stranded in Afghanistan by Biden; 24 Students Left Behind; Biden Relies on Taliban To Get Them Home." [123]

Demonic NFL descends further into liberal madness: Jaguars' head coach admits that roster decisions are based on vaccination status. [124] The same coach earlier appeased liberals by cutting the Bible-quoting Tim Tebow, despite his immense talent and popularity.

"House-to-house executions following US departure. There are no words for what this administration has done to all of us - Afghan and American." [125]

Over 220 Generals and Admirals demand Milley and Austin resign immediately; [126] CENTCOM commander admits Americans left behind, praises Taliban as ‘helpful’. [127]

Breaking: Rep. Markwayne Mullin reported missing while attempting to rescue a woman and her four children whom the Biden regime abandoned Afghanistan. [128]

Biden, author of the Violence Against Women Act, abandoned busloads of 300 women at the airport to Taliban rapists. [129]

Christian Schools Vastly Outperforming Public Schools During COVID-19, According to New Survey of Parents.[130] See also: Religious hospitals vs. secular hospitals: Quality of care

Breaking: Biden abandons 600 American students to Taliban terrorists. [131] Final evacuation planes leave Kabul airport. [132]

Biden not helping stranded Americans outside Kabul airport gates get inside. [133] 7 buses loaded with American women all likely dead. [134]

Who Biden really killed in "ISIS-K" drone strike. [135][136]

Undeniable racism: Biden calls Senior Advisor to the President Cedric Richmond, a former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus "my boy". [137]

Depression And Anxiety Double In Youth Compared To Pre-Pandemic. [138]
No doubt there are many atheists/agnostics quaking in their boots amidst the coronavirus pandemic, while Bible-believing Christians continue to be fearless in the face of the pandemic. See also: Atheists and their fear of small collections of genetic code that are surrounded by a protein coat

Gold Star mother of slain Marine: That dementia-ridden piece of **** killed my son. [139]

Kamala Harris thinks Vietnam erected a Memorial to her hero John McCain. [140]

Those who hate Jews must reject most of modern medicine if they're going to be consistent. The history of medicine, and that of all the sciences, is replete with Jewish contributions and accomplishments. [141]

To all who fear that no one man can make a change: remember One Who did. And He wasn't the only One. [142]

Setback for the opponents of early treatment of Covid-19: "Japanese medical association chairman tells doctors to prescribe Ivermectin for COVID." [143] Notice how the liberal media suppresses that news.

Has the time come to invoke Amendment XXV in the case of Joe Biden? Maybe not! To do so is to install Kamala Harris as Acting President. A better course: to reassert State sovereignty against a President lacking the clout to resist. [144]

Father of slain Marine in Biden's botched Afghan withdrawal has harsh words for snowflake-in-chief. [145]

Dems move goalposts again, want COVID vaccine booster in 5 months rather than 8 after second shot. [146]

Reflecting on a terrible week for the United States and the world. [147]

Another defeat for American feminism.

Thousands of Afghans have arrived in the United States since the hurried evacuation of Afghanistan began in mid-August.[148] In 2019, Reuters reported: "Afghan men strongly oppose giving women more freedom - two in three think they have too much already - and young men are even more reluctant than their elders, a survey said on Tuesday... Almost one in three of the Afghan women surveyed think women already have a surfeit of rights and a similar proportion say they are 'too emotional' to be leaders."[149] See also: Unintended consequences

"Joe Biden Crumbles Under Pressure from Reporter After Tough Talk on Terrorists." [150]

The fall of Afghanistan and political polarization in the Western World is a sign that Francis Fukuyama's liberal, global order view of the world is over. Religion, nationalism and local traditions/customs are going to gain in influence in the world.[151][152] See also: Decline of the secular left and Desecularization

President Donald Trump releases statement on Afghan crisis. [153]

Liberal logic: "Biden admits admin may have given Taliban ‘kill list’ of Afghans who aided US." [154] Bombing death toll now at 170. [155]

"ISIS-K Does Not Exist. It’s a fictitious name the Obama administration invented to deceive us" - Andy McCarthy, National Review, September 27, 2014. [156]

What will the Biden administration do about Afghanistan? Probably pay a big fat ransom, like the Iran Nuclear Deal. [157]

13 American soldiers killed and 15 injured from attack at Kabul airport; [158] Our prayers for the victims; incompetent Biden should resign in disgrace now.

Biden gave Taliban kill list; [159] more calls for Biden's resignation. [160]

Day 11: Americans held hostage. [161] 82,300 evacuated, 4,500 of them are Americans. [162] Blinken offers "economic assistance" ransom. [163]

NBA champ criticizes how players are told to promote lockdowns. [164]

Pro-vaccine hucksters say that Gov. Greg Abbott overcame Covid-19 without symptoms in just 4 days, when instead he likely had a false positive on the test that is now negative. [165]

NFL tickets sell for less than $1 after requiring fans to be vaccinated or tested. [166] Taxpayers paid for the stadiums -- another reason to Unplug the NFL.

