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Marvin Kalb is a liberal television newscaster, as well as director at the Joan Shorenstein Center on Press, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University’s, Kennedy School of Government. He is a currently a contributing news analyst for the Fox News Channel.[1] A broadcaster of over 30 years, Kalb has worked at CBS News and NBC News. At NBC he served as Chief Diplomatic Correspondent and moderator of longest running television show, Meet the Press. He is host of the National Press Club’s monthly program, the Kalb Report. Kalb has also authored over ten books.

Kalb has been criticized for his openly liberal approach to national and domestic policies. Marvin defended liberal CBS anchor Dan Rather, stating that anyone that looked on him as a impartial newscaster was"mean-spirited".[2] Kalb has received many distinguished awards including the 2006 National Press Club Fourth Estate Award, two Peabody Awards, the DuPont Prize from Columbia University along with over half a dozen Overseas Press Club awards.[3]