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October 2011

October 20

Endorsed by Al Gore and allowed by Michael Bloomberg, the clueless Occupy Wall Street protests have led to violent protests in Rome, "where cars were torched and bank windows smashed." [1]

An old news clip (from the Mainstream Media, too) shows that Eric Holder lied about Operation Fast and Furious. What else are he and Barack Hussein Obama lying about? [2]

Protesters Oct. 2011 (photo by Brian Stansberry, no endorsement implied)

Anti-Wall Street protesters claimed victory on Friday when plans to clean the park they occupy were postponed, while police forces in financial capitals around the world braced for a weekend of rallies. [3]

Liberal MSNBC analyst Donny Deutsch said that the Occupy Wall Street movement needs a "Kent State" moment. Four people were shot dead there in 1970, and he wants a repeat? [4]

Warren Buffett, the billionaire who whispers in Obama's ear that the rich should pay more, is a possible tax the tune of $1,000,000,000 dollars! [5]

Conservative Ron Paul begins running pro-life ads criticizing abortion, in the early primary states for the presidential election: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. [6]

The Obama Administration pulls the plug on a key part of ObamaCare, admitting that it is too expensive. [7]

Richard Dawkins badly loses a debate to Bill O'Reilly whose staff put up pictures of atheists Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot during their exchange.VIDEO.

Dawkins clearly squirmed during the debate when his disingenuous machinations were exposed. Also, on the heels of the debate, an American country club snubs Dawkins and cancels his appearance.[8]

The proud and aloof Barack Obama may live to regret snubbing the leaders of Britain and France and engaging in so many games of golf. Obama needs to sell European leaders on working harder so the United States isn't asked to help bail them out before the 2012 election. [9]

Will Obama convince hard working Germans to pay the debts of the European slacker nations such as Greece? Will the Germans tell Obama it is time the European slacker nations and their creditors to take more bitter medicine so that the financial system can purge itself of these toxic assets?[10][11]

"Al Gore backs Occupy Wall Street protests." [12]

In a cost-cutting measure, the declining New York Times offers buyouts to journalists if they will quit. The Times blames this on an "uncertain economy" rather than the public abandoning the lamestream media. [13]

Also, the New York Times' stock over the last year has not done well.[14] Internet marketing dollars continue to compete with newspaper advertising expenditures plus their man Barack Obama has not had stellar economic policies which has to be hurting their revenue also. Will the share price of the New York Times once again drop to around $5.50 a share?

More liberal claptrap from the Left Coast: Democratic Governor Jerry Brown vetoes a bill in appeasement of the teachers' unions, and attaches his senseless rant insisting that public schools need less testing and more government inspectors to visit schools. [15]

Economic liberalism is dying at the local level in the United States as 72% of American cities lay off workers on top of employee layoffs for the past 2 years.[16]

At the federal level, many government agencies are scaling back hiring plus at the stage of discussing personnel cutbacks.[17] In addition, rising deficits and enormous debt have forced the U.S. federal government to start cutting spending — including defense spending.[18]

Conservative Herman Cain continues to surge in the polls for the presidential election 2012: "Cain is leading the national poll with 27 percent. Mitt Romney gets 23 percent, and Rick Perry gets 16 percent," according to the Wall Street Journal. [19]

The House Oversight Committee today took its investigation of Operation Fast and Furious to a new level. They issued a very far-reaching subpoena. What will Eric Holder do about it? [20]

Grades on the Republican Party debate at Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire. Winner: Herman Cain.[21]

Did Iran try to kill an ambassador and blow up two embassies in the United States? Why did Attorney General Eric Holder release the story on the same day that he faced a subpoena? [22]

Syria: Thousands rally in support of President Assad. Thousands of people have been on the streets in Damascus in support of President Assad, who is expected to lift the state of emergency after nearly 50 years.[23]

USA Today writes: "The European financial crisis has awakened average Europeans to the frightening possibility that the end is near for their post-World War II system of stiff taxes, guaranteed state jobs, early retirements and lavish benefits."[24]

The lamestream media continue to praise Mitt Romney, hoping he wins the nomination. [25] Only for the general election campaign, as happened with John McCain, will liberals go to their negative spin against moderate Republicans.

