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Chris Cuomo[1]

Christopher Charles Cuomo is a television anchor who works at CNN. He is a son of Mario Cuomo, the former Governor of New York and the brother of Andrew Cuomo, the current Governor of New York. Cuomo called hope of surviving the CCP global pandemic "bulls***".[2] Cuomo has consistently supported and encouraged violent leftist extremism, particularly that of the revolutionary Marxist Antifa and Black Lives Matter organizations.

Cuomo, who's often regarded as a moronic liberal, ridiculously blamed President Trump for Nancy Pelosi's actions in Salongate.[3]

Support for Antifa fascism

Black Lives Matter protesters murdered 8 year old Secoriea Turner on July 5, 2020 in Atlanta.[4]
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Cuomo uses his CNN platform to advocate violence. As early as 2018 Cuomo has justified the activities of Antifa terrorist organization.[5] During the 2020 Antifa riots Cuomo supported Leftwing violence.[6]

Cuomo unleashed a despicable racist attack on Sen. Tim Scott during the 2020 Republican National Convention.[7]


See also: Fredogate

In August 2019 a video of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo went viral after a member of the public called him "Fredo", and he badly handled the situation and threatened violence.[8][9] The incident made headlines in several newspapers earning him the nickname Fredo Cuomo or Fredo the Younger. His brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is often referred to as Fredo the Elder.

Chris Cuomo said Donald Trump isn't aging at fast as past U.S. presidents

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Chris Cuomo admitted that President Donald Trump wasn't aging as fast as past U.S. presidents.[10]