L.A. Times: At least 24 students from San Diego school district and 16 parents are stranded in Afghanistan on summer vacation. [167] Pentagon suggests people will be left behind. [168] Biden jokes about stranded Americans. [169]

SCOTUS rules against Biden, must re-instate Trump-era 'Remain in Mexico' policy. [170]

Ultra-Vaxxed Israel’s Crisis Is a Dire Warning to America.[171] There is no magic bullet to defeat Covid-19. Exercise and eat healthy to boost your natural immunity. Don't put all your eggs in one defense against coronavirus basket.

Psaki: 'No Americans stranded'; [172] heartbreaking audio from stranded American woman. [173]

Biden bows in negotiations with terrorists, [174] Taliban won't allow Afghan nationals and translators to leave. [175]

WARNING: The Food and Drug Administration broke its own regulations and recommended scientific principles to approve a coronavirus vaccine on 23 August 2021. Its absolute risk reduction is minimal, and the full adverse-event extent remains undetermined. [176]

Anthony Fauci's new 2022 timeline for Covid-19 fight could be a political disaster for Joe Biden and the Democrats. [177] It looks like Fauci will be the specter that haunts Joe Biden in 2021/2022.

Liberal logic: Deep State orders demented Biden to make up his mind by Tuesday about Afghanistan. [178]

FBI paid Neo-Nazi leader $140,000. [179] Would they even exist without the FBI?

Odd demonic coincidence: Andrew Cuomo's dog was biting people just as Biden's was. [180]

Majority no longer consider Biden "competent, focused, or effective." [181]

Rumor: Kamala Harris is already soliciting signatures for an Amendment XXV removal document. But can she get Congress to sustain her? MIght she try a more direct method of Presidential succession? [182]

Tony Blair slams Biden's 'imbecilic' retreat. [183]

China wants you to be a woke ‘anti-racist’ while it pursues ethnic cleansing. [184]

The number of coronavirus cases in most states is still rising, ensuring that the U.S. has a long way to go in its fight against the Delta variant. Hospitals across the United States are filling up with coronavirus patients, and some are running out of available ICU beds.[185]

"Today, we’re closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus. We’ve gained the upper hand against this virus." - Arrogant and foolish Joe Biden on July 4, 2021. See also: [[Essay: Joe Biden may have to become more bipartisan to get Republicans to rally behind Covid-19 vaccination in order to get to herd immunity in the USA|Joe Biden may have to become more bipartisan to get Republicans to rally behind Covid-19 vaccination in

The S.S. Joe Biden

When it comes to presidential approval polls, the S.S. Joe Biden is a sinking ship.[186]

The four horsemen of the Afghanistan debacle, surging U.S. coronavirus cases, inflation and the southern border crises are torpedoing Joe Biden's presidential approval ratings.[187][188][189][190]

Joe Biden is becoming a giant albatross around the neck of the Democrats. Politico reveals that polling recently indicated that Democrats are behind Republicans by six points in generic ballot tests in battleground districts.[191] If the midterms were held today Democrats would lose the majority.

Inept tyrant Biden tries to seize control of airlines to make dangerous flights to and from Afghanistan. [192]

NYT: To Save His Presidency, Biden Must Tell the Truth. [193]

Pentagon contradicts Biden: Al Qaeda and ISIS still "have a presence" in Afghanistan. [194]

Americans must lead in resistance to medical and other tyranny. Why are Europeans behaving more like the Founding Fathers than Americans are now doing? [195]

UK Parliament holds Biden in contempt over Afghanistan. [196]

Disbelief and betrayal: Europe reacts to Biden stupidity. [197] "This does fundamental damage to the political and moral credibility of the West."

FBI begins cover story to cloud its involvement in January 6 insurrection plot. [198]

CNN reports on Biden's evacuation plan: “I’m sitting here, for 12 hours in the [Kabul] airport, eight hours on the airfield, and I haven’t seen a single U.S. plane take off.” [199]

Up to 40,000 Americans stranded [200] Austin: "We don't have the capability" to get people out. [201] Biden State Dept. demands $2000 for a ride out of Afghanistan, Afghans ride for free. [202]

U.S. Senators 'horrified' Biden allowed Taliban terrorists to capture Blackhawk helicopters. [203] Biden considering humanitarian aid to the Taliban. [204]

Afghanistan proves itself once again the Graveyard of Empires. But at least Donald Trump would not have left behind a billion-dollar arsenal. [205]

Taliban laugh as globalist Order COLLAPSES.[206] See also: Decline of the secular left and Growth of religious fundamentalism

More on-point satire for Joe Biden from Afghanistan to coronavirus policy to Kamala Harris visiting Viet Nam. [207]

Team Kamala said to be shopping Cabinet for 25th Amendment removal. [208] Something sketchy in the blame game, Milley and Austin throw Biden under the bus. [209]

Governor Bill Lee (R-Tenn.) made a serious mistake with Executive Order 83. The data do not support it, and it compromises medical qualification standards and the health and liberties of Tennesseeans. [210]

Obama Defense Secretary Leon Panetta: "Our national security is threatened” by botched Afghan withdrawal. [211]

Biden cancelled Trump Emergency Evacuation plans; [212]

Even Leftists in Britain lambast "doddery" Biden, describing his recent speech "particularly distasteful and dishonouring." [213]

Rasmussen Poll: “If the next presidential election were held today, who would you vote for?” Donald Trump now beats Joe Biden by 43 to 37 percent.[214]
Afghanistan is Joe Biden's Waterloo.