Conservapedia is proven right again: many months ago we predicted in presidential election 2012 that Chris Christie would endorse Mitt Romney, and today Christie did exactly that. [26] Christie could later be picked by Romney as his running mate, as Attorney General, or as a Supreme Court nominee.

"The 'Occupy Wall Street' protests ... have no plans to leave the site in New York's Financial District. The protest has spread to at least two dozen cities around the country, and protesters say they're in it for the long haul." [27] Leftist politicians like Michael Bloomberg continue to allow this, despite the disruptions.

Just before the next big debate for the presidential election 2012, the latest Gallup poll has Mitt Romney at 20%, Herman Cain at 18%, and Rick Perry at 15%. [28]

The Emperor Has No Clothes.
Despite the president's rhetoric, no other politician has received more money from Wall Street than Barack Hussein Obama. In 2008, Wall Street’s donations accounted for 20 percent of Obama’s total contributions. [29]

The Occupy Wall Street movement is nothing like the Tea Party Movement. One of them is a violent, unkempt—and hired—mob. [30]

The Attorney General can expect a subpoena about Operation Fast and Furious. But will a House investigator ask the right question? [31]

New York School's new grading policies give failing kids credits toward graduation. Public schools are creating generations of students that can't contribute to America. [32]

California Governor Jerry Brown signs Dream Act legislation giving illegal immigrants paid tuition to college. The state with a $28 billion deficit just added $1.4 billion over 10 years with the legislation that 80% of all Ca. taxpayers disapproved of. [33]

Is a candidate's faith an important question to ask? It is if you want to know how that candidate makes decisions. [34]

There has been more than a 100% increase in people who fled Cuba for the United States this year, as communism continues to increase the hardship on the island. [35]

Ron Paul wins the straw poll at the Values Voter Summit by a landslide: 37% compared with 23% for Herman Cain, and only 4% for Mitt Romney. [36] Time to adjust our rankings of likelihood in Presidential Election 2012.

"Cain Wipes the Floor With MSNBC News Anchor. 'What I'm saying is Lawrence, with all due respect, your deduction is incorrect and it's not logical, ok?'" [37] Right, Herman: it's not logical, it's liberal logic!!

Christian pastor facing execution in Iran, CNN calls that a "Nuance". The lamestream media, the group that would never dare utter the words Islamic terrorist, actually defends Sharia law. [38]

Why is the EPA publishing and mailing a children's coloring book? Could it have something to do with United Nations Agenda 21? [39]

The accelerating expansion of the universe is a Counterexample to an Old Earth and a Counterexample to Relativity, so this week the liberal Nobel Prize was given for unseen "dark energy" in a pathetic attempt to band-aid nonsensical theories. [40]

Richard Dawkins is being publicly shamed in his homeland for being a coward via a Christian bus campaign.[41]

When will Dawkins attempt to answer the 15 questions that evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer?[42]

Liberalism proven wrong once again, and the media won't cover this one: Arm the citizens, remove silly gun control laws, and violent crime plummets.[43]

Zogby poll: Tea Party candidate Herman Cain leads Mitt Romney by 20 points! Also, he narrowly edges out Obama by a 46–44 margin. [44]

The unemployment rate remains very high at 9.1%, and "the number of people unemployed for more than six months is now 6.24 million — up by 208,000." [45] It's about 12 months before early voting begins for the Presidential Election 2012, and no president has won reelection in 70 years with unemployment above 7.2%.

More liberal advice from a media favorite: Roseanne Barr calls for the "reeducation" of the wealthy, and if that doesn't work, their execution. [46]

The Attorney General lies to Congress. For once, an MSM reporter writes him up for it. And the White House "loses it." What does that say about our government? [47]

Atheistic France takes emergency steps to combat obesity and try to preserve what is left of its culture: it bans ketchup from school cafeterias! [48]

R.I.P.: Steve Jobs has passed away. [49] Listed here among the adoption success stories, Jobs will be missed by the entire technical world. Godspeed to him and his family.

