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Ben Shapiro

Benjamin Aaron "Ben" Shapiro is the Editor Emeritus of The Daily Wire and a former editor-at-large for the conservative website Breitbart News . He also hosts his one-man political commentary pod cast and live radio show "The Ben Shapiro Show"[1] and is a mainstream conservative. He is the author of 12 books,[2] the first being "Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America's Youth" (2004) and the latest being "The Authoritarian Moment: How the Left Weaponized America's Institutions Against Dissent" (2021). In his most recent book, Shapiro exposes the far-left and socialistic tendencies of WEF globalist Klaus Schwab.[3]

Early life

Benjamin Shapiro was born in 1984 in Burbank, Calif, to two Reagan Republicans.[4] At the age of 12 (in 1996) Ben Shapiro played "Schindler's List" on a violin at the Israeli Bonds Banquet that was hosted by Larry King.[5] At age 17, he became the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the United States.[6]

Harassment on Dr. Drew On Call

On July 16, 2015, Ben Shapiro was one of several members of a panel on a show called Dr. Drew On Call along with transgender activist Robert "Zoey" Tur and entertainment journalist Segun Oduolowu. When host Drew Pinsky asked the three panelists of their opinions on Bruce Jenner's achievements and pushing of the transgender agenda, Ben Shapiro pointed out that even though Jenner was a self-declared female, he still has the genetic and biological makeup of a male. While Oduolowu shied away from that part of the discussion after seeking to turn the discussion into a race issue, Tur viciously grabbed Shapiro's neck stating "You'll cut that out now, or you'll go home in an ambulance". Shapiro retorted "Yeah, that seems...mildly inappropriate for a political discussion".[7] The hosts of the show repeatedly blasted and interrupted Shapiro for mentioning facts while barely discouraging violent behavior from Tur.

Afterward, Tur threatened Shapiro saying "see you in the parking lot". Tur doubled down on that threat audibly fantasizing about "curb-stomping" Shapiro in a similar fashion Neo-Nazis do to Jews.[8] Tur confirmed his anti-Jewish hatred saying "[Ben Shapiro] comes from a very misogynistic cult anyway, where women are treated differently, they’re not allowed to touch men." in an interview with KFI AM 640's Bill Carroll.

On July 19, 2015, Ben Shapiro filed an investigative report on Robert Tur to the Los Angeles Police Department on charges of battery for grabbing him without his consent.[9] According to some discussion forums the LAPD dismissed the charges because Tur is a member of a "victimized minority" making threats of physical violence and unwanted touching okay for them to do.[10][11] Far-left journalists Robin Abcarian and John Amato celebrated the crimes committed by Tur.[12][13]


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