Kayleigh McEnany: Biden abandoned Americans in Afghanistan; [215] members of Congress work to aid Americans in Afghanistan as Biden State Dept refuses to help. [216]

Jake "Al Qaeda is on Our Side" Sullivan: Taliban has “a fair amount” of our weapons. [217]

Taliban Spokesman Asked about Freedom of Speech, Tells Media Hacks to Go Ask Facebook, 'This Question Should be Asked of Them.'” [218]

Taliban begins gun seizure program from private citizens. [219]

Breitbart: Biden’s presidency collapsed with Afghanistan. [220]

Is it time to start thinking about the 25th Amendment? [221]

Muslim gulag chief to head up CCP operations in Afghanistan. [222]

Pentagon warns of worsening terror threat after Biden-Taliban fiasco. [223]

"Maybe the pullout from Afghanistan really will go down as Biden’s Waterloo." - Washington Post, August 16, 2021.[224]

Joe Biden wins the Captain Obvious award. Afghanistan's collapse "did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated." - Joe Biden.

The "progressive" Afghan president favored by liberals fled the country with "four cars and a helicopter stuffed full of cash," Russia reports in dismay. [225]

Does the Constitution forbid secession? People have been talking secession longer than you think. [226]

Desperate people plunge to their deaths after clinging on departing plane to escape Biden Afghan debacle; [227] Biden still in hiding, will address the nation 'in a few days'; [228] Psaki on vacation. [229] Even CNN won't defend Biden. [230] Trump calls for Biden to resign. [231] Obama: 'Don't underestimate Joe's ability to screw things up.' [232]

Trump remains barred from Twitter while Taliban propagandists still active. [233]

Two full-blown humanitarian crises by the Biden regime in only 8 months. [234]

White House outs CIA team in photo-op to give the illusion of Biden in charge. [235] CNN: Mostly peaceful Taliban chant 'Death to America' outside embassy. [236]

Support for the Marxist Black Lives Matter organization craters to 2%, down from its 2020 all-time high. [237]

Fox: World leaders blame Biden, express disappointment. [238]

Did Barack Obama start a race war in America? And how will it end? [239]

"As Kabul falls, Biden backlash grows" - liberal BBC. [240]

Biden pathetically tries to blame Trump as the Taliban secures the Afghanistan border, trapping nearly everyone inside. Its president has fled. [241]

Watch: RINO Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland threatens more lockdowns: "Please, just get the d____d vaccine!" And we thought only Democrats displayed such arrogance. [242]

Biden goes into hiding as Rape of Afghanistan escalates. [243]

Biden: "The likelihood there's going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely." [244]

63 people test positive for covid after Obama birthday superspreader event. [245]

Federal judge orders Biden to restore Trump-era stay-in-Mexico asylum policy. [246]

“We’re going to lose control of the border” - leaked audio of Mayorkas admitting “unsustainable” border crisis. [247]

"Nothing short of disastrous" admits liberal Politico about the way Biden is pulling out of Afghanistan, jeopardizing the safety of Americans there. [248]

Why COVID vaccines for all? Could the purpose be depopulation? [249]

Illustrating The New York Times (lack of) integrity in reporting. Featuring coronavirus, a fallen police officer, Joe Biden's fumbling policies, and Andrew Cuomo's resignation. [250]

Setback to vaccine police: Delta, American Airlines, and Southwest all reject COVID vaccine mandates. [251]

Liberal double standard: European leaders who criticized Trump now demand that migrants be returned to Afghanistan, as it collapses from Biden's pullout. [252]

Biden thinks worst inflation in 20 years is "a good report." [253] All wage gains wiped out.

Setback for senility-in-chief Biden: "Afghan capital may fall within weeks." [254]

Hollywood's "I Am Legend" movie from 2007 is blamed for 93 million Americans rejecting the COVID vaccine! [255]

Defund the police while demanding that taxpayers fund your private security? Worse than hypocritical – maybe some officials want the chaos that now results. [256]

Senate passes amendment to ban federal dollars for funding Critical Race Theory in schools. [257]

Texas House issues arrest warrants for AWOL Democrats. [258]

Colorado Democrat Secretary of State and Dominion Voting Systems raid Mesa County election offices while the county clerk guests on Mike Lindell's cyber symposium. Dems and Dominion claim the election clerk has no right to voting machine passwords.

Mike Lindell cyber symposium hit with cyber attack, back up in place; [259] Patrick Byrne, Newsmax, and OANN sued same day by Dominion. [260]

The hypocritical and selective outrage against a motorcycle rally in South Dakota, while ignoring the Barack Obama Birthday Bash in Martha's Vineyard, actually proves one thing the leftist tyrants didn't want to reveal. And that is: the clinical threat from coronavirus is totally overblown and neither mask nor vaccine is necessary. [261]

Leftist tyrant resigns!!!! Andrew Cuomo leaves, reported here before Google News.

