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After the Democratic party First Debate Google search trends indicated Tulsi Gabbard was the candidate voters wanted to learn more about. A Drudge Report online poll had Gabbard with 42% of 74,736 total votes cast. Her closest rival, Elizabeth Warren, had only 12%. Other online surveys from the Washington Examiner, NJ.com and Heavy all point towards similar results with Gabbard winning almost every early online poll. Each poll shows her averaging between 30% – 40% of the total vote. Washington Examiner has her coming on top with 39.22% of the vote, NJ.com shows Gabbard with 34.67% and the Heavy has her at 32.24%.[1] Fake news cable networks however ignored her. Julián Castro was declared the "breakout star" of the night by both MSNBC's Kasie Hunt and the bigoted New York Times.[2]

Gabbard was interviewed for a position in the Trump administration during the Trump transition.[3][4] Gabbard called Kamala Harris's attacks on Joe Biden "underhanded."

Google's election meddling

Gabbard is suing Google for $50 million for censorship of her campaign ads.[5] Google blocked her ads account shortly after the first Democrat presidential debate, when Gabbard became the most-searched-for candidate in the Democrat field.

Gabbard’s complaint accuses Google of censoring the candidate at the very moment when millions of Americans wanted to learn more about her. It also accuses Google of sending Gabbard’s campaign emails to people’s Gmail spam folders at a “disproportionately high rate.” The campaign seeks a legal injunction against Google to prevent further election meddling, as well as $50 million in damages. According to Gabbard’s legal complaint against Google:

At the height of Gabbard’s popularity among Internet searchers in the immediate hours after the debate ended, and in the thick of the critical post-debate period (when television viewers, radio listeners, newspaper read-ers, and millions of other Americans are discussing and searching for presidential candidates), Google suspended Tulsi’s Google Ads account without warning.

For hours, as millions of Americans searched Google for information about Tulsi, and as Tulsi was trying, through Google, to speak to them, her Google Ads account was arbitrarily and forcibly taken offline. Throughout this period, the Campaign worked frantically to gather more information about the suspension; to get through to someone at Google who could get the Account back online; and to understand and remedy the restraint that had been placed on Tulsi’s speech—at precisely the moment when everyone wanted to hear from her.

The legal complaint argues that Google could have a nefarious impact on American democracy if its behavior is allowed to continue unchecked. This is the viewpoint of Dr. Robert Epstein, who says the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe will “go all out” to influence the 2020 election.

In a series of Tweets, the Hawaii Democrat said Google’s actions “reveals the danger of their dominance & how the dominance of big tech over public discourse threatens core American values.”[6]

Clinton election meddling

Hillary Clinton rebooted her Vast Russian Conspiracy trying to make herself relevant again after the demise of Joe Biden in the Ukrainian corruption scandal.

Hillary Clinton slandered Gabbard with a xenophobic smear, calling Gabbard "a Russian asset." CNN's Van Jones came to Gabbard's defense, and pointed out how it was Hillary Clinton spreading disinformation to divide Americans, fulfilling Putin's aims. Jones noted,

“Tulsi Gabbard was picked out by the Democratic Party and put at the top of the DNC. They thought she was going to be their golden girl, and she got that position in the DNC and she looked around and saw Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other people, Clinton allies, doing stuff they shouldn’t have been doing in the primary. And Tulsi publicly quit and endorsed Bernie Sanders, and it’s been payback hell ever since.”[7]

Gabbard resigned from her post as vice-chair of the Democrat National Committee in February of 2016 to both express her displeasure with how the committee was trying to rig the Democrat primary in Clinton’s favor and to support then-Democrat candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’ candidacy. In response, DNC officials sent her an email — one later outed by WikiLeaks — blasting her for disrespecting Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton will be our party’s nominee and you standing on ceremony to support the sinking Bernie Sanders ship is disrespectful to Hillary Clinton.”[8]

The email was reportedly forwarded to Clinton with the subject line “Hamme[r] dropped!”

