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November 25

Focusing on his New Hampshire strategy as a candidate for president, Mitt Romney picks up the endorsement of its freshman Republican U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte. [1] But recall that Ayotte narrowly won her primary against a more conservative, Tea Party-backed opponent, and that half of New Hampshire Republicans may not agree with her.

Left-leaning Politico reports that "Vice President Joe Biden spoke at a secretive conference attended by about 150 rich liberals deciding how to divvy up their cash in the run-up to the 2012 election." [2]

Professor of Finance at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Larry Lang, says China is nearly bankrupt. His five point assessment is based on Chinese debt, inflation, excess capacity, GDP, and taxes. "In his memorable formulation: every province in China is Greece."[3]

In Massachusetts, boys are competing in girls' swim meets and breaking their records. Many are outraged by this, but it's unlikely to change as long as feminist Democrats control the state. [4]

A commodity futures broker goes on strike rather than turn on the soft soap. This is a direct imitation from Atlas Shrugged. How refreshing to hear someone who talks straight. [5]

Pro-life Newt Gingrich pulls even with liberal-favored Mitt Romney in New Hampshire, according to the latest automated calling poll. [6] By Thanksgiving Newt may have toppled Mitt for the #1 spot in our ranking of likelihood to win.

Charlie Cook's independent analysis: "the most likely outcome is a net Republican gain of four or five Senate seats, yielding them a 51-49 or 52-48 majority" in the 2012 elections. [7]

Occupy Wall Street protestor mom leaves kids and husband behind. Protestor's mom is calling her selfish and her unsurprised neighbor declares "She believes everything should be free".[8]

Obama's approval rating is "stuck at 39 percent with seniors ... and 42 percent in the Midwest." [9]

The New York Post likens the Occupy Wall Street protestors to spoiled crybabies having a temper tantrum. Post declares that Mayor Bloomberg was an indulgent parent who finally had to show tough love. "Rules were established. No more nonsense. It was bedtime."[10]

Several conservatives wisely broke with the Republican leadership to help defeat the Balanced Budget Amendment for its lack of spending caps. This version "makes it more likely taxes will be raised, government will grow, and economic freedom will be diminished," said Paul Ryan. [11]

Charlie Cook predicts Republicans will win big in 2012. Speaking of Obama "The election will be a referendum on his presidency and the dire economic situation he now owns." [12]

Did you know that large-scale solar power "threatens such species as the desert tortoise"? The recently resigned leader of the Sierra Club defended that trade-off. [13]

By any objective measure the Euro is a failure.[14] Misery loves company and now secular Europe and atheism have some company. See: Atheism and depression

A headline today in the Miami Herald: "Obama’s Catholic strategy in shambles," due to his Administration's pro-abortion policies. [15]

American media are obsessed with British royalty ... except when they are honoring the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible, which is then barely mentioned. [16]

When it comes to public schools, a student's education takes a back seat to the unions. Alameda school board members voted that a $1.1 million surplus would go toward the purchase of textbooks, fund programs aimed at boosting math, reading and writing skills, pay for after-school programs. The district’s teachers union objects and wants the money spent on bonuses for teachers. [17]

Could a scenario like the one in the Atlas Shrugged movie really happen? Some of it already is happening! [18]

Pro-life Newt Gingrich takes first place in the latest national poll; he may soon regain his #1 ranking here in our analysis of who is most likely to win. [19]

A modest proposal for a new law to deal with a tragic problem with domestic crime. [20]

College students sour on Barack Hussein Obama's re-election. [21]

Morally bankrupt Massachusetts opens the floodgates to gambling, despite its negative impact on the poor. [22]

Two David-like petitioners to the Supreme Court ask everyone to call your Representatives in Congress. Read about their petition and their incredibly comprehensive case. [23] Further perspective: [24]

Wisconsin Republicans have done nothing on social issues, and now several of them -- including Governor Scott Walker -- face a recall effort. [25] It's mid-November and Wisconsin ranks as one of the worst states for abortion legislation 2011, despite having a legislature claiming to be pro-life.

