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In May 2020, an infamous altercation occurred between Amy Cooper, a corporate executive, and Christian Cooper, a birdwatcher. From a video posted on social media, Amy appeared to be acting in a racially bigoted manner toward Christian, who happens to be African-American. According to the video, Amy was acting in a hysterical fashion, calling the police on an "African-American man," as she repeatedly described him, for asking her to put her dog on a leash. She was consequently fired from her job, and was forced to surrender her dog, which she appeared to be choking and mistreating in the video.[1] Subsequently, Christian posted additional details about the incident on Facebook.[2] Some conservatives, such as Kaitlin Bennett and Michael Knowles, who had waited that long to react to the situation then condemned Christian's behaviour. Apparently, Christian attempted to feed "doggy treats" to Amy's pet. Amy later got her dog back.[3] Though Ben Shapiro had initially condemned Amy's behaviour based on the available information,[4] he later shared a clip of Knowles' discussion of the topic on Facebook, with the heading, "Karen: Karens Everywhere," thus appearing to agree with Knowles.[5] Bennett mentioned and praised Candace Owens' take in her video on the topic.[6]

Should Amy have "had her life ruined?" Were those the natural consequences of her actions? Should Christian face consequences for his actions? And is this about race, or is it, as Knowles and Bennett asserted, about gender? Or is it about neither? Was Amy in the wrong or was Christian in the wrong? Were both of them in the wrong? Neither?

Who was in the wrong?


Frankly, I don't think this business with the doggy treats changes anything. Offering treats to your dog is not "threatening [your] life." Why is it relevant that he's an "African-American man?" If there's a sign saying that dogs must be leashed at all times, you need to follow that. If there was an actual sign in the park, there could be legal ramifications to refusing. And why would she grow hysterical and have a panic attack just because he offered treats to her dog? I believe that was intended as a joke, partially, and also to goad her into following the law on that sign. The fact that the Internet criticized her certainly doesn't bother me. Losing her job may have been overkill, but she did appear to have been acting in a racist manner. And if she was choking the dog, which she wouldn't have been able to do if it was on a leash, then I do think she deserved to lose it, at least for a little while (she only ended up losing it for about a week). Actions have consequences, and as far as I'm concerned, she's just another white liberal racist in my eyes. And don't worry, Bennett, Knowles, I'm not one of those weak conservatives who's just defending Christian because he's black or trying to win the praises of the mainstream media. I'm just not defending the establishmentarian, Hillary Clinton-supporting, racist, elitist, Wall Street Karen because she was in the wrong. ---BernieandTrumpFan (talk) 14:54, 4 June 2020 (EDT)



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