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Richard Spencer officially Riden' with Biden. Spencer organized the 2015 Neo-Nazi Charlottesville March and is one of the "fine people" Biden claims Trump praised.[1]

Richard Bertrand Spencer (born May 11, 1978) is an atheist, CNN consultant, American white supremacist, and a self-proclaimed member of the Alt-Right; [2] he claims that he created the word "alt-right."[3] He states that he is not a Neo-Nazi or the member of the KKK.[4] He wants to create a country for white people only, which he calls a safe space for white people. [5] Spencer is an enthusiastic supporter of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the 2020 Presidential election and said he would vote straight Democrat.[6]

Spencer has supported numerous Leftist Democrats, including John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election and socialist Democrat candidate Andrew Yang in the 2020 Democrat primaries.[7][8] The alt-right advocate Vox Day rejects the notion that Spencer is alt-right and provides evidence that Spencer is a leftist.[9]


Richard Spencer believes that "Race is real", and that "Race matters".[10] Spencer is a strong atheist, though he does not believe that the separation of Church and State is entirely possible.[11] Spencer does not believe that he is a white supremacist.[12] Spencer believes that black people are less smart than white people based on comparative IQ studies.[13]

Spencer's wife Nina Kouprianova has also gained prominence through her English-language translations of the works of Aleksandr Dugin.[14]

Although the alt-right universally considers the United States to be on the wrong side of the ongoing second Cold War with Russia, Spencer stands out by having implied that the United States was also on the wrong side in the first Cold War. In a 2015 interview, Spencer explained his pro-Soviet sympathies:[15]

I think the Soviet Union protected Russians from an even worse ideology, that is the liberalism of the United States and Western Europe.

Spencer is an advocate of abortion. He believes abortion would reduce the number of black and Hispanic people, which he says would be a "great boon" to white people.[16]

Spencer supports the Nationalization of all healthcare for a universal single-payer government-run system.[17]

In an appearance on ABC talk show The View on January 8, 2020, Spencer showed his true leftist colors as he bashed President Donald Trump while the show's hosts and its leftist female studio audience, in their Trump Derangement Syndrome, rooted him on.[18] During his appearance, Spencer claimed to have "voted for" Trump in 2016 (although, in all likelihood, this may have been only a ruse concocted in collusion with the Democrats in an attempt to discredit Trump by falsely associating him with racism, white supremacism and anti-Semitism - all of which Trump and the Republican Party despise and are opposed to - and also falsely accusing him of being what the Democrats themselves have been for as long as the party has existed), which later drew heavy criticism on social media against him, the View hosts and its audience for their hypocrisy and Trump-hatred.


  • "Let's just give people a single-payer healthcare system and stop having this stupid debate."[19]