Toothless Democracy

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Toothless Democracy is a reference to a democratic nations' justice system burdened and in decline. This includes the sheer percentage of new laws created that are affecting its populace. Promotion of evil, like abortion, to the highest status of 'Law of the land'. Combined with keeping non-functioning laws on record and decriminalizing laws that can be ignored for no punishment to enforce. The result is a chaotic jumble of legal system requirements. In effect, a bureaucracy crafted specifically for private sector law firms to exploit. An endless supply of legal cases and lawyers working against 'blind justice'.

The time frame for the decline of an American Democratic pillar- Justice, can be traced back as far as thirty-years and the Roe Vs Wade decision.


  • Sign a law for the construction of a southern border fence. Another law is needed to complete construction of the border fence.[1]
  • Complete the requirements by law to run for President as a third party candidate, only to be sued off the ballot for running for office.[2]
  • Create laws such as a marriage is between one man and one women, then defy the law by ordering the government to grant marriage of same-sex partners.[3]
  • Ignore the law that states illegal immigrants are in violation of illegally entering the country and protect those individuals from prosecution by offering sanctuary.[4]


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