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Maricopa County, Arizona, is the location of Phoenix, which is both the largest city in the state and its county seat. Many suburbs of Phoenix, including Scottsdale, are also located in this county. Being the largest county in Arizona, Maricopa County alone accounts for a majority of the statewide electorate.


Being mostly a neocon-leaning county, Maricopa County narrowly voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential election by a margin of just under 3% of the votes casted,[1] while the globalist RINO John McCain won re-election that year while winning the county by a margin of 15.7% of the vote. Previously being more Republican, the Maricopa County is currently a swing county in the 2020 elections in Arizona.


Election Statewide margin Maricopa County margin Margin difference (statewide - Maricopa County)
Presidential election, 2016[1] R +3.5% R +2.93% +0.57%
Senate election, 2016[1] R +12.97% R +15.73% -2.76%
Senate election 2018[2] D +2.34% D +4.19% -1.85%


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