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The “Lincoln” Project (note term to be an oxymoron, see below), also referred to as the clown crew,[1] is a bigoted,[2] sexist,[3][4][5] liberal[6] group of TDS-infected RINOs and former Republicans who are obsessed with opposing President Donald Trump and anyone who supports him. Comprising of moderate Republicans, neocon backers, former conservative leaders and McMasterites, their website headline is "Dedicated Americans Protecting Democracy"; note that the U.S. is a constitutional republic and not a simple democracy.

According to the fake news liberal media, the "Lincoln" Project is a "conservative group"[7][8] founded by "conservative"[9][10][11][12][13] critics of Donald Trump.

After releasing an ad entirely misleading to the point of being "censored" by the liberal platform Facebook,[14] the project release a headline whining over their obvious lies being exposed.[15] Even the extremely biased, left-wing PolitiFact rated the major claim made in the advertisement as "False".[16] However, the liberal site has still refused to face-check nearly all of the group's most outrageous claims.[17] Media Bias Fact Check also makes zero mention of the group's worst lies, giving a glowing review and marking their factual reporting as "Mixed" when most of the claims made have been proven to be outrageously false.[18]

Left-leaning Wikipedia has refused to accurately cover the sheer number of lies spread by the group.[19]

President Trump has accurately referred to the group has the "Loser's Project".[20]

The group has been duped by Proud Boys imposters who are actually Iranians interfering the 2020 elections in Biden's favor.[21]


Four of the founding members of the group wrote an op-ed on the New York Slimes in mid-December 2020.[22] It was reported that they apparently had tax troubles.[23]

George Conway

George T. Conway III, the bigoted Never Trumper husband of Kellyanne Conway, was among the founding members of the "Lincoln" Project after consistently exhibiting signs of acute TDS. Supposedly superior on moral grounds compared to Trump, Conway called moderate Republican representative Elise Stefanik "trash" and shared a fake photograph of her.[24] He has even asserted a toxic attitude towards his wife,[25] and attacked Melania Trump for defending her son Barron from a crude remark made by liberal hack Pamela Karlan.[26] He has referred to the Trump Administration as a "s***show in a dumpster fire".[27]

Conway announced in late August 2020 that he would step down from the group to focus on family matters[28] after his daughter Claudia had ranted as a social justice warrior on TikTok in the manner of a modern whiny teenager.[29] Kellyanne stepped down from her White House position as well.[30]

John Weaver

Despite the group repeating the Russian collusion hoax in falsely accusing Trump of having ties to Russia,[31] co-founder John Weaver was a foreign agent for the country.[23][32]

Steve Schmidt

Steve Schmidt, a RINO shill for the homosexual agenda who served as a staffer for the late neocon John McCain, was among the founding members of the group. He falsely claimed in late 2019 to be a Republican when he had already left the party and registered as an independent.[33] A bigot, he harshly attacked Sarah Palin after she had called him out[34] for betraying conservative Republican values; unsurprisingly, the liberal media that had been extremely biased and sexist towards Palin in 2008 was none too quick to side with Schmidt.[35] Schmidt also has also blamed Donald Trump for Palestinian extremism and attacked evangelical Christians.[36]

Michael Steele

Former RNC chairman Michael Steele, a former conservative known currently for his outspoken opposition to President Trump, joined the "Lincoln" Project in late August 2020.[37] Like Schmidt, he is an anti-Christian bigot who has attacked evangelicals.[38][39]

Oxymoronic terminology

It's important to note that the left-wing group naming themselves after President Abraham Lincoln is an oxymoron; their fierce opposition to President Trump/his bold policy decisions and sheer desire to see him removed from office nearly parallels that of the Confederates' hatred toward Lincoln. Their stance against Trump matches what early Democrats asserted about the 16th president of the United States:[40]

He is evidently a person of very inferior character.
Those who vote for the president’s re-election are traitors.

He is universally an admitted failure, has no will, no courage, no executive capacity.

There is a strong feeling among those who have seen the president, in the way of business, that he lacks practical talent for the job. It is thought that there should be more readiness.