Professor values: Massachusetts liberal Michael Avery, professor at Suffolk University Law School, sent an email denouncing care package collections for U.S. troops as shameful. [26]

Social media titan Facebook is buried under a mountain of pornographic and violent images. Explicit material appears to be linked to some sort of spam virus. [27]

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, November 15, the New York Police Department raided Occupy Wall Street camps at Liberty Square. Live report Thanks for the editor's notification on Talk:Main Page.

"'Everything we fought for in the last election is now at stake in the next election,' Obama told around 250 people who had paid from $1,000 to attend the campaign brunch at a Disney resort in Hawaii." [28]

The lead discoverer of an accelerating universe reflects on his Nobel Prize in physics. But even he misses the full implications of his own discovery—though he does admit that Albert Einstein's relativity might be incomplete! [29]

Interview with a plaintiff in a comprehensive New Jersey challenge to Obamacare. His point: the New Jersey case is far more comprehensive and ought to be heard first. [30]

Chinese credit agency threatens to downgrade America's debt rating, again. Dagong Global Credit Rating warning is directly tied to Washington’s failure to tackle the federal budget deficit. [31]

U.S. Supreme Court decides to hear arguments on Obamacare. Proceedings expected to begin in March 2012 and a final decision is expected in June 2012. [32] But is that the best case to hear? [33]

Release of New 'Call of Duty' Video Game sparks disorderly conduct [34] The expensive, addictive, and time-wasting game set a record $400 million in sales for its opening, more than double Harry Potter's opening earlier this year. [35]

CBS show "60 Minutes" airs "Congress: Trading stock on inside information?" [36] The damning details against Congress were obtained from the new book "Throw Them All Out," by Breitbart editor Peter Schweizer.

The lamestream media under-report the violence and other crimes occurring at the "Occupy" protests, which include a "homicide, in broad daylight, in the middle of rush hour." [37] Imagine the media outburst if Tea Partiers had done that.

An internet radio show today offered some news concerning the Question evolution! campaign by Creation Ministries International plus offered some commentary on the campaign. [38]

How old is the sun?[39] In addition, examine the interesting article entitled The sun: our special star.[40]

An awkward moment made headlines recently when Nancy Pelosi was grilled about insider trading by CBS reporter Steve Kroft. The “60 Minutes” story is scheduled to air Sunday night showcasing how she and her husband landed a highly lucrative initial public offering for Visa credit card stock. [41]

Steve Jobs appreciated design even on a hidden circuit board: "'When you're a carpenter making a beautiful chest of drawers, you're not going to use a piece of plywood on the back, even though it faces the wall and nobody will ever see it.'" [42] But Jobs was in atheistic Silicon Valley, where intelligent design is censored in public school, keeping him from God until late in his life.

Has New Jersey become the "Sheeple State"? An independent Assembly candidate reflects on the election that changed...nothing.[43]

Worldwide, about 200 million Christians are at risk, simply for being Christians.[44] Watch the video by the Voice of Martyrs entitled Sarah's Trail of Blood which focuses on the atheist government of China's persecution of a Christian woman. VIDEO

A representative of China's sovereign fund tells Europeans that their troubles are caused by too many lazy people on welfare.[45] It appears as if the Chinese are not going to bailout the Eurozone.

Apparently Barack Obama's campaign manager, Jim Messina, is not a strong Christian or a spiritual man. According to the news organization Reuters, Messina is known to have a short temper.[46] The Bible says a fruit of the Spirit is self-control plus the Bible has has many verses warning about having anger issues.[47][48] Given that the proud, abortion loving and promise breaking Barack Obama is not a Christian, his campaign manager choice is not entirely surprising.

