Charles Dawes

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Charles Dawes
Charles dawes.jpg
30th Vice-President of the United States
Term of office
March 4, 1925 - March 4, 1929
Political party Republican
President Calvin Coolidge
Preceded by Calvin Coolidge
Succeeded by Charles Curtis
Born August 27, 1865
Evanston, Illinois
Died April 23, 1951
Evanston, Illinois
Spouse Caro Blymyer Dawes

Charles Dawes (1865 - 1951) was Vice President of the United States from 1925 to 1929. He was Comptroller under President McKinley and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1925 for stabilizing the German economy with the Dawes Plan (1924). It involved American loans to Germany, which Germany used to pay reparations to Britain and France and other Allies, who in turn paid off their war debts to the U.S. The Plan succeeded in restoring prosperity to Europe.


Dawes complained about not being able to do much as Vice President. "I can do only two things," he said to Senator Barkley. "One is to sit up here and listen to you birds [senators] talk, without the privilege of being able to answer you back. The other is to look at the newspapers every morning to see how the president's health is." [1]


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