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Prager U, short for Prager University, is a conservative educational organization run by Dennis Prager and Allen Estrin. Founded in 2009, it creates short videos on various political, economic and philosophical topics and posts them on YouTube. Every Monday a new 5-minute video is released on a different topic. Often Dennis Prager lectures in the videos, but other lecturers include Adam Carolla, Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro and many more.

5-Minute Videos

Most PragerU 5-minute videos have a general center-right political theme that include defending Western civilization,[1][2] Israel,[3][4][5], and capitalism.[6][7] It also produced videos on politics criticizing the Southern strategy myth[8] as well as explaining the left-wing roots of fascism.[9] However, it also tends to favor a more neoconservative view of foreign policy, emphasizing on intervention over avoiding foreign entanglements.[10] It also claims a distinction between a liberal and a leftist,[11] despite such being minimal given modern-day liberalism's tendency to gradually favor progressivism over centrism.

The Candace Owens Show

With a new episode added every Sunday, The Candace Owens Show is a talk show by Candace Owens that invites conservative guests to generally discuss social issues, with most episodes lasting a total of around thirty to fifty minutes.[12] Prominent guests that appeared include TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk, former Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke, and even current Vice President Mike Pence.

Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager

The Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager is a weekly live commentary by Dennis Prager that streams every Thursday.[13] Often Prager starts out discussing a current political/moral issue and uses facts to demonstrate the logical sense of conservatism, and then he answers questions that viewers ask ahead of time.

Out on the Street with Will Witt

Out on the Street with Will Witt is a series by PragerU in which PragerU Presenter, Will Witt, goes out to places throughout America (Usually college campuses) and asks random people who walk by questions regarding politics and government.


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