Democrats keep pushing "Infrastructure spending" as a political wedge. The GOP is saying We'll pay for infrastructure with money from oil pumped out of ANWR and the Gulf of Mexico, currently off-limits by congressional Democrats and Obama. [49]

Enemies of freedom infiltrate patriotic celebrations: "Polish police say they arrested 210 people during Independence Day marches that turned violent, and that nearly half of them were Germans." [50]

A decline in Liberal claptrap: 50 pink slips issued at CNN. VP Jack Womack writes that the problems result from technology and workflow changes, job cuts will make CNN "even stronger going forward." [51]

"Philly Abortion Horror Clinic: Doctor Faces Death Sentence, 10 Employees Charged ... The crimes are of a shockingly brutal nature." [52]

The hypocrisy of atheists is exposed.[53] Atheism is riddled with contradictions and irrationality.

Newt Gingrich's criticisms of the media in the debates cause his polling numbers to surge, and now he ranks #2 here (after Mitt Romney) in likelihood of winning the Presidential Election 2012. [54]

Another significant earthquake tragically hits Turkey. [55] But the lamestream media fail to report about the increased frequency of earthquakes. Time to put aside Personhood. "Tuesday’s results should really give supporters of the Personhood strategy pause," observes a pro-life scholar who has researched what is effective. [56]

November 15

"Cain's Accuser Kraushaar Filed Another Complaint At Next Job," reports ABC News.

Will Newt Gingrich get the Republican nomination for President by being the last man standing? [57] Newt ranks #4 in likelihood at Presidential Election 2012, but is trending higher.

"Virginia Pro-Lifers Pick Up Senate, Defeat Abortion Activist." [58]

New Jersey just had a legislature election. Did nobody notice? Tea Party activists are already working on how to make the next story different. [59]

Semper Fi! Happy 236th Birthday U.S. Marine Corps. [60]

The lamestream media has lost its credibility and influence: the crowd at tonight's debate twice booed the moderator when she referenced the unproven allegations against conservative Herman Cain. [61] Democrats are furious that their smear tactics do not work anymore.

Reuters reports, "Italy woes signal dangerous phase in crisis".[62] A 2007 study found that only 15% of Italian worshipers attend church weekly.[63] If the Italians were not so busy leading prodigal lives, perhaps they would have read what the Bible says about being slothful and having too much debt. [64] [65]

Secular Europe and its liberalism is unraveling faster and faster.

Author James Turk, founder of, says "expect cataclysmic events in the coming weeks...Yields on the ten year Italian bond soared to over 7%. The 7% hurdle is considered critical because once Greece and Ireland went over 7%, they turned to the EU for a bail out. Italy has two trillion euros of debt. That’s greater than the total amount of debt owned by Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain combined.”[66]

Liberals mocked Conservapedia for its pessimistic economic forecasts and reporting and its criticisms of John Maynard Keynes. Who's laughing now? Arrivederci, liberalism!

Financial analyst Mike Shedlock reports, "France, Germany have "Intense Consultations" on Smaller Eurozone; Breakup Inevitable, but How?".[67]

A broken, atheistic Europe causes the stock market to crater, again: the DJIA plunges 389 points, "the biggest drop since Sept. 22." [68]

In Alaska "widespread blizzard conditions" amid "one of the worst Bering Sea storms on record" cause evacuations ... and it is only early November. [69] Is this the crisis of global warming that Democrats insisted would occur?

Another defeat for Obamacare, by a 2-1 margin: Issue 3 passes in Ohio. The bills language reads to “preserve the freedom of Ohioans to choose their health care and health care coverage.” [70]

Personhood gimmick facing a large defeat in Mississippi. [71]

Unions successfully defeat Ohio public sector reforms. Democrats are already celebrating victory but it will likely be short lived. [72] Reforms had saved their jobs, now those pink slips are a real possibility.

Is church better than politics?[73] Also, who wrote the book of Isaiah and why are skeptics so afraid of this book of the Bible?[74]

"Herman Cain goes on the attack against" his accuser. [75] The lamestream media doesn't know what to say now! More, including where the accuser is coming from. (Safe-for-work version.) [76]

Smears against a conservative black man by the Democrat Media Complex continues. In a new twist, Herman Cain accuser Sharon Bialek lived in the same apartment building as David Axelrod. [77] Liberals will surely dismiss the connection.