Clinton, who funded Dr. Jill Stein's recount of the 2016 presidential election,[9] also called Stein "a Russian asset." Clinton's Steele dossier, a compendium of lies and misinformation which Hillary Clinton paid for and the Obama administration and Mueller investigation used as the basis of their FISA abuse and election meddling, also referred to Dr. Stein, Gen. Michael Flynn, and Carter Page as Russian assets.[10]

Pre-primary debates

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First Debate - June 26-27, 2019

Allegedly by the luck of the draw, the DNC spotlighted Elizabeth Warren the night of the First Debate who was rising in the polls at the time. Warren of course, was given more speaking time.[11] Beto was scripted in as her chief rival. The two old white guys, Bernie and Biden were paired off the second night along with the pee-and-vinegar upstart Buttigieg. With 97% of the workforce employed, Democrats called for fixing the economy.[12] All the talk of health care naturally led to killing the unborn ("women's health," "reproductive justice," etc.). All support Medicare for the Planet[13] courtesy of the U.S. taxpayers.[14] When asked about the geostrategic threat posed by China, most adhered to the views of 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the foreign policy of the 1980s.[15]

Although Gabbard was the social media pick as winner of the first night,[16] fake news cable networks pushed Castro because of Gabbards anti-globalism. The second night Harris may have delivered a knockout punch to the 'ol time segregationist Joe Biden. Mayor Buttigieg survived, despite broiling racial tensions back in his hometown. Yang's microphone was repeatedly cut off, but did well on online polls. Delaney made sense, but was ignored. Booker held position, and Mayor De Blasio displayed masterly speaking skills, but failed to advance either at home or on the national stage. Hickenlooper and Bennet proved as obnoxious on a national stage as they do in their "most progressive state" home of Colorado. Beto, Sanders, Gillibrand, and Klobuchar appeared washed up.

After the first nite gaggle a Drudge Report online poll had Gabbard with 42% of 74,736 total votes cast. Her closest rival, Elizabeth Warren, had only 12%. Other online surveys from the Washington Examiner, NJ.com and Heavy all point towards similar results with Gabbard winning almost every early online poll. Each poll shows her averaging between 30% – 40% of the total vote. Washington Examiner has her coming on top with 39.22% of the vote, NJ.com shows Gabbard with 34.67% and the Heavy has her at 32.24%.[17] Andrew Yang won the second night with 28% of over 56.000 total votes cast, Harris 16%, Marianne Williamson 12%, Biden 10% and Sanders 6%. The much touted Socialist cage match, Bernie vs. Liz,[18] takes a backseat to the Harris vs. Biden rematch, with the smart money on Harris.[19]

Second Debate - July 30-31, 2019

By the Second Debate, the tried and tested DNC strategy was becoming clear. Nominate another black candidate and smear anyone as racist who criticizes or offers anything less than full-throated approval. By July 2019 America woke to the fact that both Joseph Biden and Nancy Pelosi are racists.[20] No Democrat can win the presidency without black support. Donald Trump has made significant inroads into the monolithic bloc of black Democrats,[21] and poses a real threat to the future of the party.[22] A Harris/Castro ticket was already being talked about consisting of blacks, Hispanics, and a smattering of aged white babyboomer hippies and their Antifa grandchildren.

The first night was the Thrilla in Vanilla, the all-white card with Warren vs Sanders headlining the matchup to see who can out-socialist who. Buttigieg, Williamson, O'Rourke, Klobuchar, Delaney, Ryan, and Hickenlooper were also scheduled; in an inexplicable move, Mike Gravel, who qualified for the debate, got bumped for Steve Bollocks, whom nobody can explain why he is running. All the people of color were bunched together the second night, with the dreaded Biden vs. Harris rematch. Biden has been in intensive training to take on Harris, who is below his weight class. Look for Harris and Booker double teaming to finish off Biden. Gabbard, Yang, Booker, Gillibrand, Inslee, Bennet, De Blasio and the DNC/media darling Castro were also scheduled the second night. After all candidates went on record nullifying citizenship rights by advocating open borders, free healthcare for illegal immigrants and no citizenship questions, the rules in this debate forbid a show-of-hands question. CNN fake news narrative engineers Dana Bash, Don Lemon and Jake Tapper were named moderators.