Crony capitalism: $7.5 billion for recharging electric cars confirms Trump's criticism of the infrastructure bill. [262]

Describing the invisible revolution of critical theory in education, entertainment, and elsewhere. [263]

Jobs go unfilled as employers mandate COVID vaccine. [264]

This week's selection from Jewish Scripture speaks of repentance and return – both for human beings and for national Israel. [265]

Godless Antifa socialists attack Christian prayer meeting. [266]

Crooked Senate Democrats determined to pass election theft bill before recess. [267]

"No doubt" that COVID vaccine loses its efficacy over time, Fauci admits. [268]

Europe is becoming a right-wing continent. The overall political climate in Europe has been trending rightward for some time.[269]

"The question then would be whether America's left will ... rethink their own approach to politics before they face a similar eclipse ...."

Amendment XXV of the Constitution provides for Presidential succession in case of Presidential inability. But Congress must decide between a "concerned" Vice-President and a stubborn President. Which way would this Congrees break? [270]

British press -- not the American liberal media -- report with video on the maskless elite at Obama's birthday gala: "Party is labeled 'hypocrisy at its finest' amid US Delta surge." [271]

Olympic sprinter Allyson Felix praises God in route to breaking the record for the most track and field medals: “by God’s grace I’m here ... it’s about so much more than what the clock says.” [272]

Biden electric vehicle plan without mining for lithium is a big win for his Communist China business partners and allies. [273]

The Andrew Cuomo scandal is a distraction from Mayor Bill De Blasio of New York City mandating COVID vaccines in his city. But he stands in violation of Federal law and the terms and conditions of the three Emergency Use Authorizations. [274]

The Liberal Dem governors in Illinois and New Jersey require all schoolkids to wear masks, as the California guv did until he realized he would lose his recall election over it.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is not an investment and might not create any jobs. It will, however, contribute to inflation. [275]

House Democrats restart efforts to destroy election integrity; [276] Jim Clyburn: pass election rigging bills or Democrats will lose majorities. [277]

"3 CNN Employees Fired for Showing Up Unvaccinated." [278] Liberal media abuses its power.

More biting satire, not only about Andrew Cuomo but also about Nancy Pelosi. [279]

Setback for liberal hypocrisy: Support for recalling mandatory-masks-for-others Leftist California Gov. Gavin Newsom jumps to 51%. [280]

A 400m women's track champion speaks out against the unfair competition by transgenders: [281]

Even Leftists are repulsed by NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo's refusal to resign. [282] But Biden is similar.

"Delta Variant Accounts for Nearly All of Coronavirus Cases in U.S.," as COVID vaccines fail to stop it. [283]

Trump-endorsed candidate wins Ohio primary in a landslide, 38%-15%, and the liberal media conceal the margin of victory. [284]

"He should resign" - Biden, himself a serial groper of girls, tells NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo to get out. [285]

Biden machine working both sides of the fence, Defund the Police and anti-defund the police in Minneapolis. [286] Like we're surprised promoting divisiveness isn't the gameplan?

Where's the sportsmanship??? Liberals quick to take cheap shots at Trump say little in praise of Canada's winning women's soccer team.

Women's U.S. soccer team shut out by Canada, and for the second Olympics in a row overhyped opponents of Trump fail. [287]

Liberal logic: RINO Lindsey Graham contracts COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated ... and then praises the COVID vaccine! [288]

The Federalist: If you don't suspect Deep State provocation at the J6 insurrection hoax, start paying attention. [289]

Covid scam unraveling at high speed. [290]

"Ron Paul: The DemocratsJanuary 6th Show Trials Threaten All Americans." [291]

Report: Child rape occuring in Biden border concentration camps. [292]

Another reason to Unplug the NFL: "CDC paid NFL Alumni millions to promote the COVID vaccine." [293]

British scientists and government admit that "current vaccine failure" is "almost certain" because variants will circumvent the vaccines. [294]

Viral video: Biden eats his own booger on live TV. [295]

Conservapedia proven right, again: "Vaccinated people can carry as much virus as unvaccinated," confirms the CDC. [296]

An oft-repeated warning about politicians making lies sound like the truth – and their masters creating their opponents. [297]

Democrats alert ballot box stuffing network to prepare for 2022 Midterms. [298] Politico: 'We're screwed' Dems fear turnout catastrophe from GOP voting laws.[299]

Crime runs rampant in American cities because city officials do not prosecute certain offenses. They take money from George Soros, and that's one of the conditions he sets. Result: disrespect for the law at all levels. [300]

Facebook censors CDC link refuting Biden/MSM Delta variant panic. [301]

Confusion: Keeping up with shifting lockdown and vaccine narratives. [302]

Second eyewitness steps forward: Capitol Police killed Rosanne Boyland. [303]

After a rapid Covid-19 vaccine development and rollout under President Donald Trump, the Covid-19 vaccination drive stalls under bumbling Joe Biden.[304] See also: Joe Biden may have to become more bipartisan to get Republicans to rally behind Covid-19 vaccination in order to get to herd immunity in the USA