Tuesday "is the first time since 1976 that an object of this size has passed this closely to the Earth." [78] Atheists claim it is random chance that asteroids do not harm us with collisions, but pure chance would mean that a massive collision is inevitable.

"Oakland business owners fear they won't recover" from the "occupy" protests. [79] Great work, guys.

"A Majority of Democrats Seldom or Never Go to Church, Says Gallup." [80]

Barack Hussein Obama- champion of the Middle Class; Another fundraiser with elite bankers at $17,900 per person. [81]

"Coalition of Conservatives" launches “Not Mitt Romney” effort in early primary states. [82]

Gallup's new polling shows a decline in Democratic affiliation and that self-identified conservatives now double those labeling themselves liberal. [83]

According to a recent poll, 35% of all Democrats/left-leaning independents would prefer that another Democrat challenge Barack Obama in the upcoming Democratic nomination for the 2012 presidential race.[84] As the economy gets worse and budgets get squeezed, "politics as usual" will become less and less relevant and people will demand more options.

Left Coast news: "Thieves attempt to steal Ronald Reagan statue in Newport Beach," which was dedicated less than a month ago. [85]

NewsMax reports that a deadlocked Republican Convention could Turn to Chris Christie or Jeb Bush,[86] as already predicted by our rankings of likelihood. The economic and political world is tough to predict in the short term. All bets are off in 2012 if the bad economy continues or gets worse.[87][88]

Liberals, central bankers and big government advocates are getting frantic plus they tip their hand and show the importance of holding gold: "In Act of Desperation, G20 Asks Germany to Pledge its Gold for EFSF Rescue Fund, Bundesbank Refuses; Grateful for the Arrogance."[89]

10 aftershocks follow the largest earthquake in Oklahoma history, and last year there were 1,047 earthquakes in Oklahoma despite its previous annual average being only 50. [90] Will Democrats next try to link it to global warming somehow?

"'Occupy Wall Street' Protester Throws Violent Fit in McDonald's When Denied Free Food," discovering the old news that there's no such thing as a free lunch: [91]

Another travesty by a union: a woman state trooper handcuffs an off-duty Miami cop for allegedly driving 120 miles per hour on the Florida turnpike and failing to pull over promptly, yet he's still on active duty and his union calls her "completely unprofessional and very reckless." [92]

"Series of quakes rattles Oklahoma homes, nerves. ... 'I’ve never felt anything like that in my life.'" [93] But readers of Conservapedia wouldn't be surprised: earthquakes are increasing in frequency and illustrate one of the Counterexamples to an Old Earth.

The group that was fooled the most by Obama -- college students -- are now paying the price for going-along-to-get-along: "Unemployment Up Among College Grads in Oct; More Than 2M Now Out of Work." [94]

Rasmussen telephone survey shows only 18% of adults believe America is better off today than it was five years ago. [95]

A man who studied puppetry at the University of Connecticut is now at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. [96] Little work for puppeteers? A $35,000 investment to learn puppeteering was not a good investment? Who would have thought? Holy Kukla, Fran and Ollie! A travesty!

Fat cat liberal millionaires no longer have to complain about not paying enough taxes. Now you can donate online to pay down the national debt. [97]

Psychology, a bastion of liberalism and secularism, is rife with pseudoscience and quackery.[98][99] For example, only 2/3 of Dutch psychologists release the data for their experiments.[100]
Ten years worth of false studies were published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. [101]

For additional information please see Conservapedia's essay: Counseling psychology and Dumbo's feather

Nancy Pelosi grilled about shady investments with VISA, by a 60 Minutes reporter. Could journalistic integrity be inching its way back into the mainstream media? [102]

The true colors of liberalism and the Obama Administration, painted with spray paint and fire [103]. One of the pics says "KILL COPS".

