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The CW is an American broadcast television network that was formed in 2006 by merging the WB Television Network and the United Paramount Network (formerly owned by the Warner Bros. division of Time Warner and CBS Corporation, hence the name). It has various affiliated stations, including some that are owned-and-operated stations under the ownership of ViacomCBS (formerly separate companies CBS Corporation and Viacom prior to December 4, 2019).

A large percentage of its shows were/are composed of liberal and far-Left values, including rampant promotion of the homosexual agenda as well as pushing forced diversity SJWisms, and as such, it is also among the lowest rated broadcast networks (barely tying with ABC after the latter lost a lot of ratings from the pro-homosexual propaganda "documentary" When We Rise). The leftist elements of various CW shows, in particular their use of forced racial diversity, was even referenced by Cat Grant in the episode "Worlds Finest" in the first season of Supergirl (which at the time had been airing on CBS) where she sarcastically mentioned while Kara Danvers (the titular character's Earth name), Barry Allen, Winn Schlott, and James Olsen were standing at her office, "All four of you standing there, doing nothing. You look like the attractive, yet non-threatening racially diverse cast of a CW show." Despite its slogan being "Dare to Defy", it steplocks with the leftist agenda, including promoting the homosexual agenda. Several DC Comics properties, collectively known as the Arrowverse after its flagship series Arrow, were also shown on this network with left-wing agendas, including Arrow, The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, and as of 2016 Supergirl.

While most of its standard shows are very left-wing, there have been a few conservative shows that also aired on that channel, such as ''7th Heaven''.

The CW was recently listed as one of numerous leftist-controlled companies that have gone "woke" and now support the criminal rioters of Antifa and Black Lives Matter in the wake of the 2020 leftist riots.[1]