Liberal Politico is dismayed by the Midwestern conservative freedom to party in Missouri: no masks, no vaccines, and no worries. [305]

A constituent reminds his United States Representative that hypocrisy is not a virtue and we cannot ignore the policy mistakes of our chosen champions. [306]

At the Olympics, Team Great Britain wins five Gold, seven Silver and six Bronze medals.[307] See Sports performance: Religious faith vs. atheism and Protestant cultural legacies

Breaking: CDC expected to announce Friday that COVID vaccines don’t work on Delta variant. [308]

Woke U.S. Men's Olympic Basketball Team gets humiliated by France.[309]

Paul Gosar, Marjorie Greene, Matt Gaetz & Louie Gohmert denied access to Biden gulag of J6 prisoners. [310]

The United States, a more religious country than atheist China, wins more Olympic gold medals despite having 75% fewer citizens. [311] See also Atheism and China

"Rep. Thomas Massie Taunts Pelosi: ‘Arrest My Entire Staff. We Are Not Wearing Masks.’" [312]

Ryan Crouser wins the gold medal for the U.S. Olympic team in the shot put event where he set a world record.

He has made no calls to support the homosexual community and he appears to be as straight as an arrow. Conservapedia is not aware of any limp-wristed, homosexual males winning Olympic gold in the shot put events or weightlifting events.

1938-39: First there was Austria, then Czechoslovakia, then Poland; 2020-21: First there was Hong Kong, then Taiwan.... [313]

News about CA Gov. Gavin Newsom's liberal hypocrisy forces him to pull his kids from their maskless summer camp, while Newsom falls in recall polling. [314]

"Pelosi pawn" is how Elise Stefanik (R-NY) aptly describes Liz Cheney (R-WY).

Top donor to Adam Schiff of the J6 Committee and convicted gay child rapist found guilty of killing two African American men. [315]

Project Veritas releases leaked AOC fluff tape produced by CNN. [316]

Critical race theory uproar sparks a new wave of school board recalls.[317][318]

Chris Farrell: Disband the FBI. [319]

Ashli Babbitt's mom: Nancy Pelosi orchestrated the killing of my daughter. [320]

Already, polls show Joe Biden and Kamala Harris approval numbers fall significantly. Biden and Harris APPROVAL ratings IMPLODING!!! [321] Right-wing news organizations and websites have done a magnificent job of covering the incompetence and follies of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.Olé! Olé! Olé!

Collusion: Twitter suspends Arizona audit account same day J6 circus begins. [322]

Soon to be unemployed Adam Kinzinger cries at J6 hearing while auditioning for CNN or MSNBC job. [323]

David Laufman, of Kavanaugh hearings insurrection / Christine Blasey Ford fame, shows up as sideline coach at J6 hearing again. [324]

Barbara Boxer assaulted in lawless Oakland; [325] the 81 year-old former Democrat senator held the seat before Kamala Harris.

Pelosi show trial opens on Capitol Hill. [326] Totalitarian Democrats reject bipartisan committee; Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger vote with totalitarians. [327]

Cuomo deploys vaccine gestapo. [328]

Rating Joe Biden's performance at a town hall meeting — more biting satire from a former member of New York's Bravest. [329]

Disputing the Mainstream Media's claim of the popularity of the Vaccine. In fact people are protesting the requirement of it. [330]

U.S. Covid-19 cases have increased 51% in the past week.[331]

It's Joe Biden's fault. He should give Donald Trump credit for Operation Warp Speed and his vaccination rollout. See: Joe Biden may have to become more bipartisan to get Republicans to rally behind Covid-19 vaccination in order to get to herd immunity in the USA

"There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit." - Ronald Reagan

China denies WHO stooges access to Wuhan lab. [332] Just like election audits, What do they have to hide?

California’s largest active fire continues to burn Sunday after tearing through a small community overnight.

The Dixie Fire, which started earlier this month, has burned over 190,000 acres.

Question: When will California have much more workfare? Welfare recipients can haul away brush that helps fuel forest fires. Forest mismanagement causes big wildfires - not so-called global warming.

Adam Kinzinger colludes with Pelosi Panel.

Setback for RINO election fraud facilitators: crowd boos off the stage a GOP opponent of an election integrity bill in Arizona. [333]

Europe erupts in mandatory vaccine protests. [334] Italian scientist warns against graphene. [335]

Political correctness pulls down U.S. Olympics team, winning zero medals on the first day for the first time in 50 years. [336] Men's basketball loses 1st game since 2004.

