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California values is a growing list of the shocking and sickening conduct and behavior in an increasingly liberal state. It includes:

  • pervasive homelessness, including throughout Sacramento
  • use of city sidewalks in San Francisco to defecate in public
  • theft of a firefighter's wallet from his car and then draining his bank account while he tried to save Santa Cruz from a fire[1]
  • election as Senator Kamala Harris who originally boosted her political career by having an affair with the much-older powerful state politician, Willie Brown[2]
  • massive ignorance of the negative effects of voting for Democrats who enact high tax rates; many Californians who move to other states such as Texas and Arizona because of such a reason continue to vote for the same party that hurt previous economic prospects while irrationally expecting more positive results
  • flood of H-1B visa workers, mostly from Asia, who keep wages too low for most American engineers to live comfortably
  • the worst public schools in the United States, and the private ones are not much better
  • mandatory vaccination that has eliminated nearly all traditional exemptions[3]
  • marijuana stores that seem to be almost everyone, along with billboards promoting them
  • the overturning of death penalty sentences initially imposed on cruel murderers[4]
  • environmentalist over-regulation that targets out-of-state businesses such as auto manufacturers, while California residents are subjected to smoke inhalation from out-of-control wildfires
  • passing[5] and signing[6] legislation that would ease punishments for those who sodomize minors

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