Government school prohibits students from raising their hands to ask questions. [50]

The President has repeated the line "Pass this bill now" regarding his jobs bill. Republican Mitch McConnell calls for a vote on Obama's jobs bill and the measure is blocked by Senate Democrats. [51] Harry Reid will get to the jobs bill "later on".

"Majority Expects Obama to Lose Re-Election," admits the lamestream media. [52] Time for Hillary Clinton to start hinting at a run?

Liberal Senator Richard Durbin meddles in the business of Bank of America from the Senate floor, calls on customers to leave. The Durbin Amendment to the Dodd-Frank bill is directly responsible for a new $5 debit fee issued by the bank. [53] [54]

Will Chris Christie run or won't he? He's scheduled a press conference. But the odds are long against him. [55] Update: Christie says he won't run.

Questions for the Wall Street protesters: when did America become an envious country? [56]

Obama's liberal economic policies at work: "Dow loses 2.4%: Stocks sink, S&P at new 2011 low." [57]

Is a Third Party necessarily a bad thing? A candidate from New Jersey answers the "spoiler" charge. [58]

Chris Christie might not run for President after all, for historical and practical reasons. [59][60]

Herman Cain says that Chris Christie is too liberal, as speculation increases that Christie will run for president. [61] We adjust our rankings of likelihood of winning the Republican nomination for president.

October 10

Public school update: "17-year-old student dies after stabbing during high school lunch break." [62] And liberal gun control would not have prevented it. How about teaching conservative values for once?

Rejection of Genesis history opened a Pandora's box of many religious heresies spilling into Western society and opened the door to individuals trying to legitimize homosexuality.[63]

Barack Obama's mismanagement of the United States economy continues to hammer down his re-election chances.

The National Review reports: "Purple Strategies, the bipartisan public affairs and business advisory firm, is out today with a survey putting Obama’s favorability rating at 41% in 12 swing states he carried in 2008 (Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin."[64]

Dutchman's Noah's ark replica almost completed.[65]

New York University economics professor Nouriel Roubini, who predicted the collapse of the U.S. housing market and predicted the 2008 recession, says the United States economy is already in a recession and a free fall of the world economy cannot be ruled out.[66]

‎The truth prevails as some scientists refuse to let false claims on Global Warming go unchallenged. The assertion that Greenland has lost 15 percent of its permanent ice cover -- another lie exposed. [67]

  • That assertion exaggerates the truth by a factor of 150 times the actual amount of 0.1%.

It's no secret that the approval ratings of Barack Hussein Obama has plummeted with the general public and among his supporters. There is one core group that has "a special bond born of shared interests," American Muslims stand with the president. [68]

Is Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey a RINO Trojan Horse? A Tea Party activist says yes. [69]

The Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI), a leading authority on business cycles which has a history of taking a very research based approach rather than a speculative approach, says another U.S. recession is on the horizon.[70] Also, the ECRI tells Wall Street Journal reporters that the recession on the horizon cannot be avoided by the United States government or the Federal Reserve. [71]

In addition, the Economic Cycle Research Institute sees more frequent recessions occurring for the United States.

Liberal insight of the week: "Durbin says Democrats don't currently have the votes for Obama jobs bill." [72] What was his first clue?

Google indicates there are 151,000,000 search results for the phrase "Obama weak". [73] Is Obama a laughingstock?

Thanks to the Family Research Council, we now know 14 deaths are directly linked to the abortion pill RU-486. 2,207 women reported adverse health issues. Likely the number is 20,000 as FDA estimates about a tenth of adverse events are actually reported to them. [74]

U.S. born Anwar al-Awlaki, Al Qaeda of Yemen leader is killed in a CIA drone missile strike. He is the first American to be placed on the "kill or capture" list by Barack Obama, without rights or due process. [75]

"Hugo Chavez in hospital 'for kidney failure.'" [76] And communist health care does not provide the high quality that free enterprise health care gives.

