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The Gang of Nine in the 116th United States Congress is a less-than-common term referring to nine freshman Democrats in the United States House of Representatives who have experience in national security, are known for being less radical than the average Democrat, and despite such, are still phony “moderates” who broke campaign promises of pragmatism and problem-solving in joining the impeachment coup against Donald Trump. The members are[1]:

Notwithstanding their political views, the members of the Gang of Nine generally tend to be less vitriolic than the average Democrat.

Membership analysis

Representative Issues 2020 re-election chances
Jared Golden, official portrait, 116th congress.jpg
Jared Golden
U.S. Marine Corps veteran who was elected in 2018 due to a statewide ranked-choice voting system.[2] Formerly worked for RINO senator Susan Collins.[Citation Needed] Having voted in favor of the first article of the impeachment sham against Donald Trump although against the second one,[3] Golden faces opposition from both bratty, spoiled far-leftists such as Stephen King[4] in addition to Trump supporters,[5] and an opinion article by the Washington Examiner correctly pointed out his logically flawed justification for his split vote as well as the fact that voting in favor of any number of articles of impeachment (be it one, two, ten, or fifty) is to vote in favor of impeaching.[6] 50-50[7]
Elissa Slotkin, official portrait, 116th Congress (cropped).jpg
Elissa Slotkin
Former CIA agent. Defeated Republican then-incumbent Mike Bishop in the 2018 midterm elections[8] after the latter was betrayed by the GOP establishment.[9] Admitted to betraying colleagues while in the Middle East.[10] 60-40[7]