At post time only seven candidates were meeting the threshold for the Third Round of debates in September, Biden, Warren, Sanders, Harris, Buttigieg, Yang and O'Rourke. The rest were below the 2% threshold: Gabbard, Booker, Klobuchar, Williamson, Castro, de Blasio, Gillibrand, Delaney, Supreme, Bullock, Hickenlooper, Ryan, Bennet, Inslee, Steyer and Sestak.

The first night DNC Chair Tom Perez welcomed the audience and thanked the Rev. Al Sharpton, who once proposed killing crackers [white people] and pigs, [police].[23] for his service to the party.[24] In a remarkable turn, the debate opened with the national anthem. Beto brought three athletes along to kneel during the anthem. Warren again was given the most speaking time. Warren pledged to fight environmental racism, economic racism, healthcare racism, every form of racism except Democrat party racism. Beginning with the racist idea that minority voters are stupid, Warren steadfastly claimed she could reduce healthcare costs without cutting doctors pay, or producing more doctors to serve millions of more patients. Williamson won the debate as the No. 1 most searched for candidate on Google. The usual railing against corporations and billionaires ensued, courtesy of the candidate's corporate and billionaire donors who made the whole debate event possible. Many trash talked their own signature failed success story, Obamacare, in favor of government run Gestapocare. Delaney again repeated a few common sense arguments, and was laughed off the stage. The Warren vs. Sanders smackdown piled on an additional $4.5 trillion annual expanse to the federal budget and, accordingfr to Delaney, closing of the nation's hospitals. Sanders committed a Trumpism by promising "a strong border defense," appeared angry and was told to stop shouting. Warren repeated Trump's talking points on trade and virtually all grudgingly admired President Trump's handling of problems with China. A few tried to moderate their stance on open borders with limited success.

The second night of the Second Debate, CNN allotted Biden the bulk of the time. The first hour was spent on a senseless discussion of healthcare, with no single candidate's proposals standing a chance of ever becoming law without a veto-proof Senate and holding the House. Harris mumbled her way through her new healthcare plan released days earlier, a sort of "buy now, pay later" billed as a human right, leaving the cost to a future Congress to worry about after she leaves office. She herself seemed to barely understand the plan. All agreed "profit" was a dirty word. Biden effectively neutralized Booker's attack on his racism by citing Booker's zero tolerance policy as mayor, making the point that racial profiling and stop and frisk policies had been advantageous to Booker's career. The U.S. intelligence community was accused of lying to the American people about WMD to get Biden to vote for the Iraq War while in the next breath the sacred text of the Mueller report and the U.S. intelligence community's Russia collusion hoax was taken as gospel. Harris wanted to "lock him up," with no evidence of a crime. Gabbard pummeled Harris mercilessly over her record as a prosecutor, citing Harris' keeping an inmate on death row while stashing exculpatory evidence and her racist joke about herself as a stereotypical dope smoking Jamaican while locking up thousands for the same crime. Throughout the evening Harris failed to seize the moment in her fifteen minutes of fame (Biden leaked to the press two weeks earlier that he had dirt on everyone). Obama received a thorough thrashing on stage.[25] Like Stalin repudiating Lenin while maintaining a facade of praise, Politico reported all leading Democrats "disavow Obama's creation of rival political groups."[26] Leftists, being leftists, disrupted the debates - a vital part of the democratic process and showing no respect for other peoples rights - several times by heckling. Before it was over, they all wanted to make America great again, a nation they all claimed was never that great to begin with a few weeks earlier. Afterward, Biden lingered with Sharpton for the cameras.