"Saggy pants ban is paying off for Georgia town. ... $3,916 in fines collected since the ordinance went into effect Nov. 23." [77] Is this how governments will avoid bankruptcy?

Hall of Fame football star refuses to be part of Obama's latest political stunt of inviting the 1986 Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears to the White House. Lineman Dan Hampton's reasons: (1) Obama didn't invite spouses and kids, (2) Hampton's "not a fan of the guy in the White House," and (3) "it was 25 years ago. Let it go." [78]

"Majority Don't Want Obama in Ohio and Pennsylvania" Quinnipiac polls reveal voters have had enough of Obama's failed economic policies. [79] [80]

Suspend elections? The governor of North Carolina actually said that. But we have a history of blue-ribbon commissions to thank for her thinking she could say that and get away with it. [81]

"Bachmann Predicts 2012 Election Isn't 'Even Going To Be Close.'" [82] Economic indicators -- the result of failed liberal policies -- suggest that she is right.

The Tea Party Movement cannot exist apart from social issues, says an outraged activist. [83]

Veterans For Peace attempted to make a citizens arrest of Donald Rumsfeld. Three of their members and one from Code Pink were escorted away. [84] Veterans for Peace is an organization funded by George Soros. [85]

Kathleen Sebelius proposed unreasonable search and seizure of medical records. Two Constitutional activists predicted this. [86]

Congress announces that they will investigate Planned Parenthood. Congress will focus on financial disparities, compliance with federal regulations, the covering up cases of sex trafficking by the abortion provider. [87]

A Tennessee state senator defends the new voter I.D. law from a Democratic critic. [88] And who is the critic? Local Democratic Party Vice Chairman Tony Pegel, who voted illegally for 16 years as a convicted felon.

CEO of Coca-Cola says it is easier to do business in China than in America because of our tax laws. [89] American companies at a disadvantage.

A Christian creationist says concerning the Question evolution! campaign: "Soon there won't be any atheists left. We might have to make an endangered list for these people."[90]

Will Chris Christie run for President? The Tea Party will not support him if he does. [91]

Federal Judge in California calls scientists with connections to the Obama administration "Liars". Using Junk science, the Feds diverted two years’ worth of water from the state’s central valley farmland to protect a fish species. [92]

Glenn Beck: Eleven ways Warren Buffett is lying about Warren Buffett. [93] Pay the piper Warren!

"Perry outraged at Obama's Texas wildfire joke." [94] Yet silence by the lamestream media, which would have been in a furor if a conservative had cracked such a tasteless joke.

Herman Cain is no spoiler. He's a winner. And he's off and running. [95]

Obama to focus like a laser on jobs officially over. Barack Hussein Obama's seven-stop fundraising blitz ends tonight. [96]

Why is the American Press trying to bury the story about the International Monetary Fund being broke? [97] The European debt crisis has forced the IMF to request more funding from members. [98]

"BBC turns its back on year of Our Lord: 2,000 years of Christianity jettisoned for politically correct 'Common Era.'" [99]

Told to have an abortion to save her life, a 20-year-old with cystic fibrosis decides to stay with her pregnancy through childbirth - and healthy triplets are born. [100]

Mitt Romney defeats Rick Perry 51-17% in a straw poll of Romney's home state of Michigan; other rivals for the nomination were further behind. [101]

Pew survey: Americans still love Fox News Channel. The number one source of television news on national and international issues. [102]

"Five months ago, 83 percent of African Americans held 'strongly favorable' views of Obama. Now, that number is 58 percent," suggesting that turnout will be very weak for him in an election. [103]

Tea Party businessman Herman Cain wins Florida's Republican straw poll by a landslide. Rick Perry -- who counted on winning this -- finished a distant second, with Mitt Romney taking third place. [104]

Is the speed of light constant after all? Or the universal speed limit? Scientists at CERN think it might not be. What does that mean for the Theory of Relativity, or the Big Bang? [105]

Elizabeth Warren, candidate for the United States Senate, took class warfare to the next level last week. Here is the reply of rational men. [106]

Ex-atheist Stephen Glover asks if the next leader of the Church of England is going to be the type of person to stand up to militant atheists such as Richard Dawkins.[107]

Also, Conservapedia just unveiled its Elevatorgate article which focuses on a scandal relating to Richard Dawkins.