Corrupt Biden DOJ won't investigate boomer remover nursing home deaths in Democrat states. [337]

Harrowing: Hear the J6 dissidents sing the National Anthem, audio smuggled out of the Biden gulag. [338]

6,000 estimated dead in Zhengzhou tunnel flood. If the AP or Reuters tell you its a "Once in a 1,000 Year Flood," it's CCP propaganda. [339]

Former President Donald Trump is more popular with U.S. voters than President Joe Biden, according to a Rasmussen poll released on Friday.[340]

Donald Trump will pull a Grover Cleveland and serve two nonconsecutive terms. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Resistance to COVID vaccine and mask mandates builds everywhere. Which leads immediately to this question: what new crisis will the elites think of next? [341]

CDC is humiliated by a stunning reversal by the Eleventh Circuit that first ruled in favor of the CDC's interference with the cruise industry, but today the court reversed its own decision after Florida appealed to the Supreme Court. [342]

At least 100 of the top U.S. athletes declined to be vaccinated for the 2021 Summer Olympics, which formally begins in Tokyo. [343]

Liberal logic: "3,474 breakthrough cases, 84 are hospitalized, and 31 people who were vaccinated died from COVID-19 anyway" in NJ, but its Leftist governor says that shows the vaccine is working! [344]

House Freedom Caucus requests Motion to vacate the chair of the Speaker of the House and end Pelosi's authoritarian abuse of power. [345]

Democrat Hank Johnson leads insurrection at the Capitol. [346]

A Jewish Scripture commentator urges his fellow Jews not to mourn because Ben & Jerry's won't sell in Israel anymore. Instead, he says, take it as a sign of the Antisemitism that will incentivize the Jews to return to Israel. [347]

Is Biden killing people with covid misinformation? [348] Will the White House ask Facebook to shut him down? [349]

Jen Psaki admits Hunter Biden will meet 'anonymous' buyers in art sale money-laundering scheme. [350]

House Dems vote to continue covid coverup; [351] will Kamala invoke the 25th Amendment after Biden's CNN Townhall performance? [352]

Setback for vaccine police: "Eric Clapton says he won’t play venues that require proof of vaccination." [353]

Sweden trounces the Trump-hating Women's U.S. Soccer team 3-0 at the Olympics, as the liberal media downplay the humiliation. [354]

Never-Trump farce continues: Nancy Pelosi excludes top Republicans who were selected for the 2021 Capitol protests investigation panel, so GOP plans to boycott it. [355]

Fauci confronted for perjury and funding gain-of-function research concerning the Wuhan lab. [356] Criminal referral to the corrupt Biden DOJ expected. [357]

Larry Elder wins suit against systemically racist California Democrats to keep him off the ballot and voter suppression. [358]

Liberal claptrap brands “patriot” as hate speech: “MSNBC Warns Viewers to Be on the Lookout for Online Groups That Use the Word 'Patriot'”!!! [359]

Democrats say Biden border crisis is a pandemic threat. [360]

Fauci questioned on covid coverup. [361]

Another setback for vaccine police: Olympic gold-medal favorite announces that he's declining COVID vaccination. [362]

Anti-Semitism turns out to be "carefully taught" as the civilized world has always known but been loath to admit. [363]

Democrat-controlled systemically racist California attempts to keep Larry Elder off the ballot in Gavin Newsome recall election. [364]

Breaking: Fully vaccinated Kamala Harris hospitalized after meeting with Covid-infected Texas Democrat legislators. [365]

Harris meets with fugitive Democrats in White House superspreader event. [366]

"Communist Cuba mounts its last stand," screams the Leftist British press, which does not even try to defend it amid "skyrocketing inflation, food shortages and a deep recession." [367]

Conservative country song soars to #1, and the label beats back attempts at liberal censorship. [368]

Does seeing, say, the death car of Bonnie and Clyde glorify their act? Or does it instead remind us that crime truly does not pay, and good will win out? [369]

Three fully vaccinated Dem legislators, who fled Texas to thwart a vote on election integrity, test positive for COVID-19. [370]

Open borders lobby begs for amnesty after DACA ruled unconstitutional.[371]

Could the United States Navy win the next war? A retired Marine officer doubts it. [372]

Breaking: Junta spokesman Jen Psaki says users should be banned from all social media platforms [373] once the White House gets you banned from the first. [374]

Setback for vaccine police: many Olympic athletes and NFL players refuse the COVID vaccine. [375][376] Biden vaccine police are Democrat voter fraud experts. [377]

Breaking: 1 million illegals have crossed the border this year. [378]

Police arrest Democrat Congresswoman and a riotous group of thugs for storming Capitol. [379]

Dr. Eric Kaufmann discusses his book Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration, and the Future of White Majorities.[380]

Arizona: 74,243 more ballots received than sent out; [381] Biden allegedly won by 10,457.

Chief propagandist Jen Psaki refuses to condemn the "root cause" of communism for people fleeing Cuba. [382]

BLM endorses violent communist crackdown in Cuba, condemns U.S. [383]

Republicans CRUSH Democrats like a tin can in special elections.[384]

Arizona ballot count doesn't match what election officials reported. [385]

Political scientist Rachel Bitecofer correctly predicted a "blue wave" in 2018. She is now "sounding the alarm" about a red wave in the U.S. Congressional elections in 2022.

