Doug Ducey

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Doug Ducey
Governor of Arizona
From: January 5, 2015 – present
Predecessor Jan Brewer
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Former Treasurer of Arizona
From: January 3, 2011 – January 5, 2015
Predecessor Dean Martin
Successor Jeff DeWit
Party Republican
Spouse(s) Angela Ducey
Religion Roman Catholic[1]

Douglas Anthony Ducey (born April 9, 1964, age 57) is a businessman and the current governor of Arizona. A conservative Republican, Ducey has previously served as the Treasurer of Arizona.

Governor of Arizona

Ducey was elected in 2014 succeed Jan Brewer, defeating his Democrat opponent in the gubernatorial election by over 10% of the vote.[2]

Ducey signed into law on January 5, 2015 a bill that would require all high school students in Arizona to pass a civics test similar to immigrant naturalization tests in order to graduate.[3]

An opponent of ObamaCare, Ducey signed a bill in April 2015 that would prohibit the enforcement of the Affordable Care Act in Arizona.[4]

Ducey signed SB 1367 into law on March 31, 2017, a "born-alive" bill that would require physicians to care for and protect infants who survive abortions.[5]

An advocate of school choice, Ducey signed into law in April 2017 a bill that would extend school voucher eligibilities to all schoolchildren in Arizona.[6]

After the death of sitting RINO senator John McCain, Ducey appointed former Arizona senator Jon Kyl on September 2018 to fill the seat vacated.[7]

Ducey was easily re-elected to a second term in office in the 2018 Arizona gubernatorial election.[8]

After Kyl announced that he would be stepping down from his brief tenure in the Senate seat, Ducey appointed Martha McSally to succeed Kyl.[9]

Political views

Being mostly conservative, Ducey opposes abortion, Obamacare, and illegal immigration.[10]


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