Ratings on the Orlando Republican Party debate. Rick Perry stumbles, Mitt Romney hangs it out too far, and the other seven are still in the wings. [108]

The lamestream media continue to lose market share: "Internet Hits All-Time High as News Source, TV at All-Time Low, Says Pew." [109]

President Mahmoud Abbas made his demand for a Palestinian state in front of the United Nations. [110] A brief history lesson on Palestine- Jewish land issues following the breakup of the Ottoman Empire. [111]

Conservapedia is proven right again: "Prediction markets show the likelihood of a Perry nomination is now in free fall." [112]

RINO Mitch Daniels -- who did not even watch last night's Republican presidential debate -- tries to lecture the conservative candidates not to describe Obama as a socialist! [113]

RealClearPolitics: The Left's New Lame Excuse for Soaking the Rich. [114]

New polling is out showing Congressional Democrats fairing worse than in 2010. "Dragged down by an unpopular president." [115]

Obama's approval rating drops to a record-low 39% in Florida, and it is virtually impossible for him to win reelection without winning Florida. [116]

Profile of a third party and its candidate and campaign. [117]

"Stocks nosedive after Fed's gloomy assessment ... that America's economic slowdown is likely to persist for quite a while." [118]

House conservatives stun the RINO leadership by voting for a partial government shutdown. [119] But Democrats and RINOs remain determined to find a way to waste more money.

The scientists at Creation Ministries International easily and effortlessly respond once again to evolutionists concerning their 15 Questions that evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer.[120]

Are you an evolutionist? You cannot satisfactorily answer the 15 questions located here that are stumping evolutionists worldwide. Evolutionists, if you're so smart, then why can't you effectively answer the 15 questions?

Liberals conceal how severe earthquakes double every 40 years -- a Counterexample to an Old Earth -- and now Italian scientists are absurdly on trial for not predicting an earthquake that the public should be educated to expect anyway. [121]

Class warfare is alive and well—from the White House and from the Mainstream Media. Here's how to fight it.[122]

Solyndra and Lightsquared, two crony firms of the Obama administration, now will face the Congressional music. Darrell Issa, head of Oversight and Government Reform, will investigate. [123]

Liberals snub comic phenomenon Steve Carell for the sixth straight year at the Emmys, probably because Carell made "The Office" one of the Greatest Conservative TV Shows before it was ruined by political correctness. [124]

Dolores Hope has died at age 102. She and her late husband Bob Hope adhered to Christian principles of marriage, adoption and charity, despite living amid the sinking culture of Hollywood Values. [125]

As the head of the Palestinian Authority makes a fateful visit to the United Nations, an Arab Christian boldly declares that Arabs must want peace to get it, and must put children ahead of groupthink. [126]

College students are less fooled by Obama than in 2008, and new Republican ads attract interest from "the heart of Barack Obama's base." [127]

"The President's support has fallen to its lowest levels across parts of the diverse coalition of voters who elected him .... And a persistent effort over the past year to reclaim his appeal to independent voters has shown few signs of bearing fruit, with 59 percent voicing disapproval." [128]

Obama's critics are clearly relishing his falling approval numbers as can be seen HERE and HERE.

The evolutionist community's attempt at "garbage picking" is a big fail. More nails in the coffin of ‘junk DNA’.[129]

Obama: Pass This Bill. Democrat Senator Dick Durbin: Next month following a planned recess. [130]

Komen for the Cure refuses to acknowledge abortion breast cancer links. American Life League founder Judie Brown says Komen is invested in birth control and abortion, two sources linked to the disease. Komen donations to Planned Parenthood free up funds to do more abortions. [131]