The "Occupy" violence was planned [104], and as Oakland burns, one of its own had to pull a shotgun out on liberal thugs who wanted to "occupy" his place: [105]

The former New York City ACORN office goes into panic mode when several of their staffers are found out as players in the Occupy Wall Street movement: [106]

Idaho becomes the first state to require that students take an online course in order to graduate from high school. This was bitterly opposed by -- you guessed it -- teachers' unions. [107]

"Average student loan debt tops $25,000." [108] And the real tragedy is how many of those in debt have worthless college majors.

Left Coast update: "Occupy Oakland protesters blocked the entrance to the Port of Oakland on Thursday morning after a night of violent clashes with police." [109]

A writer on HuffPost takes on Conservapedia, declaring that "Science is not democratic or republican." [110] Amen. So why don't Democrats welcome more debate about issues like global warming, and why isn't the Nobel Prize ever given to a critic of it?

Details of the Tea Party challenge to the healthcare reform bill—and to the way that the federal courts have toyed with this case. [111]

Eurozone Crisis: Now Italy and France are in Trouble.[112] European voters may punish their leaders in upcoming elections due to the Eurozone crisis.[113]

If secular Europe had studied and listened to the Bible, which is against incurring large amounts of debt, they wouldn't be having all these problems.

Liberal hypocrisy on Wall Street. The arrest records from the New York City Police Department reveal that there's a lot of liberal rich kids who come from homes above the $350,000 level, and are in NYC for the "the party atmosphere, drugs and free food": [114]

Asia Times points out that Arab and Palestinian antagonism of Israel is counterproductive and self-defeating.[115]

A government characterized by rampant greed and corruption. While the American people continue to struggle financially, members of Congress collective net worth increased by nearly 25 percent to $2 billion dollars. [116]

The comprehensive New Jersey case against the healthcare reform bill is headed for the Supreme Court. The plaintiffs have also filed a motion-to-expedite, and pleaded for pauper's relief. [117]

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries reportedly made $17.9 million from their media-promoted wedding, a marriage that ended in divorce 72 days later. E! also raked in big bucks for broadcasting "Kim's Fairytale Wedding" to 10.5M viewers. [118] You won't find this on our Greatest Conservative TV Shows!

Did the government itself cause the financial crisis of 2008? Yes. In fact, the 1994 Policy Statement on Discrimination in Lending contained direct orders to the banks to relax their loan-underwriting standards. [119]

The Dakota Voice points out that evolutionary paradigm and its obsessive groupies are clearly anti-science.[120]

On a related note, Conservapedia just released a new essay entitled Misfortune sparks the turbocharging of creation evangelism

Politico's character assassination of Herman Cain produces results. Cain has his biggest fundraising day so far. [121]

Evolution fails its own tests! Compare a statement of what science is (and what it's not) to what evolution really is, in practice. [122]

American militant homosexual activists engage in domestic terrorism. A Christian school which hosted an event with speaker Peter LaBarbera was threatened and suffered physical damage (broken windows and plumbing vandalized). A threatening note was left by the homosexual terrorists in order to try to silence free speech. [123][124]

Aren't we glad billions were wasted on green energy? "Nearly 3M may spend days without power." [125]

The new village idiots - aka the Occupiers - will cost Obama a lot of votes: [126] "The TV interviews with randomly selected occupiers are suitable to run only on comedy shows."

Want to see the effects of the dumbing-down of the American public through education? Look no further than this group of Occupy Wall Street protestors: [127]

Another Clarence Thomas-style attack on Herman Cain. This one will fail even more spectacularly, and faster. [128]

Michelle Obama is hitting the campaign trail for her husband's re-election. "A dignified, transcendent first lady? No chance. Michelle is going to break with a hundred years of tradition and play the role of attack dog, heaping derision on her husband’s political opponents like no other First Lady before her." [129]

Details about Steve Jobs' final moments are released - and the offensive comments posted against the eulogy illustrate the worst of the internet. [130]

An interesting video has been created entitled Atheism a house divided & in global decline.VIDEO

Jesus said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

Forever appeasing teachers unions, the Obama Administration will allow 37 states to block tutors from helping students in failing public schools, so that unions can continue their control. [131]
Even Steve Jobs observed, "Until the teachers’ unions were broken, there was almost no hope for education reform." [132]

An atheist billboard misquotes Thomas Jefferson and sparks debate concerning Jefferson's faith.[133]

"Wintery mix dumps record snow on New York." [134] Where's the phony global warming that liberals have been yipping about?