Biden junta: Cuban refugees from communist oppression are not welcome. [386]

France reacts to mandatory vaccines. [387]

Flag of Finland.png

Der Spiegel indicates that Finland was the best at handling the coronavirus pandemic based on an index looking at excess mortality, restrictions on people's liberty, and GDP performance.[388]

See also: An observation about the countries that handled the coronavirus pandemic well so far. And let's look at Finland

The national flag of Finland has a cross on it which reflects its Christian heritage. See also: Protestant cultural legacies

Biden woke military chased out of disputed South China Sea. [389]

Lightning is racist: George Floyd mural destroyed by lightning in Toledo, Ohio. [390]

Biden, off his meds, gives a speech worthy of Joseph Goebbels. [391]

Bidenomics: Inflation up 10.8% [392]

Georgia update: Evidence reveals significant fraud, even in the audit, and thousands of double-counted ballots. [393][394]

Biden regime to filter private text messages. [395] Biden FBI: Report family members. [396]

COVID-19 and its Delta variant spread among the vaccinated [397] Liberal censorship works overtime to cover it up.

Setback for vaccine police: college reverses mandatory COVID vaccine requirement. [398]

The Left starts calling patriotic Americans un-American! They are the least qualified to throw that phrase around. [399]

The Hill: The Democrats are stuck with Kamala Harris, like it or not.[400]
Donald Trump Is Favored Over Kamala Harris In 2024 Election, Poll Says.[401]

Breaking: Cuba erupts with anti-leftwing fascist tyranny protests. [402]

Scientific American magazine: "God ‌is the‌ ‌ultimate‌ ‌white supremacist.” [403]

CNN guests compare climate change to the Holocaust. [404] MTG just appologized for comparing vaccine passports to wearing the Star of David in Nazi Germany. [405]

200 mostly Black mothers rally with Police for an end of crime and violence; mostly white Antifa stormtroopers jeer them. [406]

Yahoo news: Kamala Harris in crisis Kamala slammed for denigrating the boomer rube demographic. [407]

Jury finds woman who ran over BLM protester not guilty. [408]

Brits on edge as "Flying ants could swarm Euro 2020 final at Wembley," reports mainstream media there. [409] Can we blame this on the global warming???

Please read: 2021 is the WORST year in the history of atheism

The coronavirus pandemic is being blamed for the falling birth rates across much of secular Europe.[410] In March of 2021, it was reported the more Europeans were dying from Covid-19 than last year.[411]

Europe is dying both numerically and culturally (More people in Europe are dying than are being born).[412][413][414] The United Nations has said the number of people in the European Union bloc will drop to 365 million by 2100, down from 446 million today. But a 2020 study, published in the medical journal The Lancet, predicts it will fall more sharply, to 308 million by the end of the century.[415]

Since secular Europe has the second largest atheist population in the world, 2021 is the WORST year in the history of atheism.

A hilarious take on Joe Biden's 16-cent barbecue savings vaunt, Michael Avenatti's troubles, and how some Mainstream Media bigwigs love their expensive houses. [416]

New evidence indicates enough illegal votes in Georgia to change 2020 results. [417]

The NEA will vote on requiring mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for children. By what authority do they presume to so act? [418]

Why is General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, having the service academies teach critical race theory to cadets and midshipmen? That way lies disaster for the U.S. military. [419]

Joe Biden to travel to Philadelphia to fight election audit. [420]

Greatest Conservative Sports Star Novak Djokovic is on the verge of winning a record-tying 20th major, 8 of the last 12, at Wimbledon finals. [421]

Rasmussen Poll: 51% of all voters believe cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 election [422]

Black father of racially mixed child demands racist school board stop teaching his daughter that her mother is evil. [423]

"Delta variant said to be far more widespread than federal estimates." [424]

Women being assaulted by transgender men in prisons; [425] Biden advocates sending men prisoners to women's prisons. [426]

Liberal censorship, again: "Sears and KMart pull T-shirts calling Ashli Babbitt an American hero." [427]

Breaking: Arizona election servers were hacked on Election day, Democrat Sec. of State Katie Hobbs and county election officials knew and kept it secret. [428]

President Trump files class action suit against Big Tech. [429]

Antifa stormtroopers violetly assault Christian mothers at L.A. Wu Spa. [430]

Washington Post finally admits the obvious: If Biden wants to convince the vaccine hesitant, give Trump credit for the vaccines See also: Joe Biden may have to become more bipartisan to get Republicans to rally behind Covid-19 vaccination in order to get to herd immunity in the USA

Questions: Is Joe Biden's pride and dislike of Donald Trump more important to him than the lives of Americans? Is Biden failing to give Trump credit for the vaccines because he is afraid Donald Trump could win the presidency in 2024?

Delta variant of coronavirus spreads among Pfizer COVID vaccine recipients and others. [431]

"Wikipedia Co-founder Warns: ‘Wikipedia Is More One-Sided Than Ever.’" [432]

The abstract for a new academic study on atheists declares: "Atheists are among the most disliked groups in America...".[433] See also: Distrust of atheists

If only American atheists didn't file so many lawsuits during the Christmas season and other times of the year, then they might be less disliked. See: Atheist lawsuits and Atheism and Christmas

Having fewer homicidal maniacs among their midst might decrease the dislike of American atheists as well. See: List of atheist shooters and serial killers and Atheism and mass murder and Atheism and mental illness

U.S. Women's Soccer is rude again, as several of its players turn away from the Flag while a 98-year-old veteran plans the National Anthem on a harmonica. [434]

Why has Breitbart sided with gun control Massachusetts' imprisonment of a peaceful pro-gun group driving through the state to get to Maine??? [435] [436]

Allen West announces his run for Governor of Texas. If Texit gains any traction, Texas will need this seasoned warrior in command. [437]

Biden budget will add 21 million people to welfare rolls, including 2-parent families of 4 with $130,000 in income. Half of all working households will qualify. [438]

A call for a spiritual awakening in America, and a reminder that the Declaration of Independence was an appeal to God, not different human beings. [439]

Setback for Hollywood values: star of the record-breaking sitcom Cheers, Kirstie Alley, rips immorality on television: "A 'moral code' is not old-fashioned." [440] Trolls then post idiotic replies.