Despite all the talk of “diversity” - women, an Hispanic, an Asian, a Hindu, a fake Native American, one and a half blacks and at least one openly LGBTQ candidate - an old rich white male segregationist still led the field of 25 by double digits.[27]

Third Debate - September 12, 2019

Despite the MSM and DNC's best efforts, Tulsi Gabbard made the 130,000 donor threshold for the Third Debate. While Gabbard was beating Klobuchar, Gillibrand and Castro and topped 2 percent in 26 national polls, the media blackout continued. Gabbard argued that “the DNC has not released their criteria for selecting the 16 polling organizations they deemed ‘certified’” and urged that the DNC should “revise their list of debate qualifying polls in light of numerous irregularities in the selection and timing of those polls, to ensure transparency and fairness.” Marianne Williamson, the winner of the Second Debate, crossed the 120,000 threshold. Yang, Sanders, Warren, Harris, Klobuchar, Biden, and Buttigieg all met the 130,000 threshold and 2% polling requirement. Sanders led the field with the most individual donors — about 746,000 — followed by Warren with about 421,000. Biden tumbled in the polls to third place after a series of incidents that couldn't be excused as mere gaffes and caused people to seriously doubt his mental stability; and Harris' poll numbers dropped to 1% among her chosen identity group. Billionaire Tom Steyer, who hadn't made a debate appearance, was ready to overtake Harris[28] and spent $140,000 a day on Facebook begging for $1 donations to make the debate stage.[29] Bullock argued that “these DNC debate rules have turned this primary into the ‘The Hunger Games’ — each step of this seems to be all about getting donors.” Bennet charged “The DNC’s process is stifling debate at a time when we need it most.” O'Rourke's support fell off the map after his unhinged performance during the El Paso Walmart shooting. Gillibrands's ex-staffers were begging her to quit.

The DNC rigged the process (with some help from Google) to keep Tulsi off the debate stage. [30] Even after the DNC and media establishment schemed against Gabbard, the attacks continued after she was eliminated from debates. Marianne Williamson campaign released a statement saying the DNC used only 11 polls, not the promised 18, to determine a candidate’s debate qualifications: “If the DNC had followed the process they announced in February and kept to the promised 17 [sic] qualifying polls, the lineup of the upcoming Third Debate might be very different.” By show time, Gabbard was in a statistical deadheat with Harris.

Castro called attention to Biden's failing mental state while both were attacked by moderator Jorge Ramos for Obama's horrendous immigration record and deceiving DACA kids. Biden proposed turning all car thieves and home burglars loose.<refhttps://hotair.com/archives/ed-morrissey/2019/09/13/biden-nobody-jail-non-violent-crime/</ref> Kamala "Todo" Harris exposed the Wizard behind the curtain. While Sanders "wrote the damn bill," Klobuchar "read the damn bill." Yang still selling free money from the U.S. Treasury, offered a supplemental bribe of another $1,000 a month paid out of campaign funds to ten lucky winners, which is most likely illegal.[31] Beto vowed to tear up the Constitution and confiscate guns. An ad aired during a break narrated by Elizabeth Heng saying “This is the face of socialism and ignorance. Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know the horror of socialism?” A photo of skulls in a Khmer Rouge death camp in Cambodia are shown. “My father was minutes from death in Cambodia before a forced marriage saved his life. That’s socialism: Forced obedience. Starvation. Mine is a face of freedom, my skin is not white, I’m not outrageous, racist, nor socialist. I’m a Republican.”[32] Leftwing fascists in the audience, of coarse, again, showed no respect for other people or other people's rights and disrupted the debate for an extended period.[33] Booker appeared the most appealing and human. Warren tried to appear presidential while still pitching communist healthcare. Klobuchar continued her unappealing and unexciting manner. Buttigieg still doesn’t seem to know what he wants to be when he grows up.