What says all those liberal "scientists" who insisted there was a crisis of global warming? "Rare October snow cuts power to thousands in Pa." [135]

A New Jersey Tea Party man proposes a "dream" Republican team: Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich. [136]

Citigroup analyst downgrades New York Times stock. So far this year, their share price is down by nearly 25 percent. [137]

Sweet irony: Massachusetts liberals who claimed there was a crisis of global warming could get a foot of snow Saturday. [138]

See how the Democrats throw people under the bus. This time, it's O. J. Simpson. [139]

The British monarchy caves into political correctness by requiring a mindless gender equality for its rules of succession. [140] Why have a monarchy if its traditions are changed to play politics?

November 3

Football star (and homeschooler) Tim Tebow is being criticized for ... praying. [141]

The socialist economy in mainland China is beginning to unravel.[142] The hoped for Chinese cash to the Eurozone bailout fund may be small or nonexistent plus the latest Eurozone bailout deal merely papers over the Eurozone's underlying problems and solves nothing. [143][144] India's economy, which is based on more capitalistic principles, has a better long term economic prospects than China.[145]

A New Jersey Tea Party activist sounds a warning about Chris Christie's ambitions. Then he proposes his "dream ticket" for President: Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich. [146]

Liberal global warming? Central Park is expected to receive the most snow before Halloween in its history. [147]

Latest liberal gimmick: blame a "Republican Congress" even though the Senate is controlled by Democrats who insist on blocking anything conservative from the House. [148]

"Obama Student Loan Policies Ignore the Real Problem – College Costs." [149]

Someone diagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state for 23 years was actually fully aware the entire time, and now reads and uses a computer. There "may be many more similar examples of misdiagnosis around the world." [150] Remember Terri Schiavo?

Millions of college students and recent graduates -- most of whom voted for Obama in 2008 -- are struggling to pay off massive student loans. [151] 4 more years?

It took 3 months for British officials to admit the obvious: yes, 27-year-old singer Amy Winehouse died from an overdose of alcohol. [152]

Google is about to be hammered by a competitor.[153] Conservapedia wishes "MC" the best in his efforts.

The evolutionist community is seeking to push creationist teachers out of classrooms through a new film. [154] On a more positive note, an intense creation evangelism blitz is commencing this week.[155]

In the upcoming Jezebel Productions vs. a zealous creation evangelist battle, every Bible reader knows who is going to prevail. The Question evolution! campaign axman will hack Jezebel Productions claptrap into little pieces and feed it to the dogs!

Even the lamestream media admit that Americans are "fed up" with Occupy Wall Street: "petty crime, the all-night racket of beating drums, the smell of human waste" have worn out their welcome. [156]

Miami public high school receives a $50 million renovation. [157] How about actually teaching the students instead?

Liberal claptrap is now too much for even the Left Coast: after Los Angeles officials point out obvious flaws in a Rand Corp. report that sided with marijuana dispensaries, Rand retracts its claims. [158]

Liberals and uncharitableness: Pop star Madonna is a multi-millionaire living the elite life in Britain, but her brother is reportedly homeless and living under a bridge in Michigan. "My family turned their back on me." [159]

Fiscally insane San Francisco bureaucrats build a ten foot long wheelchair ramp at a cost of $51,500 per linear foot. “We’re really proud of how the project turned out,” city administrator Amy Brown. [160]

Steve Jobs turned to God towards the end of his life, but the lamestream media omit it from their stories. The Christian Post tells the truth.

Now that his jobs plan has failed in Congress, Obama goes to Las Vegas to announce "new rules for federally guaranteed mortgages so that more homeowners, those with little or no equity in their homes, can refinance and avert foreclosure." [161]

"Half of Philadelphia's adult population ... is without the literacy skills to compete for 'family-sustaining' jobs with benefits." [162] But is illiteracy helpful to the Democratic Party in elections, as it wins big in Philadelphia year after year?

