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Joni Ernst
Joni Ernst, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg
Junior U.S. Senator from Iowa
From: January 3, 2015 – present
Predecessor Tom Harkin
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Former State Senator from Iowa's
12th District

From: January 5, 2011 – November 28, 2014
Predecessor Kim Reynolds
Successor Mark Costello
Former Auditor of
Montgomery County, Iowa

From: 2005 – 2011
Predecessor Connie Magneson
Successor Ted Schoonover
Party Republican
Spouse(s) Gail Ernst[1] (div.)[2]
Religion Lutheran[1]
Military Service
Allegiance United States
Service/branch United States Army
Iowa Army National Guard
Service Years 1993 – 2015
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Unit 185th Combat Sustainment
Support Battalion
Battles/wars Iraq War

Joni K. Ernst, born July 1, 1970 (age 51), is a U.S. Senator from Iowa who was elected in the 2014 Midterm Elections. A mostly conservative Republican, she has received the fervent backing of the Koch brothers, who propelled her 2014 run into victory to succeed retiring leftist Democrat Tom Harkin. She has on occasions caved into political correctness, including her advocacy for renaming military bases in mid-2020 to appease history-erasing deceitful liberals as "the right thing to do".[3] Ernst currently serves alongside the state's senior senator Chuck Grassley.

Largely an advocate for traditional conservative values, Ernst has been harshly attacked by bigoted liberals, many of whom despise women on the political right out of sexism. Mass-murdering abortion lobby Planned Parenthood has baselessly portrayed her as "anti-women",[4] and NBC News smeared her in 2020 as being "far-right".[5] Ernst has also been the subject of several death threats by unhinged leftists.[6][7] (see: Left-wing violence in the Trump era)

Early life/education

Joni Kay Culver was born in Red Oak, Iowa to farmers Marilyn and Richard Culver. A graduate and the valedictorian of Stanton High School, she later attended Iowa State University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in psychology. She employed at Hardee's to earn money for college tuition, making biscuits in morning hours.[8]

Military service

Ernst saw combat as a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003–2004) and served in the Iowa Army National Guard as well as the U.S. Army Reserves, where she rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.[9]

Early political career

Ernst served as auditor of Montgomery County, Iowa from 2005 to 2011. She was later elected to the 84th and 85th general assembly of the Iowa legislature, (January 2011 to January 2015) her second term as a state senator from District 12, representing six mostly rural counties in the southwest corner of Iowa.[1]

U.S. Senate

2014 run

See: 2014 Midterm Elections

Ernst campaigned in the Republican U.S. Senate primary with the claim "I'll know how to cut pork".[10]

She received 52% of the vote in November 2014, while her Democrat opponent Bruce Braley received only 44%. In her victory, she swept 85 of Iowa's 99 counties.[11] She was later chosen to give the rebuttal to the president Barack Obama's State of the Union address in 2015.

Sen. Ernst's official portrait for the 114th United States Congress.


While mostly maintaining strong conservative stances, Ernst has also been considered a largely bipartisan senator on certain issues.[12]

Due to concerns on waivers for ethanol regulations, Ernst voted against proceeding a nomination made by Donald Trump for the EPA in late June 2020.[13]

Sen. Ernst was among many Republicans who backed a resolution introduced by Tom Cotton (R–AR) to oppose defunding the police.[14]

Along with several other moderate/conservative Republican senators, Ernst caved into a Democrat pro-Obamacare proposal in early October 2020, voting to protect the failed healthcare plan from being overturned after facing false attacks that she supposedly opposes protections for pre-existing conditions.[15]

In late October 2020, Sen. Ernst wrote an op-ed on Breitbart advocating for passing Sarah's Law that she introduced to ensure punishments for illegal aliens who commit crimes in the United States.[16] The legislation is named after Sarah Root, a 21 year-old Iowan who was killed by a drunk illegal alien in Omaha, Nebraska in 2016.[17]

Ernst and several other U.S. senators sponsored a bipartisan bill in December 2020 to allow victims of sexual abuse to sue pornographic websites that profit from such.[18]

Caving into political correctness

Despite having once aligned herself with the anti-establishment, anti-globalist movement conservative Steve King, Ernst condemned the representative over misconstrued and misrepresented statements as he faced heavy smears from the left.[19] She refused to endorse King in his 2020 re-election bid.[20]

In an interview with commentator Guy Benson, Ernst trashed Sidney Powell, an attorney for Michael Flynn and Donald Trump, for suggesting that candidates for public office are complicit in the degrading of election integrity.[21]

2020 run

See: 2020 United States Senate election in Iowa

Ernst ran for re-election in 2020 to a second Senate term. Despite outrageous liberal smears[22] and misleading left-wing polling given free publicity by lamestream media outlets including The Hill,[23][24][25][26][27][28][29][30][31] she won the general election over Democrat challenger Theresa Greenfield despite millions spent to unseat her,[32] solidifying support from the rural areas.[33] The far-left Washington Post erroneously suggested a possible flip for the Democrats.[34]

Political positions

According to On the Issues, Sen. Ernst is strongly conservative.[35] However, the Heritage Foundation has given her an overall rating of just under 70% due to certain votes in favor of the establishment,[36] particularly on the national debt.


Ernst has described herself as "adamantly pro-life".[37] She opposes permitting abortion in almost all instances, except for situations where such would be "necessary" to save the life of the mother, a matter which often becomes highly misconstrued due to blatant liberal deceit.[38] She has advocated for passing the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act as U.S. senator.


Despite having ran for Senate on a fiscally conservative platform and vocally opposing wasteful spending,[39] Ernst has voted several times in favor of bills to maintain the status quo of rising debt and dangerous federal spending levels.[40][41][42][43]


Ernst half-heartedly defended President Trump's trade policies, praising him for his actions to combat China's actions that hurt Iowa farmers while also criticizing him for not ending economic nationalist policies that benefit Americans for the long run.[44]

Liz Cheney

After Liz Cheney was booted from the chair position, Ernst came to her defense.[45]

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