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Mark Zaid

Mark Zaid is the attorney for Deep State informant Eric Ciaramella.[1] Zaid declared a coup against President Trump and American democracy on January 30, 2017.[2]

A YouTube channel allegedly belonging to Zaid features ‘liked’ videos about “Disney girls.”[3] The channel is in the name of MarkSZaidEsq.[4] The channel contains uploads of clips featuring Zaid, including interviews on Russia Today (RT), which was the subject of former CIA director John Brennan's January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment alleging a "Trump-Russia conspiracy".[5] Gen. Michael Flynn was alleged to be a "Russian agent" for having appeared on RT.[6] The channel also shows videos that the owner ‘liked’, including one called ‘Top 10 prettiest Disney Channel stars’,[7] which shows Disney stars transitioning from children to adults. Other liked videos include ‘Top 10 Disney Girls’ and one called ‘Selena Gomez from child to women’.[8] Zaid has bragged on Twitter that he has gotten national security clearances for "guys who had child porn issues."[9]

Mark Zaid at the grave of John Wilkes Booth, the killer of America's first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln.

Zaid for a time was the attorney for Louise Mensch until she publicly and unceremoniously fired him on Twitter in 2017.[10] Mensch was the first to report on FISA abuse on November 9, 2016, the day after the 2016 presidential election. Mensch inferred that President-elect Trump was a Putin puppet because the FBI had obtained FISA warrants against his campaign team.[11]

Zaid offered his services to Michael Avenatti,[12] the disgraced lawyer and former Democrat Party presidential candidate arrested on spousal battery charges. According to reports, Avenatti's spouse was a woman.

Attorney Victoria Toensing suggested U.S. Attorney John Durham may wish to interview Zaid in relation to the origins of the Spygate scandal and early leaks during the Trump transition.[13]

Personal life

Zaid has stated that he likes hanging around alone at children's water parks.[14]


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