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Steven M. Lonegan (born April 27, 1956) is a movement conservative who nearly defeated Chris Christie in the primary for the former candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor of New Jersey in 2009, despite being vastly outspent by Christie's campaign. Despite being Republican, Lonegan was the highly popular Mayor of the Democratic town of Bogota, New Jersey from 1995-2007.

Lonegan has sought political office before, such as unsuccessfully running for state Senate, Congress, county executive and Governor.

Support and Opposition

Lonegan is strongly conservative on fiscal and social issues. He built his gubernatorial campaign on instituting a flat income tax. He was been endorsed by former presidential candidate Ron Paul [1] and "Joe the Plumber." [2]

Less conservative Steve Forbes failed to support Lonegan's plan in 2009, siding instead with the Republican establishment. Forbes said, "I don't think that the key thing right now for New Jersey is to get a flat tax ... the key is to get the tax rates down and then we can have a substantial reform of the tax system." [3] But, of course, no reform of the tax system has occurred or is likely to occur with establishment Republican candidates who oppose Lonegan.