New Hampshire polls still had Tulsi Gabbard ahead of Harris, Buttigieg, Castro, Booker, Yang, Klobuchar. De Blasio, and Steyer.[34] During the debate @TulsiGabbard was searched more than Booker, Beto, and Klobuchar.

Fourth Debate - October 15, 2019

After being shunted to the back of the bus by the Democratic National Committee, Tulsi - a woman of color - made the Fourth pre-Primary Debate stage.[35][36] Although he missed the Third Debate, Steyer was able to purchase his away onto the stage for the Fourth Debate. The poop finally hit the fan over Biden family corruption which the MSM could no longer blackout. Sanders, who was slipping anyway, couldn't capitalize and had a heart attack.[37] For the first time Warren moved in to first place. Top 1% Democrat Wall Street mergadonors, who are funding the convention, threatened to quit if Warren is the nominee.[38] NBC News and Roll Call started writing Harris's epitaph.[39][40] Booker sent out a Jim and Tammy Faye Baker fundraising plea before the September 30 FEC reporting deadline saying if fundraising goals were not met that he'd bow out[41] but was temporarily saved by Biden and Sanders' troubles so he delayed withdrawal. As Buttigieg surpassed Harris solidifying himself in the #4 slot, suddenly became ashamed of his gayness[42] and began cannibalizing Beto supporters on gun rights. Buttigieg is posturing as the anti-communist Medicare for All moderate, drawing the ire of party boss Ocasio-Cortez.[43] Third Quarter FEC fundraising reports showed Sanders beating Warren, with Buttigieg over Biden for third place and Biden trailing the frontrunners by $10 million. Meanwhile the RNC set fundraising records with $125 million.[44]

Anderson Pooper, Erin Burnett and Marc Lacey moderated. Remarkably, Yang said, "When we are talking about Trump, we're loosing." Biden thinks he, and his son, "did nothing wrong," after obstructing justice by firing a prosecutor investigating his son. Harris flipped the debate from Medicare for All (who want it) to exterminating babies. Booker wants more abortion crematoriums and proposes bringing auto manufacturing jobs back from Mexico by raising the minimum wage at McDonalds. Buttigieg tried to paint himself as the anti-Washington outsider. Steyer, the lone billionaire on the stage, agreed with Sanders - billionaires should be outlawed. Tulsi actually used the phrase "bad trade deals." Biden doesn't want to demonize rich people or his son. Warren recycled the ol' "you didn't build that" speech. Castro wants to tear down the Las Vegas strip and give it to the homeless. Klobuchar vowed to raise taxes. Yang thinks printing money is easier than creating jobs.

Gabbard wins again, despite her limited speaking time by CNN and the DNC.

Biden vowed to put troops back into Syria and go to war with our NATO ally, Turkey. Gabbard criticized the warmongers on the stage who voted for regime change wars. Warren thinks "we should get out of the Middle East", yet still trashed the Commander in Chief who did just that. Buttigieg came down on the side of neocon warmongers and terrorist groups, such as al Qaeda, and trashed two American allies, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Sanders wants to cut the alliance with Turkey, as well, which would benefit only Russia and Putin. Klobuchar still wants to give Iran nukes. Harris and Castro were clearly out of their league in a foreign policy discussion. Booker wants war with Russia, or at least tell Putin, "cut it out." Biden, in a flare of his old demagoguery, boasted of his own relationship with Putin. Beto wants to freeze Putin's bank account, which is already frozen, and then held up James Mattis as his hero. Steyer wants to trash "America First," and thinks fighting the "climate crisis" will aid the Kurds. Yang said "We have to tell Putin, 'Look, you've tampered with elections, we've tampered with other elections, and it's gotta stop'", and continue fighting the climate crisis as a way to standing up to Putin. Klubuchar thinks attacking Mitch McConnell and the people who pay for political ads is how to stand up to Putin.

