Daniel D. Tompkins

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Daniel D. Tompkins
Daniel tompkins.jpg
6th Vice-President of the United States
Political party Republican (Jeffersonian)
President James Monroe
Preceded by Elbridge Gerry
Succeeded by John C. Calhoun
Born June 21, 1774
Scarsdale, New York
Died June 11, 1825 (aged 50)
Staten Island, New York
Spouse Hannah Minthorne Tompkins

Daniel Tompkins (1774 - 1825) was the seventh vice president of the United States, under James Monroe (1817-1825). He previously served as the governor of New York for four terms. He got into personal debt because of the War of 1812. Because of this he was often away from Washington clearing up his finances.[1]

Tompkins County in New York state is named after him.


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