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PolitiFact is a website that claims to present non-biased fact checking on claims made by candidates in the lead up to an election. The Mainstream Media calls the group a "neutral arbiter", but the facts are often skewed to a liberal's advantage. In 2010, 39% of Republican statements were "Pants on fire" or "False" compared with just 12% of Democrat statements.[1]

PolitiFact.com is a project of the Tampa Bay Times to help you find the truth in Washington and the Obama presidency.

Questionable Results

Due to their fake non-partisanship, non-biased stance and their use of Democrats as fact checkers, results are not trustworthy. Politifact statements are recycled by the lamestream whether truthful or not.[2] Mitt Romney calls for a Politifact correction.[3] Politifact claims there is no doubt that humans are responsible for Global Warming.[4] PolitiFact gave the biggest "lie of the year" for 2009 to Sarah Palin for saying Obamacare has death panels.[5]

According to PolitiFact, the thin blue line flag that is waved to show support for police is an "anti-Black Lives Matter flag".[6]

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