Beto wants to disarm Hispanics who were attacked in his community. Buttigieg wants to "get something done." Booker spoke of "surrendering our freedoms to fear," with no reference to leftwing violence in the Trump era. Castro wants to resurrect the war on cops.

Klobuchar wants to raise taxes on opioids. Steyer will fight the opioid epidemic with term limits. Yang wants to legalize heroin to fight opioids. Beto & Yang both want free, government-funded injection sites. Harris and Castro will send pharmaceutical executives to jail (with no mention of sending elected officials to jail, who voted for Medicare Part D which funds the opioid epidemic, or FDA civil servants who approved the manufacturing and sale of opioids). Sanders wants to destroy both the fossil fuel and pharmaceutical industries.

Sanders then thanked all those who aided him through his recent illness (including the pharmaceutical industry presumably and fossil fuel industry that rushed him to the hospital after his heart attack). Biden thinks he possesses "wisdom," despite recent corruption allegations.

Yang likes monopoly control of Big Tech. Steyer would rather break up Donald Trump than Big Tech. Harris, who represents Silicon Valley, and Warren, an avowed communist, got into a cat fight over splitting up Big Tech.

Harris wants to continue exterminating black babies. Booker will create the White House Office of Reproductive Freedom to lead the fight for planet earth. Buttigieg wants to pack the court. Biden and Castro oppose court packing and advocate a pro-abortion litmus test.

Biden attacked both Sanders and Warren on "vagueness" and Medicare for All. Buttigieg asked people to think about the future rather than touting experience or big ideas.

In closing, all candidates were asked to name a friend with opposing views as emblematic of their vision to unite the country. Klobuchar invoked "the fired up Democrat base" that beat up Trump supporters days earlier at a rally in Minneapolis. Booker displayed his impressive public speaking skills, pledging his "sacred honor," despite his despicable conduct in the Kavanaugh hearings. Castro once rented a car with a Republican Congressman. Harris spewed her race hate all over the stage. John McCain and George W. Bush suddenly were not the racist scumbags we were told by Democrats and the mainstream media for two decades, but honorable statesmen. Warren cited the name of a man whom she accused of sexual misconduct while delivering a eulogy at his funeral in front of his widow and children as an opponent who promoted her career and she got along with.[45]

CNN’s ratings tanked to an all time low, with a 50-percent drop from the first debate hosted by NBC News in June 2019. The time imbalance was so obvious and a pathetic effort to promote Elizabeth Warren. All notions of fairness were tossed out the window as Warren raved on about socialism and her hatred of Trump.

Foreign policy

Tulsi's husband made this tweet: “I just want to share this photo as a reminder of where @TulsiGabbard‘s loyalties lay. For anyone to smear my wife as an agent or asset of another country is offensive to all Americans, no matter where your political ideologies lay.”

Gabbard was one of 50 Democrats who signed a letter authored by California communist Barbara Lee calling on President Obama not to escalate the Syrian war[46] after Obama provided covert assistance to the Islamic State.[47]

On Joe Scarborough's Morning Joe, Gabbard had this exchange with reporter Kasi Hunt:
Hunt: Do you think Assad is our enemy?
Gabbard: Assad is not the enemy of the United States because Syria does not pose a direct threat to the United States.
Hunt: What do you say to Democratic voters who watched you go over there, and what do you say to military members who have been deployed repeatedly in Syria pushing back against Assad?
Gabbard: People who have been deployed to Syria have been there focused on their mission, which has been to defeat ISIS. Our troops have not gone to Syria to wage yet another costly, destructive regime change war.[48]

Gabbard has highlighted her noninterventionist America First foreign policy. Gabbard said, "When it comes to the war against terrorists, I'm a hawk. When it comes to counterproductive wars of regime change, I'm a dove."[49]


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