Anti-2nd Amendment, totalitarian Massachusetts converts a harmless refueling along I-95 into a massive all-day siege because peaceful blacks were merely carrying their guns across the state to get to Maine. [441] Liberal media repeats Southern Poverty Law Center's smear of the pro-Constitution group.

San Francisco values: Target stores go to early 6pm closing schedule there due to rise in thefts. [442] Why risk Chauvin trial bias there for restraining suspects?

Bloomberg calls out Psaki for fake news. [443]

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov slams the West for teaching children that Jesus was bisexual. [444]

Democrats send out fake canvassers impersonating Arizona auditors to intimidate voters and discredit audit. [445][446]

More satire: how The New York Times distracts from the foibles of the Joe Biden administration with a story of a tax indictment of the Donald Trump organization, based on a weak legal theory. [447]

NY Post: Knives are out for Kamala Harris in the White House. [448]

Parents must take pro-active stands against perverse curricula in their children's schools. As some parents are doing. [449]

Democrat state senator threatened to murder a busload of children [450]

Sorry libs, even Justice Breyer is disgusted with leftist insanity and ain't goin nowhere. [451]

About that whispering act by Joe Biden at a press conference: the content of that whisper implies many worse things than the whispering act itself. [452]

Out of Babel — not Africa: genetic evidence for a biblical model of human origins.[453] See also: Paleoanthropology

If macroevolution happened, then why are there still evolutionists? The arguments of evolutionists are incredibly bad.[454] Shouldn't our brains have evolved to a higher state by now if evolution happened? See also: 15 questions for evolutionists

Setback to Leftists: "Major 6-3 rulings foreshadow a sharper Supreme Court right turn," laments CNN. [455]

A nasty comment contains a "modest proposal" to erase the Jews. But it never stops there, does it [456]

Joe Biden's Honeymoon With Liberals/Progressives Fades as Their Priorities are Downplayed.[457]

Now that their priorities are downplayed, the angst among progressives is a dramatic change from the first 100 days of the Biden administration.

Democrats will be slaughtered in the midterms because progressives and liberals will have an enthusiasm deficit.

Biden's presidency: It's all over with the progressive fireworks. The rest is a denouement of inflation, poorly policed, Democrat cities and bad foreign policy.

Executions, sterilizations and cannibal banquets – Inside China’s brutal history as atheistic, Chinese Communists celebrate 100 years.[458] See: Atheism and human rights violations and Atheism and mass murder and Atheism and cannibalism

China, which has state atheism and leans to the left politically, is estimated to have more executions per annum than the rest of the world combined according to Amnesty International - despite merely having around 18% of the world's population.[459] See also: Atheism statistics

SCOTUS upholds Arizona ballot harvesting ban. [460] Ballot havesting played a big part in the Democrat's 2020 election scams.

Politico reports: Kamala Harris office 'not a healthy environment,' dysfunction emanating from the top. [461]

Facebook harassing users with "extremist" warnings. [462]

Must see: Vernon Jones handles CNN, "Joe Biden is a bigot. You know it and I know it....CNN is bigoted and racist." [463]

Cannot rely on liberal friends: nearly every one of them turned against Bill Cosby, and they are speechless after his stunning victory in court today.

The unfair conviction of Bill Cosby is completely reversed, and he is immediately released from prison by order of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. [464]

ABC News: Children are victims of latest Democrat crime wave. [465]

School Choice Movement Celebrates Its ‘Best Year Ever’ Amid Pandemic.[466] Another silver lining in the dark cloud of the coronavirus pandemic.
A new budget proposed by the Ohio Senate has liberal, public school educators concerned about the school voucher plan.[467]
West Virginia governor approved what advocates say is the nation’s broadest nonpublic school vouchers program.[468]
No doubt it will spread as Republican states compete to get people to move to their states.
Another reason why 2021 is the WORST year in the history of evolutionism and atheism. See: Atheist indoctrination and Evolutionary indoctrination

Beijing Biden buddies discussed making bioweapons to target certain ‘races.’ [469] Hunter Biden invested in a firm that partnered with Peter Daszak and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. [470]

Video shows Capitol Police attack peaceful protesters outside Capitol, January 6. [471]

After screwing-up the economy, Democrat congress now wants a payraise. [472]

"America Ranks Last in Public Trust for Its News Media" among 46 countries, Reuters reports. [473]

"Nickelodeon Ratings Crash after Pushing" the homosexual agenda. [474]

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