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The Pacific Institute is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization established in Oakland, California to further environmental awareness. They represent yet another group claiming non-partisan when in fact, they are far-left liberals. Like all liberal environmentalists, they deem Global Warming "settled science" and mock the opposition as "deniers" holding on to "willful ignorance". Per their website: "We conduct research, publish reports, recommend solutions, and work with decision makers, advocacy groups, and the public to change policy." Pacific Institute wants a healthy planet by promoting "environmental justice."

Peter H. Gleick is Pacific Institute's president and considers himself a scientist, having a Ph.D from UC Berkeley. Gleick is a Democrat, a denier of creationism, and refuses to consider the links between vaccines and autism. Gleick whined about how conservatives use bad science to push political agendas. He makes noise writing articles for the left-wing Huffington Post. In addition, he points a finger of shame at the supposed anti-science mentality of the Republican presidential candidates, then references other liberal sources as proof they are wrong.

In 2012, Gleick admitted to stealing private information from conservative think tank Heartland Institute on the subject of Climate Change. A number of institutions have accepted his resignation or removed his name from their membership.[1][2]


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