Pictures emerge showing how media-supported rebels murdered a wounded and unarmed Gaddafi at point blank range, contrary to what the media initially claimed. This is progress?

To conceal how badly public schools are doing, one placed students in grade "10 1/2" so that they would not have to take assessment tests, and another established a minimum score of "70" no matter how many answers the students marked incorrectly. [163]

Another massive earthquake tragically illustrates one of the 38 counterexamples to an old Earth: 7.2 in Turkey. [164] In the last decade the frequency of large earthquakes has increased by more than 20%.

The lamestream media ignore how conservative Bobby Jindal won reelection Saturday by a landslide as governor of formerly Democratic Louisiana. [165]

Atheistic values: "In China, toddler left for dead sparks heated debate about society's moral health." [166] Update: the toddler has died.

Vice-President Joe Biden goes over the top to promote a jobs bill. But the real outrage might be more subtle than everyone is talking about. [167]

Global Warming doomsday liberals take note, Obama's taxpayer-funded bus tour gets less than 6 miles per gallon. [168] His last bus tour to Iowa included Air Force One trips between destinations, a much larger impact on the environment. [169]

Herman Cain wins an upset victory against Mitt Romney for the presidential race in a straw poll in Nevada, one of Romney's strongholds. [170]

Once again, the atheist community embarrasses itself. Richard Dawkins is once again called a coward in the British press.[171]

Is it any wonder that atheism is losing about 300 adherents a day, while about 80,000 more people everyday declare themselves to be Christians? What person in their right mind wants to join a religion like atheism which is often publicly associated with foolishness and cowardice and whose adherents so often use deceit to try to advance their religion? See: Atheism and deception.

Democratic deceit strikes again: Joe Biden said a $529 million federal loan to an electric-car start-up company would bring thousands of new jobs for Americans. Instead, ABC News reports that the company is using Finland for manufacturing. [172]

Occupy Wall Street welcomes two Tea Party Movement activists on its turf. And the result is far more friendly than the Mainstream Media would lead you to expect. [173]

Liberal claptrap at MSNBC loses 35% of its audience aged 25-54 in merely one month: September. [174] Guess where some of that audience is going. Hint: c-o-n-s-e-r-v-....

Another liberal who became more conservative: A new biography of Steve Jobs states that he was highly critical of Obama. Jobs also felt, "Until the teachers' unions were broken, there was almost no hope for education reform." [175]

Here is why Governor Chris Christie is mistaken about the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street. It comes down to differing political philosophies and theories of government. [176]

Ghaddafi dead after his hometown of Sirte falls to Libyan rebels. [177]

A New Jersey Christian teacher is under investigation for criticizing homosexuality off school grounds. [178] New Jersey is among the states in the United States which is experiencing low population growth and diminishing political influence.[179] Last time Conservapedians checked, promoting homosexuality was not a boon to population growth.

The Occupy Wall Street crowd is less smart than the average fifth grader: [180][181] And how did they get that dumb anyway? "The occupiers’ anger over student loans shouldn’t be directed at banks that made their education possible but at the colleges and universities that exploit the loan system to soak students for tuition in exchange for those worthless degrees."

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey equates the Tea Party Movement with Occupy Wall Street. He has already alienated the Tea Party by so doing. [182]

Society of Professional Journalists votes to forbid using the words illegal aliens and illegal immigrants. "Innocent-until-proven-guilty applies not just to U.S. Citizens but to everyone in the United States," and "only the court system, not reporters and editors, can decide when a person has committed an illegal act." [183]

Gasp! The president's teleprompter has been stolen. [184]

Obama's phony "bus tour" -- supposedly to promote his jobs program -- actually targets swing states for the presidential election 2012, like North Carolina and Virginia. "Obama's job approval rating [is] at 42 percent" in North Carolina, and his reelection will be difficult-to-impossible without winning that state. [185]

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and most of the mainstream media are turning a blind eye to the anti-semitic individuals within the Occupy Wall Street movement who are in plain sight.[186]

Call the White House today and request that President Obama publicly denounce the anti-semitism that is occurring within this movement: 202-456-1414.