The following is a list of extreme lies, slanders, and blatant falsehoods promoted by the group:

  • January 9, 2020—The "project" attacked evangelicals and fundamentalist Christians for their general strong support for Trump, taking several quotes out of context.[2]
  • January 13, 2020—The "Lincoln" Project released an ad attacking Sen. Cory Gardner, making false claims:[41]
    • "Why do the polls show you headed for humiliating defeat?" — a poll from Public Policy Polling is cited; the organization is known for their inaccuracies and favoring Democrats.
    • "The only thing you'll [Gardner] fight for is Trump. You're just another Trump servant." — Gardner had announced in early January 2018 that he would oppose Trump nominations to the DOJ unless then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions would reverse a marijuana crackdown.[42] In addition, he had voiced opposition to Trump in 2016.
    • "...putting Trump over Colorado every time... on healthcare, our environment, and honesty." — Gardner has championed bipartisan conservation efforts, and later successfully spearheaded the Great American Outdoors Act.[43] Furthermore, he has not sided with Trump on every issue.[44]
  • January 28, 2020—The group attacked Republican interim Sen. Martha McSally, with the following misleading/false points:[45]
    • "Martha McSally, Arizona rejected you in 2018..." — while the final results of the 2018 U.S. Senate election in Arizona showed McSally losing to Sinema by a narrow margin,[46] there had potentially been election fraud, as the former initially was leading on the election night before hundreds of thousands of votes were "discovered".[47] Such cases were prevalent during the 2018 Midterms overall.
    • "...and you [McSally] know why. You were too close to Donald Trump." — many conservatives in 2018 countered that McSally lost due to previous opposition to Trump and thus lost a certain degree of support.[48]
    • "And you [McSally] lost. Badly!" — McSally had only lost by less than three percentage points in a very tight race.[46]
    • "There's a reason your poll numbers are dropping, fast." — The ad cites Public Policy Polling, consistently known for left-wing bias, skewed and/or improperly weighed samples, low sample sizes, and high margins of error.
    • "...People like John McCain. And Barry Goldwater. Senators that served Arizona. People of courage. Toughness. They stood for what was right, no matter the political risk. And they are remembered as American heroes." — McCain betrayed fellow POWs left in Vietnam, fought to cover up evidence of such, and attacked those who brought up his actions.[49]
  • May 6, 2020—The group released a thirty-second ad attacking Sen. McSally once again, making false claims:
    • "Why. Why aren't you [McSally] leading?" — McSally was a proponent of the CARES Act and the Paycheck Protection Program covered in it to provide relief for Americans hurt by the CCP pandemic.
    • "Why aren't you helping?" — This claim is outrageously false; McSally had paused campaign fundraising in April, donated her salary to charity, and volunteered to deliver care packages to health care workers.[50][51]
    • "Why won't you put Arizona first? Why won't you fight Trump's Wall Street bailout?" — the ad was likely referring to the Republican-led CARES Act, which even PolitiFact admitted was not an outright bailout for only large corporations.[16]
  • July 17, 2020—The group released a malicious ad attacking Ivanka Trump for supposedly being uncaring and indifferent towards the struggles of Americans amidst the CCP pandemic, even ridiculously comparing her to Marie Antoinette;[3] the ad used sexist tropes[4][5] that would have been condemned across the board such that they were ever directed towards any female Democrat, yet far-left "news" outlets such as Raw Story sided with the egregious smear.[52] Furthermore, it's important to note that the president's daughter doesn't get paid for working at the White House out of a personal choice.[53]
  • July 29, 2020—The PAC released an egregious attack on RINO senator Susan Collins:[54]
    • "Susan Collins never stands up to Donald Trump." — Collins opposed Trump's candidacy in 2016,[55] and has continuously opposed him during the latter's presidency on countless issues, including Betsy DeVos, abortion, Obamacare repeal efforts, immigration, tariffs, the border wall, withdrawing troops from the Middle East, judicial nominees, regulations, executive war powers against Iran, etc.[56] Following this particularly outrageous assertion, the group was referred to by Guy Benson as the "clown crew".[1]
  • October 2020—The PAC set up defamatory and vile billboards on Times Square portraying Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner as touting coronavirus deaths, including those in New York; the group is currently being threatened with a lawsuit by a lawyer representing the couple.[57] It's important to note that most of the coronavirus deaths in New York were due to the incompetence of Andrew Cuomo, who directly caused the death of thousands of seniors. In addition, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, who serve as advisers to the president, play no direct role in directing coronavirus relief nor writing public health policies, making the attack egregious and erroneous.


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