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In sharp contrast to conservatives like Joe Arpaio who are tough on real crime, liberals in law enforcement are lax on actual crime, abuse their power, and harass good citizens whom they don't like. Liberal law enforcement officers are often very active in their labor unions and support liberal politicians, while attacking conservative politicians.

Liberal traits in the field of law enforcement

Maybe the reason liberals in law enforcement support gun control is because they're only allowed to have one bullet themselves and don't know how to shoot?
  • Refusing to enforce immigration laws
  • Breaking the very laws they are supposed to enforce[1]
  • Abuse of equipment and misuse of tax payer funds
  • Participating in strikes, potentially putting the public in danger[2]
  • Failing to investigate crimes against conservatives (who have significant technical evidence) committed by liberals while treating falsely accused conservatives like public enemy number one based on allegations by liberals with no evidence
  • Racial and sexual discrimination
  • Police harassment of conservatives
  • Going on liberals' political ads wearing their uniforms and attacking conservative candidates.[3]
  • Elected law enforcement officials running as Republicans but adhering to liberal policies in office See RINO
  • Being deceitful during traffic stops, criminal investigations, press releases, etc.
  • Supporting gun control[4]url=
  • Refusing to stop liberals from rioting, and ordering officers under them to do the same.[5]

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