The institutionalized self-deception of secular, liberal European Union elitist leaders may cause the European Union to collapse like the Soviet Union house of cards. [187] See also: Atheism and deception and Soviet Union and morality

Hard work, diversification, a business friendly environment with reasonable taxes and sensible/uncomplicated regulations has caused God fearing North Dakota to have a low unemployment rate and a prosperous economy.[188][189][190]

Meanwhile, the atheistic states of Washington and Oregon economically languish in comparison.[191][192] Are Washington and Oregon using some economic plays from the atheistic Soviet Union playbook?

Attention leftist slobs: Please bring your mothers to future Occupy Wall Street protests: "Occupy Wall Street has provided the president with a unique opportunity to finally fulfill that stimulus promise he made so long ago to deliver "shovel-ready jobs." It just so happens that the shoveling will be done alongside police vehicles; around fire hydrants; and in filthy, garbage-strewn parks.

There's no denying the creativity of putting people to work by rallying a rowdy group of spoiled, over-indulged, ungrateful slobs to cultivate a sanitation crisis while they demand higher pay for doing jobs they view as beneath them."[193]

Tuesday is the pro-life day of solidarity, and 1831 schools are participating. [194]

Justice Department sues a school district on behalf of a Muslim woman, denied unpaid leave to attend Hajj. The school district settles and must pay the woman $75,000. [195] [196]
Muslim agenda of the Obama administration

Professor Values in the news: Participate in the 'occupy' mob movement and Sociology professor Jeanne Lorentzen from Northern Michigan University will give you extra credit. [197]

The atheistic and evolution loving states of Washington and Oregon still can't compete against God fearing North Dakotans when it comes to jobs.[198] Aren't atheists and evolutionists supposedly smarter?

Washington and Oregon are more atheistic and preach evolutionism more than North Dakota.[199][200]

A Hong Kong news outlet reports: "In South Korea, the government made it illegal for tutors to teach children after 11pm, so teenagers are now studying at midnight in secret locations above shops, Time magazine reported".[201]

Did you hear that unskilled Occupy Wall Street slackers who are loudly complaining there are no jobs? How about developing some marketable skills? The unemployment rate gap between the educated and uneducated is very large.[202] It's time to get that library card renewed and drop those gender studies and LBGT studies college courses.

New York City Mayor Bloomberg, the Chicago Tribune and Newsbusters seem to think that this years expected VERY cold winter may put the kibosh on the young Occupy Wall Street movement.[203][204][205]

Is the movement made up of liberal softies? If old man winter winnows the liberal protestor softies, he will probably first start with the slothful, unemployed protestors with no marketable skills and then work on the liberals who still don't understand economics.

"McCain to Obama: Get off the campaign trail." [206]

Judith Stein, professor of history at the City College of New York Graduate Center, writes concerning Occupy Wall Street: "These kinds of endeavors have a long history in the United States — from the creation of utopian communities in the nineteenth century to the formation of communes in the 1960s and 1970s. But their track record as a vehicle for change is poor."[207]

Actor Emilio Estevez mentioned to Laura Ingraham that he has a new film out. It's an inspirational story about family and friends called The Way, which Estevez describes as "pro people, pro life." Estevez made headlines by saying that he was "Embarrassed" by Hollywood Values. [208]

Conservative Vox Day's prediction came true in terms of the the budget not being under control despite their being a Republican House majority. The U.S budget deficit for fiscal year 2011 is $1.299 trillion which the second largest shortfall in history.[209]

If the Republicans want to win in the long term and prevent a third party they are going to have to get serious about budget cutting. The U.S. government needs to stop papering over its problems through printing money and debt accumulation which will only cause a worse crises in the not too distant future.[210][211][212] It's time for the United States to swallow a bitter pill, face the consequences of it past poor economic decisions and start tackling its problems now.